Chapter 88 - "Not Somebody"

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

Ainsley was about to ask what Finley meant when the boy beat her to it. He looked at her with a bitter smile on his face.

"Just like what I said before. The guardian you pick with Fenrir bloodline has a trust issue. Using your charm and luck power alone won't be enough."

Finley adjusted his sitting position before he continued.

"What you need is to understand the guardian's wound and try to heal it. It's more of its psychological and mental health that we need to take care of."

Finley stretched his hand and rubbed Ainsley's forehead. He didn't stop talking, as what he said was all for the sake of the baby.

"Remember. Even though the guardians are beasts, they have feelings and emotions like humans. Try to understand this young guardian and make him your life-long companion."

"Get it?" Finley flicked Ainsley's forehead as he smiled slyly.

Of course, he knew all of this because he had seen the future. He had lived it. In the distant future, a foolish Sloan Family member would try to use force to subdue this Fenrir, only to end up dying.

This Fenrir was wounded. Not physically but mentally. It might have something to do with its ancestor or its past experience.

Finley finally concluded that the ones who would govern over the guardians shouldn't be those who saw them as a mere tool. They had to see these guardians as equals, as friends, and family.

"Geth ith, geth ith!" Ainsley spoke carelessly, not really taking Finley's words to her heart. She was just anxious to quickly tame the guardian cat to fulfil her plan.

Finley could see the greed inside Ainsley's eyes, and how she's so anxious to use this guardian for her own benefit. He couldn't help but be slightly disappointed.

Being greedy was not a mistake. It's what most family heads usually thought about. For the sake of the family, they had to use the guardians' power.

But human greed knew no bound. Finley was someone who lived his life twice and had experienced many bitterness in life. He, too, was once an ambitious young man.

With aspiration and greed, he strived to the top, only to fall because of another person's desire.

In the end, Finley knew that it's better to play it safe and cherish those around you. Don't sacrifice people for no reason, and don't be too blinded by greed.

Finley knew that this Ainsley wasn't like the one he had seen. This Ain, the one in front of him, had a boundless desire. She was like a Phoenix craving for heavens.

Alas, if she didn't know how to control herself, she would then be a tyrant. She would use those around her as a mere pawn, as her tools.

He could already sense that the moment he saw how Ainsley chose her guardian to be someone dumb, someone, suitable as a puppet.

The baby already had such a mature thought, and that's amazing. She knew she had to choose a puppet guardian to defend herself but after that?

Would she continue to pick subordinates only to use them as disposable tools?

Finley had seen many family heads like this and they were all strong. They had a vast territory but in the end, they were bound to be betrayed by their own pawns or, even worse, unknowingly became someone else's pawns.

Finley didn't want to see Ainsley like that. The baby was still young. She's indeed a genius, but she had room for improvement.

Thus, Finley carefully advised Ainsley.

"Please, treat the sacred guardians as companions and not mere tools. If you think of them as tools...then I advise you to give up. You will never succeed."

His sharp words instantly stabbed Ainsley's conscience, and the girl immediately fell silent. She bit her lips while her petite hands crumpled her dress.

She's stumped for words. Fin's words had been so direct that it seemed like stripping her ugly heart.

"I...I…" Ainsley wasn't a fool. She realised that Fin already saw through her.

Maybe she didn't mean to be as cruel as what Finley thought of, but she indeed thought of the sacred guardian as a creature that could make her life easier.

She didn't even think that this creature also had feelings and emotions. She only wanted to rush things, get easy money from the casino, and so on.

Ainsley was instantly reminded of her intention when choosing Elliana. At first, she also thought of Elliana as someone she could use at will. What's wrong with thinking like that when she's alone in this world, prone to be someone else' puppet?

She just wanted to survive.

But...she had quite a lot of freedom these days. She had quite a power to govern the family…

Should she still think of Elli and the sacred guardian as tools?

Ainsley didn't know why but her heart ached so badly that her eyes started to feel hot. Tears slowly accumulated at the edge of her eyes.

Yes. She knew that she's quite despicable. But she already thought of Elliana as her family a few weeks ago, which eased her heart a lot.

Yet once she saw the sacred guardian...she saw it as another tool, isn't it? There's no excuse. She didn't think of the sacred guardian as her companion. She just wanted to tame it and used its power to visit the casino.

That's...the truth.

"Wuwuwuw...sowwy….I...I…" Ainsley slowly sobbed and wailed.

The girl finally realised that her mindset had been quite twisted. She was too full of herself since she read a lot of manga and claimed to be an expert.

In reality, she's just an average university student with chuunibyou syndrome–

She's a nobody. Not somebody.

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