Chapter 77 - "Acting Out The Godfather"

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

Grandpa Yofan knew that such an aura and charisma would only belong to a few legendary figures.

That's why he couldn't understand how his little family had attracted one! It was very rare for one to attract such a powerful figure when they're still a baby.

Is it because of her prophetic dream ability? That's very likely!

Grandpa Yofan started to feel nervous. The grandpa straightened his back and pondered over Ain's words.

'Someone that I doubt? Advice for Ain? Wait…'

Grandpa Yofan froze on the spot. He suddenly recalled his discussion with Ainsley, and his face turned ghastly pale.

Someone whom I doubted...that..isn't that The Godfather?!

Grandpa Yofan's face turned even whiter than before. He looked as if he's about to pass out, and this pleased the baby.

"Hmph. You finally recognised me. So, oldie. Tell me. How could you doubt my advice for the little lassie?" Ainsley drummed her fingers on the table as she flipped her hair arrogantly.

Her mimicry over the Godfather figure was scarily accurate that even the Godfather himself would doubt his existence if he saw this scene.

The baby's arrogant and overbearing attitude took Grandpa Yofan by surprise. He slowly believed that the baby in front of him was no longer Ain, but the Godfather himself!

"M-my lord...I...I didn't mean to doubt your advice…" Grandpa Yofan softened his tone and used a formal language. The old man had a wry smile on his face as he tried to reason.

Ugh, who would have thought that the man himself would possess Ainsley's body? If he knew this would happen, he would never doubt the baby's words, ah!

Squinting sharply, Ainsley snorted before wagging her forefinger in front of the grandpa's face.

"Tch. It's your fortune that this lord fancies this little lassie. This Lord advises her to meet the guardians because this lord knows she can do a good job taming one of them."

Ainsley swayed her legs as she glanced at Elliana, who already turned into a statue after listening to their conversation. The girl then sneered before snapping her fingers.

"You, over there. Bring this lord a good wine and a cigarette!"

The girl's sudden demand startled both Elliana and Grandpa Yofan. Everyone knew that the Godfather liked wine and cigarettes, but...he is currently possessing a baby!

How could a baby drink wine and smoke cigarettes?

"Uh, my lord...that…" Grandpa Yofan wanted to interrupt, but a slight glare from the baby extinguished his will to refute. The old man could only tuck his tail behind his legs and lowered his head.

"Hmph. This Lord will only taste a bit of wine and cigarettes. It's been a while since this lord possessed someone. Don't worry. The little lassie will be fine." Ainsley patted her chest and sent another glare to Elliana.

The poor woman froze before nodding nervously. She then dashed out to bring wine and cigarettes…

But the woman was Ainsley's number one fans so how could she easily bring something that might harm Ainsley? Thus the woman thought to improvise the order.

Watching Elliana left in a hurry, Ainsley smiled in satisfaction. The girl secretly praised herself for playing such perfect acting.

Even if the real Godfather is here, he might doubt whether he's the real one or not!

Nodding her head in full confidence, Ainsley shifted her gaze to Grandpa Yofan, who already believed that the Godfather spirit possessed her.

It took him only a few seconds to believe her. Maybe the prophetic dream helped this acting to go smoothly.

"Okay. Now, oldie. Let the little lassie meet the sacred guardians of your family. I guarantee that with this lord here, she won't get hurt."

Ainsley lifted her chin high and puffed her chest. That's a befitting attitude of someone who topped the mafia world.

"Even though this lord can't use the fighting power, for the time being, my aura will still protect the little lassie. Get it?"

Ainsley hurriedly told Grandpa Yofan that she couldn't use the Godfather power at all, at least for now. Of course, she would never acquire the legendary's ability if she's not lucky.

After all, she only wanted to borrow this identity to fool others to do what she wanted.

"This lord can't fight, but this lord's knowledge will help the little lassie. That lassie needs one of the sacred guardians to help this family." The girl added.

She spoke smoothly and full of confidence that Grandpa Yofan couldn't help but believe her. If other people were here, they would also believe that the Godfather spirit possessed Ainsley and now tried to help her.

The baby's acting was that good. Maybe even Finley would be fooled.

"A-alright, my lord. It's an honor for my lord to assist our family head. We will quickly arrange for Ainsley to meet the sacred guardians." Grandpa Yofan yielded so quickly that Ainsley's lips twitched in response.

Grandpa, where's your dignity, ah? How come you change your mind so fast in front of the Godfather? Tch!

Ainsley could only nod with a cold expression. She still had to play her role well.

Coincidentally, after she finished her discussion, Elliana returned to the dining hall with a glass of beverage and a pack of cigarettes. looked like cigarettes but what she placed on the table in front of Ainsley wasn't cigarettes at all.

It was a chocolate Pocky!

The corner of Ainsley's lips twitched once more.

"Pocky?" The girl growled in a low tone as she watched Elliana pour her the drink. The drink was white, yet it wasn't white wine or such.

It was milk! It wasn't even wine.

If the real Godfather were here, he might already flip the table.

Elliana, you're so daring!

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