Chapter 74 - "So Powerful??"

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

"Combwining abiwithy?" Ainsley tilted her head. Such a term was quite new for her since she never heard anyone combining their special abilities.

"Yes, combining abilities. Usually, it works for elemental abilities like mine." Finley opened his palm, and a small whirlwind appeared on it.

The whirlwind twirled gently, yet the wind pressure managed to blow Ainsley's hair.

"Watch. I will mix my fire and wind abilities, " Finley spoke softly.

The next moment, the boy fused fiery red fire into the whirlwind, and the whirlpool now became red. It emitted fire in each wind strands, looking beautiful yet deadly at the same time.

"This is a fire tornado. The wind will cut things while the fire will burn everything. The wind strengthens the fire." Finley explained calmly.

The boy then distinguished the fire tornado but produced a small wind ball at the tip of his finger. He fused his fire in it, but this time, the wind ball didn't change colour.

"Now, look. I fuse wind and fire but only a bit of fire." Finley threw the wind ball to Ainsley, and the girl instantly felt the warm air emitted from the ball.

It looked like it could be used to warm one's body while the wind ball hovered in the air. Unlike a fireball that brightened the surroundings, the wind ball fused with fire looked dull.

But this wind-fire ball was as warm as a fireball, which would sometimes be too hot for babies.

"See? If I increase the fire's temperature, the wind will become hot. Once I explode the ball, the enemy will feel a gush of hot air." Finley increased the fire's temperature inside the wind ball and this time the wind scattered.

Almost instantly, hot air blew Ainsley's face, almost scalding her. The range of this wind was vast compared to a mere fireball.

By combining these two abilities, Finley could use several skills depending on the situation!

Ainsley's eyes brightened in a second.

"Wowwhhh...s-sho cwool…" Ainsley blinked fast as she watched Finley fusing water droplets into his whirlwind. This time, the wind became cool like a breeze.

But once Finley controlled the water temperature, the whirlwind could be cold enough to make the baby feel uncomfortable.

"See? This is how you combine abilities and create a new ability with it. Watch this. I'll combine my water and fire abilities." Finley produced a water ball on his left palm and a fireball on his right palm.

Then the boy merged the two balls, instantly creating steam billowing to the sky.

"Because both the water and fire abilities are mine, I can also control the steam produced by these two abilities." Finley flicked his finger, and the steam circled his wrist, looking alive.

That's how the boy got a new power by merging several abilities!

"If I can produce wood, I can combine it with fire and create smoke or fog. Then I can also control it." Finley grinned as he put off the steam around his wrist.

The boy then looked at Ainsley with a gentle smile on his face.

"That's how you combine abilities. Easy, right? You should combine your charm ability with your luck ability too." Finley suggested sincerely.

"Yesh, yesh…" Ainsley nodded energetically since what Finley said sounded convincing, but then she suddenly doubted it.

Combining elemental abilities looked logical, but what about non-elemental abilities?

How could the luck ability fuse with the charm ability? And what would be the result? Lucky charm?

Ainsley rolled her eyes at the thoughts.

"Fwin. My abiwithy...cwan we fhuse ith? (My ability...can we fuse it?), " Ainsley asked, sounding uncertain. She had never seen someone combining non-elemental abilities, after all.

Even if Finley showed her how he combined his abilities, that's elemental abilities!

"Well, you can. The result will not create a new ability, but your luck ability will strengthen your charm ability." Finley chuckled as he rubbed the girl's head. He could see that she doubted him, but that's alright.

"You know that right now, your charm ability only works for humans, and has limited time usage. The range of the charm is also not that vast."

Finley poked Ainsley's forehead as he mentioned the girl's weaknesses. She was indeed, still weak.

"But by blending your luck with your charm ability, you can charm non-human beings, including spirits, fairies, beasts, monsters, elves, and such!"

Finley spread his hands wide with a confident smile on his face. When he smiled like this, he truly looked like an innocent boy.

"With your current power, I doubt you can maintain the charm for long, and the range will be shorter than the one you used on humans, but that's enough to attract the sacred guardians' attention, right?"

Finley grinned like a cheeky boy as he enlightened Ainsley, who doubted him before. Once the girl heard this, her eyes shone like a lantern in the dark.

"Leally?! I cwan chalm non-hwuman pweople? (Really?! I can charm non-human people?)" Ainsley raised her voice at Finley. How could she not do that? She just knew that she could also charm other beings aside from humans!

"Yes, it's true. If you work hard, you can charm a lot of people, both human and non-human beings. But for now, you can at least attract the weakest sacred guardian." Finley patted his chest, reassuring Ainsley.

He didn't know whether the sacred guardians would fall for Ainsley's charm, but he could say that if the baby combined it with her luck ability, she could do that.

"Also...if you fuse your luck ability and your keen hearing, you might be able to hear people's thoughts. Even better, you can hear their true hearts," the boy added.

Once the baby heard it, she almost jumped out of the tree branch.

The heck?! So powerful??

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