Chapter 80 - "Fountain-like Tail"

Chapter 80 of 100 chapters

Grandpa Yofan put Ainsley down and slowly handed her the small cat food sack along with a few toys in a backpack. Once the grandpa armed the girl with the necessary items, only then he put his hand on the golden door.

"Ain, take care. Just think of your safety first. You can come back anytime if you can't tame one of them today." Grandpa Yofan softly reminded as he infused his power source into the golden door.

The golden door instantly shone brightly and slowly opened with a creaking sound.

"Yesh, gwandpa. Ain wil bwe caleful." Ainsley just spoke so when a gust of breeze slapped her face.

The smell of grass and soil burst out of the golden door. Ainsley's view changed from the golden light to a bright blue sky.

As far as she could see was prairie filled with lush green grass and a few tall trees. The sun was hanging on the clear sky while the fluffy white cloud lazily moved along the sunlight.

This...what? What is this? A grassland?

Ainsley stood still in front of the grassland. She hadn't stepped inside, but she could already feel pressure coming from the depth of the beautiful grassland.

It was such a faint pressure, but Ainsley suddenly felt like standing in front of a wild tiger. That's the feeling she got.

Astonishment and amazement washed the baby's face in an instant.

How...did we find an open-air place? Is this outdoor? But the golden door...wait.

We should be at the centre of the Sloan Residence, so how could we arrive at a grassland? It's impossible! This building is surrounded by other mansions!

Ainsley was baffled. She couldn't think of the pressure for now as the sight of the grassland stunned her.

Surely this isn't an illusion, right? Or maybe it's virtual reality?

Just as the baby was mulling over it, all of a sudden, Ainsley found herself pushed to the place behind the door.

"Take care!"

Grandpa Yofan's voice dimmed, and the golden door closed with a creaking sound.


The sound of the door closing tightly brought Ainsley's mind back to reality. The girl slapped her cheeks with her two hands and breathed out.

Uh– let's stop thinking. I have to focus on the mission!

Ainsley glanced down at the two items in her hand before casting her gaze over the vast grassland. Her eyesight might not be superb, but she could still see things clearly. this moment, the baby couldn't see the end of the meadow.

It was as if the field had no end.


Ainsley's throat went up and down. The girl tightened the grip on her mini backpack and the cat food bag as the breeze kissed her hair, fluttering it in the air.

'What a pleasant temperature. It's cool, but not too cold. Maybe the sacred guardians like this kind of place?'

Ainsley looked around and found nothing but a few trees at this greenish meadow.

But how could this unknown place have nothing other than trees? Ainsley wasn't convinced. Thus, the girl trotted to explore the vast grassland.

The baby walked for a few steps before finding a small pond with clear water like a crystal mirror. The pond's edge was made of stones, and one could see several colourful koi fishes swimming cheerfully inside.

Such a cute pond but since it contained fishes…

'Maybe this pond is made to feed the sacred beasts? After all, if there are no animals here, what do they eat? Grass?'

Ainsley nodded in understanding. The girl then circled the pond to avoid it and kept walking aimlessly, trying to catch a glimpse of those guardians.

Finnie and Grandpa Yoyo said that the guardians are in a cat form, but this field was so vast that one could even hide a cow, much less a cat.

Thus, Ainsley had to search for the cats first. She took another long strides before the sight of a medieval era white pavilion came into view.

The pavilion stood tall and proud with a circle white-grey marble table at the centre. Three white-golden pillars surrounded the table, sustaining the pavilion's curved roof.

The pavilion looked rather mythical with white fog circling it, but Ainsley's focus wasn't on the building itself. Her focus was on the brown cardboard on the floor near the table's leg.

Twitch. Twitch.

A fine white-mocha furry tail with a slightly darker end stuck out of the brown cardboard, swinging once in a while. The furry, fat tail would sometimes tremble and the edge of the tail bloomed like a fountain.

Ainsley's heart skipped a beat.

What a cute tail! No. So beautiful! What kind of cat has such a pretty tail? It looked like a feather duster!

Ainsley couldn't help but feel expectant when she saw that tail. She instantly knew that she already found one of the sacred guardians.

No matter which one she found, her goal was only one–allure one of the three cats!

Seeing the chance, Ainsley didn't approach the pavilion and just sat down on the grass. The girl then hurriedly took out the dry cat food from the paper bag and spread it on the wooden bowl she had prepared.

The baby is trying to lure the cat with food!

Ainsley was sure that even a sacred guardian would be tempted to eat dry food made for cats.

Alas, this might actually work for the other glutton sacred guardian, but the one Ainsley tried to lure…

Didn't like food that much.

The unknown cat didn't budge and only swayed his fluffy tail, ignoring Ainsley for a few minutes.

Ainsley's face instantly darkened.

This cat can't be tempted with cat food?!

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