Chapter 79 - "Visiting The Guardians"

Chapter 79 of 100 chapters

Ainsley realised that once she got a tutor, the tutor would ask her to reveal her power source and check her abilities. By then, he or she would notice that her abilities weren't like what Grandpa Yofan knew.

That...that would be a nightmare. Wouldn't this tutor reveal my lie?!

Ainsley's face paled. The girl was instantly restless. She thought of running away from this old man or protested, but she just couldn't.

She's still pretending to be asleep, okay?

Thus, Ainsley could only listen to Grandpa Yofan and Elliana's conversation.

"How is it? Do you think the little Ain needs a tutor?" Grandpa Yofan asked once more. He knew that Elliana wasn't that smart, but in regards to special abilities, the woman knew as much as he knew.

"Yes. Tutor. Me. Find." Elliana offered herself to find a tutor for Ainsley. But then, she hesitated a bit. She didn't know what kind of tutor would be the best for this baby?

Usually, wealthy children get a tutor at the age of 5, but not a tutor to learn the ability control.

They learnt basic knowledge with their tutor so that when they entered school at 10, they would immediately know how to control their abilities instead of learning other things.

Yet now the absolute elder wanted to find a tutor to teach Ainsley how to control her abilities. Such a tutor was rare. One could only find them at the elite school.

Maybe only the top 7 mafia families could hire such tutors to teach their children. Their children were usually geniuses who awakened their power before 10.

No one would think that a declining family like the Sloan Family had a genius that awakened their power before 10.

Well, if others knew that Ainsley awakened her power when she's still 3 years old, they might hang themselves.

Seeing Elliana's hesitant face, Grandpa Yofan instantly knew her worry. The elder then furrowed his eyebrows since he also found this matter to be a bit tricky.

The family couldn't afford to pay special tutors right now.

"Hmm...let's postpone this matter. But I need you to help Ainsley guide her power each morning. Just a simple practice for now." Grandpa Yofan handed this matter to Elliana.

He would also teach the girl bit by bit, but he wouldn't pressure a toddler to learn this fast.

"Roger, " Elliana answered shortly. The woman then took Ainsley from the old man's embrace before entering the baby's bedroom.

Just like that, Ainsley dodged her demise by a hair length. The baby secretly felt relieved that her family was still poor. But maybe...after she won some bucks at the casino...they would find her a tutor.

Then...she had to find a trustworthy tutor before Grandpa Yofan chose one!

Ainsley's 'homework' increased by one even when she hadn't finished her previous workloads. There's still a lot of things to do, but...she would take it slow.

Anyway, time to meet the sacred guardians!

Ainsley giggled as she laid on her cradle, all alone. Tomorrow would be a big day for her. Whether she could tame one of the sacred guardians or not, it would be up to her.

If she failed, then she couldn't go to the casino and couldn't pay her family debts too. In short, her future life depended on tomorrow's success.

'Let's do this!'

Ainsley clenched her fists and slowly closed her eyes. She tucked in her blanket and dozed off in just a few seconds.

The next day.

Since Ainsley would meet the sacred guardians, the maid dressed her up in her formal uniform, the blue and pink one. However, this time, she wore trousers instead of a skirt.

One could imagine the baby would need to do many activities today when she met the sacred guardians.

After the maids tied the girl's hair into a simple ponytail, Ainsley wore her dolphin necklace and hurriedly went to the dining hall.

After breakfast, Grandpa Yofan and Elliana would bring her to meet the sacred guardians. It seemed that both of them were well prepared.

Elliana already brought several cat toys while Grandpa Yofan prepared cat foods. Both of them wanted to help Ainsley to ease her burden.

This brought a smile to the baby's face.

Sitting on the seat reserved for the family head at the dining hall, Ainsley nodded in satisfaction.

"Twank ywou...gwandpa, El." The baby thanked the two in a small voice as she wiped her lips using the white napkin.

Since she would meet the sacred guardians, she didn't know if she could see Finley before the boy left. Anyway, Finley would surely wait for Ainsley even if they would only meet for a few minutes.

"Are you ready, Ain?" Grandpa Yofan carried Ainsley in his arms as he asked the baby with a soft tone. The old man's golden hair fluttered as he walked unhurriedly toward the seven doors at the centre of the mansion.

"Yesh! Leady!" Ainsley nodded solemnly. The girl clutched her dolphin necklace and slowly recalled Finley's morning class.

By now, she could already fuse her charm and luck ability for 15 minutes at most. But that's enough to attract a sacred guardian and trigger their bloodline!

Ainsley is confident. Her blue eyes gleamed, and a sweet smile hung on her face. The baby looked more confident than anyone in the family.

Of course, regarding today's meeting with the sacred guardian, only the 7 great elders and Elliana knew about it. The others were still kept in the dark.

"Hum. Good. We will wait for you outside, okay? Remember. You only have 15 minutes. After that, you will be automatically thrown out." Grandpa Yofan reminded Ainsley as they stopped in front of the golden door.

It's time to see the guardians.

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