Chapter 86 - "Give Her Fin's Belly"

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

Ainsley didn't know whether Finley saw her panties when the wind blew it up, but her reflex was to shout while clamping her legs.

"Waah! Pelvelth! (Pervert!)" Ainsley crumpled her skirt and glared at Finley, who was just about to walk to her yet froze on the spot because of her scream.

The boy's calm face rapidly changed. He broke in a cold sweat, and his face blushed red.

"Pervert?! Me? Ain, ah! Don't joke around! I didn't do anything!" Finley was anxious. He quickly approached Ainsley to ensure that Ainsley was just joking.

He just arrived here using the wind's power and didn't see or do anything when Ainsley suddenly accused him as a pervert! How could he get married in the future then?

"Nwo! Y-ywou...y-ywou sawh...mai..mai panthies..(No! Y-youi...y-you panties…)" Ainsley panicked. She stepped back and dodged Finley. Her face was already so red that one could mistake her for a tomato.

Seeing the baby was so embarrassed that she could die, only then Finley picked up the misunderstanding. He paused on the track and pondered over Ainsley's words.

Panties? Pervert? I saw her panties? But...I didn't…

Finley tilted his head as he squeezed his fingers, fretting like a little boy. Even though he was already an adult inside when a baby accessed him for being a pervert, how could he stay calm?

The golden-haired boy didn't try to approach Ainsley anymore and only stood there with blank eyes. His mind worked fast at the moment, trying to find a way out of this deadlock.

"L-look, Ain, I just arrived, and I didn't even see anything! Panties? I don't see it. Really. I swear." Finley crossed his fingers and made an oath. "I swear in the name of the fairy royal family!"

His oath sounded solemn, but Ainsley somehow couldn't believe him. How could he not see her panties when her panties were exposed right when Finley arrived? He stood there across her!

"Nwo! Ywou lial! (You liar!)" Ainsley stuck out her tongue and immediately ran toward the tree, which they used as a secret base. The girl hugged the tree's trunk and hid behind its huge body.

Apparently, she hid from Finley out of embarrassment. Assuming that Finley already saw her panties, she couldn't get married anymore!

"A-ain…" Finley muttered weakly as he watched Ainsley hide behind the tree, refusing to come out. Sweats drenched the boy's back, and his palms were cold.

Damn it. Is it my unlucky day?! But I truly didn't even catch a glimpse of Ain's panties! And even if I did, will I even get interested in a toddler's panties?! No way!

Finley bit his lower lips, feeling wronged.

The wind blew softly, and his golden hair fluttered. The wind even carried his faint smell to Ainsley, who was already hiding behind their sacred tree's trunk.

Ainsley sniffed like a dog as she pushed her head from behind the tree trunk. "Pelvelth!" She glared at Finley while accusing him of the third time…

Well, she knew that Finley wasn't wrong, but she was too embarrassed when her skirt was blown away by the wind! She needed to vent her embarrassment somehow.

Seeing Ainsley didn't have any intention to come out from behind the tree trunk, Finley could only sigh and smiled bitterly.

His face was already crumpled as if someone owed him the whole world.

"Fine, then...if Ain doesn't want to see me, I'll go home. It's past my playtime…" Finley spoke in a dejected voice. The pure little angel dropped his shoulders, bent his back and trotted away from the tree, discouraged.

"Even though I wait for Ain all-day long and wants to know whether you succeed or not. But...Ain hates me…" Finley said, depressed. His back looked quite lonely, and one would even shed tears for the pure boy.

Ainsley saw Finley's sorry back and her heart ached for him. She softened her heart and laid down her ego.

"W-waith! Fwin, stayh! Sowwy, sowwy, kay?" The baby slapped the tree's trunk and ran toward Finley with her short legs. She ran as fast as she could and almost stumbled upon the pebbles.

She almost fell a few times already.

Finley halted his steps. He slowly turned around with reddened eyes. He looked as if he just cried, grieving.

"Really? You will let me stay..? You don't hate me anymore?" Finley wiped the tears at the edge of his eyes.

Of course, he simply used his water ability to squeeze a few drops of water into his eyes, instantly making it red, and he couldn't help but cry.

The water entering his eyes was irritating to the eye, after all.

"Yesh, yesh! I folgipe ywou! (I forgive you!)" Ainsley shouted, panicking. She grabbed Finley's arm and tried to stop him from crying.

"Dun cly, dun cly…" Ainsley almost bit her tongue as she tip-toes and used her sleeve to wipe Fin's tears.

Alas, it would look so romantic from afar...if only one didn't see how the toddler couldn't reach the boy's eyes even after jumping several times.

In the end, the baby gave up and just patted Finley's belly to console him. That's such a weird method to comfort someone, but who cares?

Ainsley likes belly. Give her Fin's belly!

Finley instantly stopped his oscar-level acting and hugged Ainsley with a bright smile on his face. He squeezed her body tightly and buried his face on her shoulder.

Speaking of taking advantage...

"So, did you succeed catching the sacred guardian? Tell me!" Finley laughed casually, as if he never cried before. His bell-like laughter assaulted Ainsley's ears.

Still in the boy's warm embrace, she suddenly felt like she had been fooled… were just pretending to cry, right, you motherfcker?!

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