Chapter 76 - "The Power Of Bluffing"

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

Ainsley bit her nail as she glanced at Grandpa Yofan's dark face. The old man didn't budge even when she used her charm ability. It was as if the grandpa was determined to stop her by all means.

His strong determination broke the charm ability that Ainsley used. Even though Ainsley hadn't fused her luck into the charm ability, she was still quite shocked when Grandpa Yofan didn't yield.

Damn it. What to do? Even the prophetic dream couldn't move his heart. Is this the time to use the spirit possession lie?

Ainsley was a bit reluctant to lie about the spirit possession because it was such a big issue but then without that, who would believe her and follow her wishes?

In the end, she had to do that. She had practised every day just to act out the Godfather perfectly. By now, she even knew the old man's favourite foods.

Because of that, how could she waste her effort just because she's reluctant to lie? After all, she already lied about the prophetic dream.

Her lie became even bigger each second, so why not add more to it? She could afford to bear the price of her lie someday, anyway.

Thinking like this, Ainsley steeled her heart and took a deep breath. The girl slowly used her luck ability so that others would see her golden aura.

Coincidentally, one of the signs someone getting possessed by a spirit was having a golden aura!

Once Ainsley projected her golden aura, her bearings changed in a second. Her eyes sharpened, and a ruthless vibe swirled around her face.

The girl suddenly looked more vicious and overbearing. Such a strong charisma startled Grandpa Yofan. Even the maids and servants around the dining table noticed the change.

Moreover, the golden aura was so bright that it's impossible for one not to see it!

"Ain? What's wrong??" Grandpa Yofan's heart skipped a beat. He looked at his right side and saw the girl was slowly looking up at him.

But something is different this time.

Usually, the girl's eyes looked pure, innocent, and cute. But now...she looked as if she already experienced a lot of things in life. Her body gave off a frightening aura of a natural leader, both wise and capable.

Such a charisma was abnormal for a three years old baby!

Grandpa Yofan couldn't help but bit his lips as he watched Ainsley yanked her twin-tail, scattering her bob-cut hair over her neck. The girl shook her hair and stroked her bang as she sighed deeply.

"'s been a while." The girl's voice suddenly turned deeper than before even though it still sounded like a child.

Not to mention that her pronunciation suddenly improved by a lot!

Grandpa Yofan's face changed. His eyes darkened as he quietly prepared to attack Ainsley. not Ain! Who is inside her body? Someone possesses her!

Grandpa Yofan was no fool. Just by hearing the girl's voice and tone already sent him a warning.

This currently possessed by a dead spirit. That golden aura is one of the proof. But that means the baby is a shaman?! Heck!

"Who...who are you?" Grandpa Yofan raised his voice. He then waved his hand, signalling the servants to exit the dining hall.

He couldn't let them see an unknown spirit possessing the family head! Even if spirit possession is one of special abilities, it's still quite dangerous.

If the dead spirit possessing the baby is an evil one, the baby would be done for.

Receiving the order, the maids and servants slowly strode out of the dining hall while putting on a poker face, not daring to ask what's going on. Only Elliana stayed in the room.

On the other hand, Ainsley crossed her legs and lifted her chin proudly. The girl then looked at Grandpa Yofan with a squint.

"What? You're asking this lord's identity?" Ainsley clicked her tongue in disdain. She then pretended to check her body before shaking her head.

"What a small body. She's too young. But she's promising." The girl mumbled, ignoring Grandpa Yofan's astonished look.

Her words just frightened the poor grandpa.

'Lord? Someone can be so arrogant to address themselves as a lord? Which spirit can do that?'

Grandpa Yofan clenched his fists, wondering if he should slap the spirit away from Ainsley's body. Unfortunately, it might harm the baby. Until Ainsley could control her power, she's very likely to be controlled by the spirit instead.

It's both a blessing and a curse.

Inhaling sharply, Grandpa Yofan decided to act tough. He unleashed his powerful aura and glared at the baby.

"I ask you. Who are you? Since when you possessed my Ain? Why are you showing yourself now, hm?" Grandpa Yofan bombarded Ainsley even without knowing which spirit possessed her.

If he knew that the Godfather was the one possessing her, he might pee his pants.

"Me? You don't know this lord?" Ainsley cocked her head and supported her chin with her left hand. The girl was silent for a few seconds before chuckling in a low voice, sounding eerie.

"How could you not know this lord? Didn't you just doubt this lord's advice to this lassie? Oldie, you are courting death!" Ainsley strengthened her luck ability and the golden aura shone brighter.

Her confident aura instantly enveloped her body and slowly attacked Grandpa Yofan.

That's right. The girl had no real power but bluffing was still her strongest skill.

Behold, the power of bluffing!

Sensing a powerful aura from Ainsley's body, Grandpa Yofan choked on his saliva. The old man suddenly sweated.

This strong!

It doesn't look like a woman from how he addresses himself...but how could Ain attract such a powerful spirit?

His aura is so frightening!

Just which influential figure possessed Ainsley?!

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