Chapter 84 - "A Cat In A Bag"

Chapter 84 of 100 chapters


Ainsley froze on the spot. Grandpa Yofan and Elliana also stiffened. The three of them looked at the figure lying inside the backpack with their jaws dropping to the floor.

What they saw was only the furry tail, but as Ainsley opened the bag wider, the creature hidden inside was slowly fully revealed.

It was a white-mocha long-haired cat with its back facing them. The cat seemed to be curling up into a fetus position, deep in sleep.

If this was another world, Ainsley would think that it's just a cat. But how could she think like that when this cat was none other than the one who stole her paper bag a few minutes ago?!

The baby's face instantly flushed red. Steams rose from her head and a surge of fire burned inside her heart.


Ainsley clenched her fists tightly until it turned white. Her hands were shaking, and the veins on her forehead bulged violently.

The girl suddenly had the urge to throw away the backpack along with the cat.

'So you didn't leave me, huh, you cardboard lover?! I thought you left me, but you sneaked up into my backpack and slept inside?!'

Ainsley was speechless. The girl could only stare at the peaceful-looking cat with tears in her eyes.

She didn't know whether to cry or get angry anymore.

Ah. Damn it. I thought I failed the mission. But...I did it!

The baby gritted her teeth as she stretched her hand and slowly stroked the cat's back, not caring if it might anger the cat.

Even if the guardian was in the form of a cat, it was still dangerous–or so others said. According to the history of the Sloan Family, these guardians killed those who entered the prairie.

Well, only humans whom they dislike. Thus, every person who entered the magical prairie should try not to anger any guardians.

But right now, Ainsley didn't care anymore. The girl gently rubbed the cat's back, feeling its smooth fur. It's her way to vent her frustration after thinking that she failed her plan.

Seeing the baby was acting so rash, Grandpa Yofan and Elliana stared at the toddler in horror. Both of them trembled from head to toe, silently wishing to kidnap Ainsley and stop her from doing whatever she's doing now.

Stop stroking the sacred guardian! It's dangerous!

Alas, Grandpa Yofan could only watch as Ainsley grinned while pampering the cat. Strangely, the cat didn't mind it. It even lazily stood up and stretched its body before trotting out of the backpack.

Purrr. Puurrr.

The cat started to purr in a slightly low tone. It then approached Ainsley with its back arched down, and its tail curled. The next moment, the cat rubbed its head against Ainsley's calf affectionately.

Purrr. Purr.

The cat closed its eyes and happily circled Ainsley, wrapping the girl's small body with its even smaller tail. After circling the baby, it then continued to snuggle to the girl's leg.

Seeing this sudden scene, even Grandpa Yofan was stupefied. He stared at Ainsley, who was calmly rubbing the cat's head with a grin.

...what's going on? Ainsley suddenly brings back a guardian inside her backpack? And the guardian looks like it favours Ain? It's so tame around her!

Grandpa Yofan met shock after shock, and his begin circuit exploded. The poor old man fell to the floor on his butt with his white beard flared up.

Is this...a dream?

Grandpa Yofan rubbed his eyes and pinched his cheeks. It hurts. It's not a dream.

Even Elliana did the same thing and found out that it's not a dream.

The family head...really brings out one of the guardians?

The adults looked at each other in disbelief. One was an old man sitting on the floor while the other was a mature woman standing straight. The two people exchanged glances several times, trying to convince each other. is real. Ain really did bring out a guardian.

After such a realisation, the adults looked at Ainsley and gaped in awe. Their eyes twinkled, and both of them felt the urge to hug the baby.

She did it! The baby did it! She's the first young family head to bring out a guardian out of the prairie!

Joy, shock, and thrill flashed through the two's eyes, but none of them dared to speak, afraid of disturbing Ainsley and the guardian's bonding time.

Bonding, it's a phrase where the guardian opened up and tightened its relationship with the 'contractor'. The moment Ainsley triggered the guardian's bloodline later, they would automatically be bound by a contract.

Right now, since the cat's eyes were still black, it meant that Ainsley hadn't triggered its bloodline yet.

Of course, Grandpa Yofan knew this from the guardians themselves. To be precise...the leader of the sacred guardians. Only that creature could speak human language even in a cat form.

Others had to trigger their bloodline and shapeshifted into humans to speak human language.

Grandpa Yofan recalled the information regarding these mysterious guardians and hurriedly looked at Ainsley, who already walked to their place with a smile on her face. The cat followed closely next to her, trotting with little steps.

"Ain…" Grandpa Yofan called out to Ainsley but paused after he glanced at the cat. He didn't know what to say or to do, afraid of offending the cat one way or another.

"Hwum. Glandpa." Ainsley politely greeted Grandpa Yofan before grinning from ears to ears.

"Ain ish sowwy. De cath ish inshide de bwag. Ain didh ith! (Ain is sorry. The cat is inside the bag. Ain did it!)" Ainsley let out an apologetic smile before looking down at the calm and unperturbed cat next to her leg.

Now, now...

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