Chapter 87 - "Becoming A Human"

Chapter 87 of 100 chapters

Ainsley wanted to get mad at Finley, but she was too tired to argue. The girl decided to rub Fin's soft belly to take advantage of the boy, just like how the boy hugged her to his heart content.

Anyway, the two got into a silent agreement before they went to their secret base tree. Finley helped Ainsley to sit on the tree's highest branch, their usual spot.

Once the children adjusted to the surroundings, only then Finley started to speak for the second time.

"So, how is it? Did you succeed?"

Ainsley nodded with a grin. "Ofh coulse!" She patted her chest with a proud look in her eyes. Well, she had the right to brag in front of Fin, anyway.

Finley's eyes immediately lit up. He took Ainsley's hand and shook it excitedly. "Really?! Which one did you bring out? I heard there are three of them, right?"

Finley knew a lot about the Sloan Family's sacred guardians, just like other strong families in general. As the heir of the Walter Family, he had to know a lot about their family's potential threat, which was the guardians.

One said that the guardians chose to protect the Sloan Family because they wanted to repay the Sloan Family's first family head for his favour.

So far, for more than 30 years, no one could tame the guardians, not even the direct descendant of the first family head. Thus, when Ainsley did it, it's bound to be shocking news!

"Ain, I just know that you can do it! Now tell me, did you get all three of them or only one? Which one did you lure out?" Finley was so eager that he started to look like his age, a child.

He looked like elementary boys talking about Mecha.

"Hwmmm onwy one. Cwode-C," Ainsley answered with flushed cheeks. She was also boiling with excitement after getting that one cat out of the mysterious prairie.

Up until now, no one knew the true existence of that prairie since it looked like a different dimension from the mansion. Maybe someone with space ability created a separate space for the guardians. Who knows?

"Code-C...the weakest one, the one with the Fenrir bloodline?" Finley slightly furrowed his eyebrows. It didn't mean that he looked down upon the weakest member, but it's just that…

The sacred guardian with the Fenrir Bloodline was the trickiest to handle out of the other three. It's relatively easy to lure him out, but so far, the Sloan Family couldn't take him and had to send him back to the prairie space.

Why? Because the Fenrir bloodline tended to be violent. It also had a severe trust issue when it transformed into a Fenrir.

A few lucky Sloan Family members in the past managed to trigger its bloodline, although not perfect, yet they almost lost their life because the Fenrir got out of control.

In other words, it went berserk.

Ainsley listened to Finley's reminder and couldn't help but feel a chill down her spine. She gaped, opened her mouth and closed it like a dumbfounded koi.

"Sho...dangelous…" Ainsley instantly felt relieved that she didn't immediately try to trigger its bloodline. Otherwise, she would have died a thousand times.

"That Fenrir is dangerous, indeed, but it's because the Sloan Family members can't trigger its bloodline perfectly. They can't get this Fenrir to sign a blood contract with them."

Finley shook his head, regretting the famous tragedy in the past.

"But don't worry. Once your charm and luck power are strong enough, I'm sure that this Fenrir will finally get the perfect bloodline inside his blood and will be able to sign a blood contract with you."

Finley rubbed Ainsley's head with eyes full of affection to reassure her.

"When you sign a blood contract with this Fenrir, it will never go berserk and can even transform into a human in the future!"

Ainsley, who was initially scared of the cat she just brought up, instantly dropped her jaw. She looked at Finley as if he just ate cow dung.

"Leally? Bwecome...hwuman?" Ainsley repeated Finley's words with wide eyes. "Ale ywou selious? (Are you serious?)" The girl blinked fast with a face full of disbelief.

Even if this world was a fantasy-modern world, how could a cat become a human?!

"I'm serious. Once your energy source becomes as big as a tennis ball, the Fenrir can consume your power to transform into a human!" Finley grinned, showing his canine teeth.

"Believe me. I read this in the history book. The guardians once transformed into humans to join the Sloan Family's first leader in war!"

Finley became slightly restless, and his face flushed red from excitement. His saliva almost flew everywhere.

"Once the guardians acquired a human form, they will have even more special abilities and can even copy some from others." Finley clenched his fists.

"Anyway, it depends on their bloodline power to see how strong they will be."

Ainsley was silent when Finley explained things. She repeatedly questioned Finley, thinking that the boy was just fantasising. But after repeated attempts, Ainsley finally accepted what Finley said…

It's all true.

'So...they can even become humans?! Then my plan to have a special force on my own...can start from these guardians!'

Ainsley bit her lips. Her eyes shone so brightly that one seemed to see the universe inside.

She was determined to tame those guardians!

But then, Finley suddenly threw a cold bucket of water on Ainsley using his words.

"It's true that they can be humans, but remember, just to trigger a perfect bloodline alone is hard. Especially the Fenrir." Finley squinted.

"Power not enough." He dropped a bomb, pushing Ainsley to despair.

Using force is not enough? Then what to do?!


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