Chapter 89 - "Progress"

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

"Ain...Ain ish sowwy...sowwy…" Ainsley opened her mouth, and tears slid down her cheeks like a waterfall.

She truly underestimated the sacred guardian, thinking that she could tame it with power alone. Not to mention that her heart wasn't pure. She's already corrupted.

Ainsley felt that she didn't deserve to be a protagonist. Even if this new world wasn't a novel world and didn't need a protagonist, she still felt unworthy to call herself the future protagonist of this world.

What protagonist has a black heart except for the anti-hero?

Ainsley bit her lips and wiped her tears using her sleeve. Finley kept patting her back while consoling her.

"It's okay, there, there. I know that you don't mean any harm. Just...try to accept the sacred guardian as your companion and not a tool." Finley's heart ached when he saw Ainsley cry, but he could do nothing.

Anyway, his advice wasn't wrong, either. Ainsley had to embrace it to move forward.

Knowing that Ainsley was a genius, Finley was a bit reassured since the girl would surely understand his words and not take it to heart.

"Mmm…" Ainsley stopped crying and tried to clean her face. She looked down at her tiny limbs and slowly turned around, refusing to see Finley for a while.

Alas, she just cried! Even though she knew it's because she felt guilty, it's still embarrassing to cry in front of Fin!

Ainsley hid her face behind her palms while Finley helped her to wash her face with his handkerchief, not knowing that his action further agitated the baby.

"Fwin, stoph! Ain ish owkay!" Ainsley snatched the handkerchief and tossed it back to Finley.

She's 20 years old inside, okay?! How could she cry in front of an 8-year-old boy?!

"Okay, okay, I'll stop." Finley smartly followed Ainsley's wish and retracted his hand. He pocketed his drenched handkerchief and just waited until Ainsley calmed down.

A smile hung on his delicate face.

'Mm, good. With this, Ain's personality will be better. She won't need to experience what I experienced.'

Finley secretly circled Ainsley's shoulder and patted the back of her head as a silent encouragement. Of course, the proud baby pretended not to notice it when she actually enjoyed the encouragement.

The two kids went silent for a few seconds, just casually watching the garden from the high tree before Ainsley finally broke the silence.

"Ummm, Ain wilh fowwow youl wolds. (Ain will follow your words)." Ainsley tugged Finley's sleeve and shyly lowered her head.

Okay, this is quite embarrassing, to be told by another boy...but anyway, that's such a good lesson.

Ainsley now swore to treat others around her better than before, not just as a mere tool. The same went for the sacred guardians that would be her companion in life.

"Good. Good. I hope you can heal this Fenrir's wound and bond with it." Finley grinned wide, showing his pearly teeth. "Ah, right, aside from bonding, you also need to strengthen your power."

The boy reminded Ainsley not to neglect her training.

"The more often and the more efficient you use your power, the stronger the power will be. Your energy source will also enlarge."

"Mmm!" Ainsley silently nodded. She already practised to the point of enlarging her marble-sized energy source to the size of a quail egg.

She also unlocked another feature of her charm power, which is ordering others to do as she likes, pleasing her and spoiling her.

Of course, with her current power, she could only influence one person to do this while others were simply showing kindness to her.

For her keen hearing ability, she's now able to track and distinguish more than 100 sounds, including animals and insects. She could use it to track down the people she heard once, or to recognise someone from their voice alone.

Alas, to read a human's mind or animals was still far from her capability, but with her luck power, she might be able to do that in an emergency time…

Her luck ability also grew stronger, and basically, she could avoid minor tragedy or people's direct physical attack.

That's one of the OP features of her luck ability!

Ainsley told Finley her progress, and the tiny teacher nodded solemnly. As Ainsley's unofficial mentor, Finley felt a sense of pride that his pupil was doing so well that he was a bit scared.

Ainsley's progress is really fast. By the age of 10, she might already rival top-notch adult mafia figures in the mafia world.

That's scary.

World domination by a child might be possible soon.

Of course, Finley just treated it as a mere fantasy, not knowing that it would soon become a reality.

"Okay, good job on your progress! Now you only need to strengthen your bond with the sacred guardian." Finley slapped his thigh excitedly. "Ah, right. I suggest you give a name to this guardian to earn his favour early."

Ainsley's ears twitched at the word 'name'. Her eyes turned stern for a moment.

Name, huh? I also heard this from Grandpa Yofan…

"Fwin, swuggesthion? (Suggestion?)" Ainsley tilted her head, trying to ask Finley to help her.

So far, Finley looked omnipotent and invincible. He knew a lot of things and was so wise for a boy. No wonder he's a library fairy.

"Hmmm, a name suitable for this Fenrir...I think you should try something with an initial C. His title is Code-C, right?" Finley gulped. "So, I think anything starting from C should be good."

"Owkay…" Ainsley's mind instantly wandered around a few males names starting from C.

Charles? Carlos? Charlie? Caplin? Coco? No, that's not cool.

Charles sounded the coolest, but…it's still not satisfying.

What name will be the best fit?

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