Chapter 75 - "It's Not A Good Idea"

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

Ainsley's face flushed red. Her breath quickened.

I can fuse the luck ability with the keen hearing too? What the heck? Isn't this luck ability such a good power booster?!

Even when my power source is still small, with the help of my luck ability, I can go beyond my limit!

Ainsley could already imagine herself eavesdropping on people's inner thoughts. Maybe in the future, she could even hear animal's and non-human beings' thoughts too!

That...would be so awesome, wouldn't it?

The girl was suddenly eager to learn how to fuse her abilities.

"Twen, twen, tweach mwe two fhuse abiwithy! (Then, then, teach me to fuse ability!)" Ainsley tugged Finley's sleeve, urging him to teach her this trick.

She didn't know where Finley got this trick to combine abilities but surely top families would know such a trick.

"Sure, sure, don't fret. First, you have to imagine injecting your golden aura into your pink aura and unleash both aura at the same time." Finley started his lesson with a patient smile.

The aura represented the girl's non-elemental abilities. Since it's non-elemental, it didn't have a concrete form unlike his elemental abilities.

And such, to know when to unleash the power, Ainsley had to focus on the aura which represented her non-elemental abilities.

Ainsley obediently followed Finley's instruction.

The girl trained with Finley for 3 days in a row, and on the fourth day, the girl was confident that she could charm one of the sacred guardians, tame them and even triggered their bloodline!

After doing her daily morning training with Finley, Ainsley bid goodbye to the boy and trotted to the dining hall to eat lunch.

Today was the day she would persuade Grandpa Yofan to let her meet the sacred guardians.

Wearing a pink sleeveless shirt with white collar, Ainsley touched her short twin-tail hair and giggled. The girl immediately ran using her short legs, fluttering her puffy pink polka dot-stripes skirt.

The polka dot belt with a ribbon on the back only made the baby look even cuter than usual. Surely with such an appearance, even Finley would think of adopting the baby right away.

After making sure that she looked cute, Ainsley entered the dining hall together with Elliana. But unlike the usual, she didn't let the woman carry her.

The baby wanted to learn to be independent!

Once Ainsley arrived, Grandpa Yofan in his white robe, looking like a priest, immediately greeted her.

"Hey, our little boss is here." Grandpa Yofan teased Ainsley as he scooped the girl from the floor and carried her in his arms.

His white beard swayed while his golden hair shone brightly, resembling Finley's hair.

Ainsley never hated this eye-catching golden hair since it always reminded her of the fairy boy.

"Hehehe. Afthelnoon, Gwandpa." Ainsley clung to the old man's neck as the two went to the long dining table. The food was already served there and today's menu was roasted duck with salads.

Of course, Ainsley only had a soft boiled duck soup with vegetables.

Being a baby sucks sometimes.

"Hm, hm, it's already late. Let's eat now, Ain." Grandpa Yofan hummed as he carefully placed Ainsley on the head family's seat. After he made sure the girl wouldn't fall from the lavish chair, only then he took a seat near her.

"Mm. Letsh eath! (Let's eat!)" Ainsley didn't immediately ask Grandpa Yofan about her request. She just eat to her heart content and after Grandpa Yofan finished half of his food, only then the girl spoke.

"Uh, Gwandpa. Ain dleam ofh twat coolh gwandpa agwain. (Ain dream of that cool grandpa again), " Ainsley whispered to Grandpa Yofan in a solemn tone. Since the girl suddenly acted stern and mysterious, Grandpa Yofan couldn't help but take her seriously.

A cool grandpa? Could this be...the Godfather, Lord Dave?

Grandpa Yofan instantly straightened his back. Whenever Ainsley told him about a dream related to that legend, he didn't dare to take it easy.

"Oh, really? Tell me, what happens this time?" Grandpa Yofan kept a calm face, but inside, he was a bit thrilled.

Indeed, Lord Dave favoured our Ain! He gave her the second revelation!

Thus, Ainsley immediately told Grandpa Yofan about her experience in her dream. She told the old man that Lord Dave suggested she meet the sacred guardians!

If this were other matters, Grandpa Yofan would immediately agree, but once he heard the sacred guardians name, he froze on the spot.

The sacred guardians? The three beasts that no one can tame all this time? Lord Dave asked Ainsley to meet those savage beasts?!

Grandpa Yofan instantly flared. He didn't think that the Godfather would be so cruel as to advise a little girl to meet those beasts.

"Ain...I think it's not a good idea. The guardians are dangerous. Even if they're in the form of cats, they're still sacred beasts." Grandpa Yofan shook his head, showing his strong refusal.

"I know that Lord Dave said that for your benefit, but I think we can't follow his words for this case. Ain, you don't know how many people already died under those beasts' claws!"

Grandpa Yofan exaggerated a bit. Even though only those who disturbed the beasts got killed, he still thought that Ain might accidentally provoke them.

She's still a toddler, okay? Who would know if she made a mistake when she met those guardians?

And since only one person could remain inside those beasts' lair, no one could help Ainsley if she did something wrong!

Just no! How could he let the last family head die like that?

Seeing Grandpa Yofan's red eyes and his stubborn look, Ainsley's lips twitched. She suddenly got a headache.

Ugh...I didn't think that this grandpa would react so strongly. If it's like this...he would never let me meet the guardians!

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