Chapter 92 - "Code-C's Past"

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

Ainsley felt hopeless. She looked at the cute cat with a troubled expression.

Actually, the crib was quite spacious, but the cat took half of the space with its sleeping position. Ainsley had to curl when sleeping so as not to touch the cat accidentally.

That's quite a scary thing to imagine. Ainsley would feel like sitting on lines and needles, and God knows whether she could sleep or not. Under such pressure, even an adult would be wide awake for days.

But unlike adults who could be night owls, Ainsley's body was still that of a toddler. She needed more sleep, and she was also prone to getting sleepy.

What if she fell asleep and accidentally kicked the cat or something?

That would be a disaster!

Thus, Ainsley wanted to move the cat away from her crib, but it didn't seem like it would move anytime soon. As a sacred guardian, it's impossible for the cat to not know Ainsley's arrival. But it remained sleeping, occupying the baby's crib.

This means...the cat trusted Ainsley or just wanted to show the difference in rank between them. Ainsley believed the latter, not knowing that it was actually the former.

Code-C secretly opened its eyes and stared at the panicking baby. He couldn't help but snort but it wasn't a disdainful snort. It's more of...a secretly pleased one?

Code-C, the weakest sacred guardian among its had always been an introverted yet curious child.

When it was born together with his wild twin, it met the supreme sacred guardian, Code-L, the only female guardian among the other three.

Code-L was a scary figure for the quiet Code-C. When they got a prey to eat, Code-C would always eat after the other two were done eating. He was always shoved to the side, unknowingly.

It loved to be alone, unlike the wild and proud Code-B, his twin. Well, even when Code-B lost its manly balls out of a fight with Code-L and became a coward, it was still domineering for the weak-looking Code-C.

The weak Code-C was never anyone else's first option. The Sloan Family members who visited the prairie would never look at it, because he's the weakest.

They would only look at him when they failed to attract the others. As the weakest, he was naturally prone to the temptation of the outside world. It had been out of the prairie a few times, yet it was always returned after that.

When he first went out, the mansion was still fresh. When he went out the second time, it reeked of blood. The third time, it was grand, but cold and felt lonely.

The fourth time, which was now, the mansion looked shabby in his eyes.

Anyway, being someone whom others never cared about, Code-C became independent, unlike his spoiled, attention-seeker twin.

Ever since Code-B lost its ball from trying to mate with Code-L, it behaved well, but it also craved for human's attention more than before!

In his prime time, whenever the Sloan Family visited the prairie, Code-B would try to enslave the humans to give him attention. When he lost his balls, he just try to enchant them instead, looking like an easy b*tch.

For sacred beasts like them, it was something humiliating.

Alas, after a few visitors landed a trauma on him, Code-B was quite scared of strangers,

That's why the cat didn't approach Ainsley head-on, and could only seek attention from Code-L from time to time. He had no time to care for his twin, Code-C.

Code-B only came to Code-C when he wanted to fight Code-C for unknown reasons, and Code-L, their leader, would just leisurely watch them fight.

Code-C would always lose the fight and lose several strands of its beautiful fur! It was the weakest out of the pack, after all.

Because of this..Code-C never had a personal space on his own due to constant attack from his naughty twin. His twin was a coward who would only battle him, the weakest and not trying to attack Code-L.

Due to the continuous attack, sometimes a surprise attack in the middle of the night with nowhere to hide, Code-C craved for his own space.

He would venture the vast prairie to seek small, closed space and then slept there. That's how it developed its liking to small, cramped cardboard!

One day, a kid came to his prairie with plastic bags and a bag. The kid, a female baby, was curiously looking around the prairie.

Unlike other visitors who tried to show off their power, this kid chose to take out a few cat foods instead.

That's quite something…

Oh, but other than the greedy Code-B who liked dry food, the others didn't particularly like dry food. Code-L only likes wet food, while Code-C has no appetite.

Then, knowing her plan failed, she started to use her power, which was...strange. It was not a rare power. It was a charm ability, the one which 5 out of 10 ability users owned.

But the charm's type was quite different from others, especially when other substances were mixed inside.

The power became something unique. Code-C, with its curious nature, walked out of its comfortable cardboard…

To snatch her paper bag.

Kidding, it actually was quite interested in the baby. The baby seemed to be an abnormal one. She's not a normal baby, and her power was comfortable for him.

Maybe he could follow her out and see if she could trigger his bloodline perfectly.

Then, he entered the baby's room, which...was so small compared to his previous owner's rooms.

This baby seemed to be mistreated? It reminded him of himself.

Code-C felt familiar with the baby, and he softened his heart.

So he invaded her crib.

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