Chapter 91 - "A Sudden Invasion

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

It wasn't only the Dober Family who tried to snatch the sacred guardian from Ainsley. Even the other 6 families had the same thought.

Only the Raos Family and the Ale Family held back their desire. As the family with the highest intel agent, they were more cautious than others. Not to mention that the Raos family was the most loyal one out of the other families.

The Ale and The Chale family also didn't do anything much other than gathering information since they didn't have the power to offend the main family like the other branches.

To openly or secretly steal the sacred guardian from the main family was like a rebellion, and that wouldn't end good. That's why the branch families all resort to using the trickery tactic first, before using force.

Of course, when they used force, they would use disposable pawns and easily put all the blame on these pawns, saving their families from the Sloan Family's wrath.

This kind of thing was common in all mafia families, not only the Sloan Family. Even the Walter family also had scheming branch families, but they couldn't massacre them as that would only weaken the family's overall power.

A good family head could put these branch families under their thumb, eliminating most of the danger. The incompetent one, just like Ainsley's father…

Well, no comment.

Not knowing the dark scheme brewing behind, Ainsley went back to her room after playing with Finley. She then had a nap, ate a luxurious dinner before finally encountering the sacred guardian sleeping in her room.

"Fu…" Ainsley stepped into her dark bedroom, wobbling. Outside, Elliana stood still to protect her.

Feeling assured, Ainsley turned on the lamp with the help of some passersby maids. Once the lamp brightened the room, Ainsley's eyes adjusted to the bright light.

First thing to do, Ainsley looked around the room for a second to see whether the sacred guardian was here or not.

Unfortunately, she didn't see any sign of the cat.

Ainsley could only shake her head in regret.

'Maybe he runs out to play? Meh. He's strong. He can protect himself. I don't need to worry.'

Not worrying about the cat, the baby then happily trotted to her baby crib, wanting to sleep after a long, exhausting day.

Alas, the baby had just about to climb the wooden crib when she noticed something unusual there. The crib should be empty, but for an unknown reason, Ainsley could see something else.

Soft moonlight seeped into the room through the single huge window behind the crib, illuminating the figure on the crib even more so than the chandelier's light.

The mix of the lamp's light and the moonlight made the figure seemingly glowing in an ethereal, godly light.

Ainsley instantly noticed the fountain-like tail slapping the crib's bed. The bright chandelier light illuminated thin, crumpled cat hair flying in the air. The light highlighted the figure's furry body, along with its peaceful sleeping face.

The cat seemed to be smiling with its pink mouth curled up. It truly looked blissful. Its body slightly went up and down, showing his steady breathing.

Seeing this, Ainsley's face instantly darkened. Her figure froze on the spot as if she was cursed to become a stone statue.

Uh, oh, the sacred guardian…? it here? And...sleeping on my bed?

Ainsley felt a headache. She knew this situation was tricky. She wanted to wake up the sleeping cat, but what if it got mad? This one isn't a normal cat, ah!

Giving him a box to sleep on? Ainsley glanced at the abandoned cardboard on the floor, empty. Yeah, the sacred guardian might be bored of the cardboard and chose to invade her bed.

This cat seemed to like Ainsley's crib a lot since it also looked like a box!

Ainsley instantly felt like crying. The girl tip-toes to see the cat occupying her bed and she once again felt wronged.

Why are you taking my bed, ah? I only have one bed! I'm poor! Those bastards don't even give me a king-sized bed to sleep in!

Ainsley bit her lips, feeling bitter. She didn't think she could wake up the cat, but she only had one bed, and it was this small crib. Once she grew up in a few years, she would have to change her bed.

"Haaa…." Ainsley let out a frustrated sigh as she looked at the sleeping cat. If no one told her that the cat was a magical being, she would only see it as an average Persian Himalayan cat.

Its body wasn't that huge, but it wasn't small either. One could easily mistake it for a middle-sized dog, like a poodle, maybe…meh. Dunno.

Anyway, this cat truly didn't behave like cats from how he meowed. It looked more like a dog cosplaying cat.

Ainsley put her tiny hands on the crib's railing and stared at the cat lying side-way on the bed. She patiently observed the relaxed cat.

The cat looked comfortable since it showed its side stomach with its four legs stretched out like a superman. It would occasionally wriggle before stretching its flexible body once more.

Gosh. What a cute cat!

Ainsley was charmed. But the baby knew that she couldn't stay like this for long. She also needed to sleep. It's already 9 p.m, a suitable time for a baby to sleep.

Uh, she was supposed to sleep a long time ago, though.

Ainsley pondered for a second, trying to think of a way to wake up the sleeping beauty without angering it.

Should she ask Elliana to snatch the cat at high speed? Doesn't sound too good. Poke its belly? It might turn over and scratch her!

So...what to do?

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