Chapter 81 - "Cat With Socks"

Chapter 81 of 100 chapters

Ainsley felt her heart sink deep in depression. The baby looked at the twitching tail a few meters in front of her, and the corner of her lips also twitched.

If this cat can't be tempted with dry cat food, I should use my charm and luck abilities.

Ainsley didn't want to use her trump card this fast, but since the sacred guardian was indeed not an ordinary cat, she could only sit down cross-legged and started to use her charm power.

Pink aura slowly enveloped Ainsley's body from her head to her toe, and the next moment, golden aura started to fuse with the pink aura, enhancing it.

Ainsley's charm power gave off a pink wavelength across the field, continuously spreading the pink-golden aura into tiny dots.

Any human being attacked by the wavelength would surely fall to their knees and worshipped Ainsley. Unfortunately, there's no one here except for the sacred guardians.

Thus, Ainsley squeezed her eyes tightly, hoping that her charm worked on these beasts. If she could at least attract the one she saw before, she would be content.

Maybe thanks to her luck ability, the pink aura reached the mysterious cat inside the cardboard and slightly attracted its attention.

The cat inside the cardboard stopped twitching its tail. It stayed silent for a few seconds before a rustling sound came from the cardboard.


The cat suddenly leapt out of the brown cardboard, producing a beautiful arc in the air. Ainsley instantly opened her eyes once she heard the soft landing noise.

Sadly, since the mysterious fog surrounded the pavilion tightly, Ainsley didn't see this leap.

She could only see four tiny legs landing on the green grass outside of the marble floor of the pavilion.

The tiny legs were filled with mocha-coloured fur with a hint of white and dark brown. The paws of each leg were so dark that one could say it's black instead of brown.

Since the legs were of a lighter colour than the paws, the owner of these legs looked as if it was wearing four socks!

Ainsley shrieked in silence.

So cute! What kind of cat is that? Persian? That long fur...should be a Persian cat, right? But are there any cats that look as if they're wearing socks?

Ainsley cocked her head, trying to recall what kind of cat could possibly have such an attractive feature. While she pondered, the mysterious cat already trotted over to her place with its tiny furry legs.

This time, since it was getting away from the mystical fog around the pavilion, Ainsley could see its pair of cat ears. The ears stood straight and proud while occasionally twitching or folded back.

Just like the paws, the ears were also black, but the fur inside the ears was white.

Such a unique combination!

Ainsley's heart pounded hard as she saw the cat's tail sticking out of the fog became larger and larger. It meant that the cat was coming to her place! It is approaching her!

Ainsley instantly stood up with the paper bag on her left hand and the backpack on her right hand. The girl tossed the backpack to the ground but kept the paper bag with her.

Her eyes were twinkling as she watched the cat's body slowly come out of the mythical fog.

The first thing that greeted her was a pair of round black eyes like beads. The pair of eyes were so round and large that it looked cute as hell!

Moreover, once the owner of those eyes moved further away from the fog, the sunlight shone upon the black eyes, revealing its true colour.

A pair of sky blue round eyes stared at Ainsley soundlessly.

The owner of the eyes moved slowly but its eyes didn't move away from Ainsley's body, eyeing her with great interest–especially at the thing on her hand.

Ainsley's heart skipped a beat. As time passed by, she could now see the face of the cat coming out of the white fog.

The face of the cat was slightly dark, dyed in brownish black, and only its whiskers were white. Strangely, since its fluffy mane was white, the cat looked like it's wearing a grey-black mask on its face.

Coupled with its black ears and black paws looking like socks, the cat looked absolutely adorable!

Its body was white with a mix of mocha and dark brown fur, looking warm and kind. Its tightly closed mouth was pink, looking feminine yet adorable.

Such a cat couldn't possibly be a ferocious sacred beast!

That's what Ainsley thought as it watched the medium-sized cat around her knees approach her with light steps.

Is this...really a sacred guardian?

Ainsley was doubting the cat's existence when suddenly….

"Auuuu." The cat meowed, but the sound it produced was nowhere near cats. It sounded like a wolf cub's howl, sounding miserable and cute!

Ainsley's amazed face instantly turned blank. The girl's eyes widened as she watched the cat reach out to her left hand.

The...fuck? Did it just howl? Is it a cat, a dog, or a wolf? It's a cat, okay?! What's with that meowing sound?!

Ainsley had the urge to slap the adorable cat and teach it how to meow correctly.

Alas, before Ainsley could do anything, the fluffy cat with its fountain-like tail light raised one of its paws, showing the pink toe bean underneath.


The cat slapped the paper bag on Ainsley's hand, instantly throwing it away to the ground. In just a second, the cat jumped to the brown paper bag with its blue eyes shining brightly.


The cat landed on the paper bag and…

Started to roll on it.

Ainsley had the urge to nuke the cat and destroy the world.

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