Chapter 78 - "A Tutor"

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

"Milord. Milk. Pocky. Good. Baby." Elliana spoke in many difficulties as she tried to persuade Ainsley even when she knew that she shouldn't.

Her choppy words all referred to Ainsley's wellbeing. That's why she served milk instead of wine and Pocky instead of a cigarette!

This touched Ainsley's heart a little.

The girl looked at Elliana with approving eyes.

"Hmph. Just this once." Ainsley waved her hand and took the wine glass filled with milk. The girl twirled the glass before taking a sip.

She drank milk but acted as if she drank wine.

"Ha...good wine– good milk." Ainsley breathed out and nodded in satisfaction. She looked like a food connoisseur.

"Thank you for the praise, my lord." Grandpa Yofan smiled as he wiped his forehead.

God. This is insane. The Godfather drinks milk! He clearly favours Ain and cherishes her greatly.

Grandpa Yofan's eyes turned watery as he watched the baby take one of the chocolate Pocky and sucked it like sucking a cigarette.

"Not bad. Next time give me matcha or strawberry Pocky." Ainsley shamelessly told Elliana her own preference.

The real Godfather would never say this, but who cares? The dead man wouldn't know, anyway.

Ainsley chewed Pocky with a blissful smile on her face, slowly calming Grandpa Yofan's heart.

It turned out that when a dead spirit possessed a shaman, the shaman could still witness everything or maybe even sometimes took over the body's control.

In Ainsley's case, seeing her gulped the milk and ate the Pocky happily, maybe the Godfather temporarily left the baby's body since he didn't like milk nor Pocky.

Grandpa Yofan sighed in relief as he secretly thanked Elliana. The woman was so thoughtful to prepare something suitable for Ainsley.

Elliana didn't know that Grandpa Yofan was praising her. She just thought of doing whatever she could for the sake of her tiny boss.

The atmosphere in the dining room relaxed a bit while Ainsley ate the snacks, but it didn't last long.

After Ainsley ate to her heart content, she resumed her acting, startling the other two.

"So, oldie. You will let this lord's little lassie meet the sacred guardians. Get it? Do it tomorrow. The little lassie has an important thing to do." Ainsley harrumphed loudly, showing her arrogance.

Once her acting as a Godfather returned, no one would doubt her anymore. Both Elliana and Grandpa Yofan already thought that Ainsley was a shaman, someone with the ability to get a dead spirit to possess her.

Even other people would think like that if they saw Ainsley right now.

Grandpa Yofan could feel the pressure coming from Ainsley's gaze. The old man didn't think of refuting the baby at all. If the Godfather possessed Ainsley, then there's no way the baby would get into danger.

So, why should he prevent the baby from meeting the sacred guardians?

Thus, Grandpa Yofan nodded solemnly.

"Alright, my lord. I'll make sure our little family head meets the sacred guardians."

Ainsley's eyes lit up. The baby felt like yelling and celebrating, but then she refrained from doing so, afraid that she would blow away her acting. The girl simply nodded with a cold smile on her face.

"Good. Once the little lassie tames one of the sacred guardians, this lord will appear once more. Wait for this lord." Ainsley closed her eyes and retracted her golden aura, which was her luck ability.

"This lord will leave now. The little lassie's body isn't strong enough for this lord to stay for long."

After saying the last sentence, Ainsley's golden aura vanished, and the girl's bearing also returned to her innocent self. The baby rubbed her eyes and looked up at Grandpa Yofan, who was sweating hard.

"Hwmm...gwandpa. Sweepy (sleepy)" Ainsley yawned and slumped on the chair, looking lazy. She looked as if she didn't know what's going on, but that's understandable as she's still a child.

Or so Grandpa Yofan thought.

In fact, the baby only acted that way to prevent the old man from asking her too much.

Seeing the baby look exhausted, Grandpa Yofan's heart ached for her. He couldn't help but rub the baby's head and sighed.

Using the power of a shaman at the age of three might be too much for Ain. She would feel exhausted whenever the Godfather possessed her.

It's common knowledge that a shaman would use their power source to let a dead spirit possess them. The stronger the spirit, the bigger the consumption.

For Ainsley to be a shaman at such a young age...didn't know if that's a blessing or a curse. If the baby's power source wasn't enough to hold the Godfather spirit, she might die from exhaustion.

Grandpa Yofan was worried about this. The grandpa then picked up the baby and checked her to see if she's alright or not. To his surprise, the baby was fine except for feeling sleepy.

Maybe the Godfather considered Ainsley's age. Thus, he also didn't consume too much of her power source.

Grandpa Yofan sighed in relief. The grandpa then motioned to Elliana to follow them to Ainsley's room without saying anything to the baby.

On the way, Ainsley pretended to sleep while Grandpa Yofan chatted with Elliana.

"Eli. I think...we have to find Ain a tutor soon."

"Ain already has three powers so far. The charm ability, the prophetic dream, and the spirit possession. I think she has to know how to control her power…"

Grandpa Yofan sounded his worry, and Elliana nodded in agreement. She knew that Ainsley needed a tutor to teach her. Else, she might die from the abilities that she couldn't control.

Hearing the suggestion, Ainsley secretly raised an eyebrow.

A tutor? Why? I don't need a tutor, ah! A dangerous!

Ainsley felt a subtle danger hovering above her head.

Yes, a not good for her.

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