Chapter 90 - "Opportunity"

Chapter 90 of 100 chapters

Ainsley didn't know if the cat would like any of the names she found or not. Thus, she saved a few names and would ask him directly. That cat could understand human language, after all. It's highly intelligent!

While Ainsley talked with Finley, at another place inside a warm, luxurious room near the main mansion, a few people were also talking in secret.

Almost every mansion surrounding the main estate had a few higher-ups talking in secret to each other.

News spread fast, and the news of the sacred guardian making its appearance in the prominent family also spread like fire. It's no wonder that the restless branches started to discuss.

The chandelier shone brightly, illuminating a round wooden table inside a small room. The room looked similar to the one Ainsley visited before. But this one was less grandeur with only a few wooden furnitures.

It looked like a secret base instead of an official meeting room.

"I heard that...the main family acquired Code-C?" A young man around 20 suddenly raised his clear, childish voice.

He supported his chin as he looked at the others in the small room. All of them wore black suits and formal attire, looking cool.

"Yes. It's been a long time. The last time we saw it...10 years ago or more?" Another person replied.

If one looked closer, they would see these two people were one of the people who met Ainsley when she was first appointed as the family head. Even the rest of the people in the room also participated in that meeting Ainsley attended before.

"Hm. Who acquired this beast?" A low, hoarse voice suddenly sounded. The owner of the voice hid his face behind the curtain, looking mysterious. One couldn't help but feel eerie and uncomfortable from not being able to see his face.

"I..I don't know, but we saw the supreme elder and the family head's guardian around the beast, " The young man answered with a slight stutter. The middle-aged man who hid his face...was just too threatening.

" should be that woman, the guardian, who brought out the beast, right?" The mysterious man responded.

One would see a tattoo of a Doberman on the back of his palm. The sound of his fingertips hitting the wooden desk echoed in the room.

"Right, boss. Maybe they want to use it to protect the toddler, or whatever. Anyway...isn't this an opportunity?" This time, a female with a flirtatious face raised her voice. Her high-pitched yet flirty voice was enough to scratch everyone's heart.

"Yes. The guardian is still a cat, not a beast yet. If we trigger his bloodline and make him bond a pact with us…" Another person responded.

Several middle-aged men with cunning eyes in the room glanced at each other. A few sly women next to the men also licked their lips as the potential prey they just heard.

It's a big opportunity, indeed. Once they could tame the beast, they could topple the authority of the current main family!

"Hm, before the other branches try to get the beast, we have to get it first!" A hot-blooded uncle with a bald head clenched his fists as he looked at the mysterious Uncle Dober behind the curtain.

Uncle Dober truly liked to act mysterious and lofty in front of his people until he hid behind a curtain...

Another person next to the baldie nodded in excitement. He immediately supported his bro. "Agree. Let's start with legal means, tricking that old man. If it fails, use force."

"Heheheheh. Good. The main family is too weak nowadays, anyway. I believe our Dober family can replace the main branch." The baldie sneered.

The young man, the youngest in the room, couldn't help but frown at the baldie's remark. He hurriedly put his finger on his mouth. "Hush. Lower your voice! We don't want the main family to accuse us of betrayal, right?"

"Che. Okay, okay. Even though that moron from the main family rules us just because of the previous head's last will…" one of the scary-looking men, the baldie, spat in disdain.

"What a pity. A waste." He continued to complain.

Indeed, the branch families could actually become the main family if the family head belongs to their clan.

From the start, the Sloan Family's first family head had several kids, boys and girls. The girls got married off while the boys, other than the heir, created the branch family to avoid dispute.

The first family head also had several siblings, and each of them built one branch family, resulting in 6 branches up until now.

So far, the 'main family' with the symbol of dolphin was actually just an empty vessel. Any of the branches could replace them overnight, taking upon the 'dolphin' symbol. Well, as long as the family head came from their branches.

Unfortunately, unless the family head, the descendant of the early heirs, was incompetent, there's no way to replace the main family authority. They would always be stronger than the rest.

The Sloan Family looked peaceful above but truly chaotic underneath. Still, since the branches had sworn to protect the main family, there had been no betrayal and such.

Unless...the branch family became stronger than the main. Only then they could replace the main family's authority.

Now, the opportunity came to them like a pie falling from the sky.

The main family got the sacred guardian but still didn't make a blood contract with it! Then...whoever got to make a contract with the guardian, would most likely become the new family head.

After all, like the law of the jungle, the strong rules the weak.

They could replace that vulnerable baby, the puppet head with the real deal!

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