Chapter 82 - "Let's Kidnap It!"

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

This cat– I mean this sacred guardian...what is it doing?!

Ainsley's forehead throbbed, and her veins bulged like mad. Disbelief washed over her innocent face.

This cat...this cat…

The cat rubbed its cheeks, head, and body over the paper bag, showing extreme excitement on its face.

Yes. The cat ignored Ainsley and just played with the paper bag. After rubbing it off, it then sat on the paper bag while narrowing its eyes, looking blissful.

The cat successfully led a peaceful life compared to Ainsley's.

But that was exactly why Ainsley had the urge to tore the paper bag and choked the cat to death!

Though she couldn't possibly do so because the cat was too adorable, still…

Aren't you a sacred guardian? Please have dignity, ah!

Ainsley slumped to the floor, wanting to bawl her eyes out. The girl retracted her abilities and stared eye-redden at the mocha-coloured cat.

I use my best abilities and this is the result? This f*cking cat is just playing with the paper bag?! How do I even tame it and trigger its bloodline??

Ainsley felt the need to sue whoever let these guardians freeload at their house.

'Is it because I'm not competent? Is the charm not enough to entice a cat? This cat chose a paper bag over me?!'

Ainsley glanced at the faraway brown cardboard and suddenly understood that this guardian liked paper bags and cardboard the most.

Even dry food couldn't tempt it but these junks could.

What...a unique guardian.

Ainsley wiped the tears at the edge of her eyes and started to look at the cat who was now showing its belly to the sky.

The cat took a weird sleeping position with its head cocked to the left and its two paws raised up, seemingly taunting heavens.

Nevertheless, that smooth, spotless belly tempted Ainsley to rub it.

Though the baby wouldn't do that since she knew she might die once she angered this weird cat.

Ainsley could only approached the cat, sat down next to the paper bag and laid down on the grass, waiting for 15 minutes to pass by.

She thought of stuffing the damn cat into the paper bag and ran with it once the time was out. is not kidnapping, right?

Ainsley had a bitter smile on her face, thinking that she failed this mission since the cat didn't even approach her and was busy playing with its paper bag.

Little did she know that this cat was an introvert and rarely would let anyone approach it. By showing its belly, it showed how comfortable it was around Ainsley. Well, mainly thanks to the paper bag–

Still, the cat already decided to follow this tiny creature to get more cardboard and paper bags– bah! No. No. It chose to follow the baby because this baby emitted a comfortable aura just now.

Yes, that's the reason. It also was the most adventurous one among the other guardians despite its prickly personality and his heavy trust issues.

Anyway, for the sake of plastic bags, paper bags, and cardboards– ah no. For the sake of conquering the world!

The cat narrowed its eyes once more and purring in a low tone, feeling content with the new master it just found.

It's been a long time since it last went out of the field– ah no. It almost never came out of the grassfield ever since it was born. Only the strongest and the second strongest often snuck out of the prairie to see the world.

With its weak body and as the lowest among the guardians, the adorable cardboard-lover could do nothing but wait for humans to place more cardboard at the pavilion.

But now someone was strong enough to attract its attention, and she could even possibly trigger his bloodline…

I can finally come out and see the world!

The adventurous yet introverted male guardian, the weakest of the packs, wriggled its body in happiness. It decided to stick with this tiny creature to get more cardboards and adventures!

While the cat and the baby slept on the grass field, the abandoned dry cat food laid flat on the ground, waiting to be eaten.

Out of everyone's sight, a pair of blue eyes glowed behind the fog, staring at the dry food on the ground.

Suddenly, black smoke crept out of the white fog, surrounding the dry food. The smoke gradually took the form of a cat paw. It then descended to the ground, approaching the hill of abandoned dry food on the ground.

In just a moment, with no sound nor anything, the black mist paw snatched all the dry food and slowly brought it over to the white fog.

Once it touched the white fog, it disappeared into nothingness. Only the noisy crunchy sound could be heard.

Sadly, Ainsley was too preoccupied with her 'failure' that she didn't see any of this. She didn't even see a pair of red eyes glowing at the pavilion roof, staring at her backpack intensely.

15 minutes passed by, and the golden door was opened with a slight creaking sound. Grandpa Yofan's voice rang from the door.

"Ain, time to go back! Hurry! Or you will be kicked out with force." The old man's shaky voice rang throughout the way until it reached Ainsley's ear.

The baby instantly leapt and stood still. One could see a few stalks of green grasses stick to her purple hair while a drool stained the edge of her lips.

Ainsley widened her eyes in a light shock.

She...she almost fell asleep for real! Bah! What about the guardians?! Ugh…

Maybe...she could only kidnap the cat sleeping on her paper bag. That's the only way to get one..

Let's kidnap it!

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