Chapter 85 - "Fenrir Bloodline"

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

"Glandpa. Dis cath..." Ainsley naturally wanted to ask about the cat's identity since she didn't know which one she picked from the three guardians. Only Grandpa Yofan and a few elders knew about it.

Thus, the girl didn't hesitate to ask.

"Glandpa, dis cath' idwentitwy…"

Grandpa Yofan's face instantly stiffened. The old man cast a reluctant look at Ainsley.

At first, Grandpa Yofan wanted to ask how Ain could bring a guardian back and how the cat entered her backpack instead of coming out by her side, but then...looking at Ainsley's curious eyes, the grandpa couldn't ask anything.

He could only nod weakly and tried to answer the baby.

"This cat– I mean this guardian is the weakest among the three guardians. This one is a male. His alias is...Code C. He has no name, and you can name him as you wish."

Grandpa Yofan rubbed Ainsley's head with a trace of affection inside his eyes.

"When you give the esteemed guardian a name, the chance of triggering its bloodline will be higher." Grandpa Yofan continued. "Your bond will also be tougher."

"Hwum...I shee...mwale…" Ainsley started to ponder about the cat's name, but before that, she still had some questions for the old man.

"Glandpa. Wat ish itsh bwodwine? (What is its bloodline?)" The baby clung to the old man's leg while walking down the corridor. One could see that the cat also followed beside Ainsley while looking around curiously.

Such an adventurous cat, indeed.

"Hm, the bloodline, huh. I haven't told you this, but...each of the guardians inherits the pure lineage of ancient beasts. They're only using a cat form since they sealed their bloodline."

Yofan started to explain things as they walked toward the dining hall.

"As for why these guardians sealed their bloodline and became the guardians of the Sloan Family...I also don't know." Grandpa Yofan paused his speech.

"But...I know the bloodline of this fellow." He continued.

"Code C, the weakest guardian among the three guardians inherits the Fenrir bloodline. It's actually a giant Fenrir when it recovers its beast form."

This news brought a shock to Ainsley. The baby's mouth opened wide as she looked up at the wise golden-haired elder.


Ainsley suddenly couldn't believe her ears.

How could this cat be a Fenrir? Fenrir is like a wolf but mightier than wolves. Since it is a wolf, it should be closed to a dog instead of a cat, right?

Then why does this damn cat own a Fenrir bloodline?! Wait– maybe that's why this fellow's meowing sound is similar to a wolf or a dog's howl!

It all makes sense!

Ainsley energetically nodded her head. The girl then eyed the small creature trudging next to her with great interest.

A Fenrir, huh? Father of all wolves, son of Loki in ancient Greek mythology. It's said that Gods once imprisoned Fenrir.

Maybe that's why this fellow looks so curious about everything and likes small places like cardboard?

Even though this cat isn't the real Fenrir and only possesses its bloodline, maybe it's still influenced by the Fenrir's tendency to break free…

Usually, a Fenrir's power should be its monstrous strength, insane durability and had wind elemental power?

Since this one wasn't a real Fenrir, its strength shouldn't be able to defeat Gods but it could still fight the monsters at the town at ease.

This lazy-looking fella...should be awesome.

Ainsley knew from Grandpa Yofan that when this cat was in beast form, it could perform the raw strength of a beast while in a human form, it could even use special abilities!

If she could trigger this fellow's bloodline...she could visit the casino at ease. She could even fight other mafias and just sit back to watch the fun!

At such thoughts, Ainsley almost went crazy from greed. The baby looked at the cat with green eyes, and her ambition soared to the sky, but then...she paused.

She realised that no matter what, she shouldn't misuse this guardian. Even if he's the weakest of the three guardians, its strength could still tilt the mafia world balance.

While the Sloan Family was still weak, it's wiser to just use this cat just like its name.

A guardian.

Also...Ainsley didn't think she could use such a cute cat to fight. If she used everything like a chest piece, the world would be too cruel for her.

Thus, Ainsley took a deep breath and decided to trigger this fellow's bloodline only for safety measures.

It's not the time to rule the world using this sacred guardian. And one couldn't be sure that other families didn't have any sacred guardians like these three.

After pondering things, Ainsley and the others arrived at the dining hall. They had lunch and then discussed a way to trigger the cat's bloodline.

In the end, the method to trigger its bloodline is completely mysterious that Ainsley had to find it out by herself.

The dejected baby dragged her feet to the garden while the sun was high above her head, thinking that Finley might still be at the garden, waiting for her.

The girl paused in front of the tree, outside the shade and looked up. The cat was not with her. It ran somewhere else.

'Will Fin know if I'm here? Is he still here? Ugh, I want to see him right now. How do I contact him?'

Ainsley aimlessly stepped forward. Just when Ainsley's feet touched the shade of their tree base camp…

A strong gust of wind suddenly blew the girl's skirt.

?! The fck–

Ainsley watched her skirt fluttering in the air, revealing her panties as a figure emerged from behind the strong wind.

It was Finley.

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