Chapter 83 - "A Failure"

Chapter 83 of 100 chapters

"O-owkay! Hwait!" Ainsley couldn't care less about the other two guardians.

The girl immediately snatched the paper bag, intending to stuff the fountain-tailed cat, yet suddenly found out that the cat wasn't sleeping on it anymore.

The few dry cat foods inside the paper bag were still there, but the cat vanished.

It...vanished? It's gone?! Fck? Does it know I'm going to kidnap it?!

Looking at the vanishing cat, Ainsley sighed in disappointment. Her heart felt heavy that she couldn't catch even a single guardian. But there's no time to find that silly cat anymore…

Maybe it's time to give up.

The girl shook her head before picking up her backpack.

The previously light backpack suddenly felt a bit heavier than before. Yet Ainsley didn't care. Maybe the bag became moist or something, so it gained weight.

The girl wore her backpack on her back and gripped the paper bag on her left hand. She then dashed out of the vast prairie, afraid that she would be late to return.

Ainsley ran fast, and she immediately exited the prairie. Once she was out, Ainsley let out a long breath and sighed in relief. The girl put her hands on her knees, panting.

Finally. I'm out. But...I don't tame any guardians.

Ainsley's eyes clouded as she lifted her head. A second after, the golden door closed with a loud BANG sound.

Now, Ainsley couldn't go back until a few months later.

The baby lamented over the fact that she didn't catch even a single guardian and without one of them to guard her, she naturally couldn't go to the casino.

With this...her plan was over. She had to think of a new plan.

While Ainsley was in a daze, Grandpa Yofan looked down at the baby with a worried gaze.

"Ain, how is it? Are you alright?" Grandpa Yofan immediately picked up the baby who wasn't taller than his thigh. Naturally, he carried the girl's backpack and paper bag with him.

"Hwum…" Ainsley looked at Grandpa Yofan with teary eyes. She didn't know what to say for a moment, afraid of disappointing the old man.

Little did she know that even Grandpa Yofan didn't think Ainsley could tame one guardian. Just seeing her went back safe and sound was already a good thing for him.

"How is it? Did you find one? Even if you don't, I'm glad you come back safely." Grandpa Yofan swayed Ainsley's body as he glanced at Elliana. He handed the paper bag to the woman but kept the backpack with him since it's quite heavy.

'"Hum...sowwy, glandpa. Ain...Ain dun geth awny gualdian…(Ain doesn't get any guardian.)" Ainsley lowered her head in shame.

Her eyes dimmed, looking extremely stressed.

There's no way she wouldn't feel embarrassed when she said she could get one of the guardians but returned empty-handed.

Indeed, I'm too arrogant...I'm no genius and no protagonist. I'm unlucky person tossed to be a baby.

Ainsley's spirit dampened. She knew that she shouldn't feel too down, but it was her first failure here. Moreover, the failure destroyed all her other plans, and now she had to build one from scratch.

'It seems that I still can't clear the family's debt soon. Maybe...I'll start clearing out the corrupt members first…'

While Ainsley hugged Grandpa Yofan's neck with her head hung low, the old man chuckled. He used his free hand to stroke the baby's hair.

"No worries. No one had been able to tame one of the guardians, not to say triggering their bloodlines. For you to come out without a scratch is already a fortune."

Grandpa Yofan plucked the green grass sticking to the baby's purple hair as he walked to the girl's bedroom.

He thought that the girl should be tired after trying her best and she should be disappointed as well when her attempt failed. Maybe someone had to console her.

Thus, Grandpa Yofan continued to coax Ainsley, soothing the latter's heart. On the side, Elliana also tried to cheer up Ainsley despite her clumsy actions.

When the three people arrived at Ainsley's chamber, they put the girl on the cradle before putting the bags on the floor. The adults didn't leave yet and chose to stay with the girl until lunch time.

"See, Ain, don't get too sad, okay? But you see, grandpa is curious about your experience there. Can you tell us?" Grandpa Yofan sat on the floor while looking at Ainsley, who was rolling on the cradle.

The girl was still sulking even after receiving their consolation.

"Ekspelien?" Ainsley murmured as she turned around to look at Grandpa Yofan. The baby was a bit reluctant to tell others her failure but thinking again...maybe she could analyse which part made her fail the mission.

Thus, the baby crawled down from the cradle and sat on Grandpa Yofan's lap before starting her story.

Elliana sat across Grandpa Yofan, and she listened to Ainsley's story with great interest. Even the old man was no exception.

In no time, the adults listened to Ainsley's story as she spoke in her unclear pronunciation that sounded like an alien language.

Well, fortunately, the adults were used to Ainsley's weird language. Thus, unlike others, they understood the baby's speech without any translation tools.

The baby told them her story for about 30 minutes before she ran out of voice. Ainsley then suggested the others to have lunch now since she was so thirsty.

"Alright, we shall eat now. But first, let's unpack your backpack, okay?" Grandpa Yofan put Ainsley on the floor and let the girl unpack her backpack.

Ainsley obediently followed the old man's command, but she just opened up the zipper when suddenly…

She saw a furry tail inside.


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