Chapter 93 - "A Devil"

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

Other owners he encountered before, when he invaded their bed, they would gladly leave their bed and treated it as an off-limit space.

Even if he was the weakest guardian, in these people's eyes, he's someone to be feared.

At first, he liked that kind of treatment, but after a few other similar treatments, he became bored.

Now, he wanted to see an owner who would treat him as himself, brought him out of the mansion and explored the world together.

Coincidentally, he met this baby. Unlike other owners who gave him an expensive bed, the baby...knew what he liked.

Maybe out of courtesy, the baby prepared cardboard for him, not a man-made cat bed. Truly a thoughtful kid! He liked this baby at first glance. Perhaps because she's cute.

Thus, to repay its kindness and to...tease the baby, it decided to occupy her bed and see what she would do.

Will she cry, will she leave the crib, or what?

Code-C was highly curious. He patiently tried to see Ainsley's reaction to see whether she could be a good owner, or not.

He didn't want his owner to treat him like God. He also didn't want them to fear him. He wanted his future owner to consider him as an equal companion.

He still had the blood of domestic cats, which means he also liked to be affectionate with humans. He longed for human love, since he was never loved.

However, the other owners ran away in fear whenever he tried to approach them. They were overly cautious.

When he went berserk because of the failed bloodline triggering effect, the owners abandoned him and kicked him back to the prairie as if he was a scary disease.

Is it his fault for going berserk? No. It's humans' greed that made it like that. Without a pure heart, one couldn't trigger his bloodline perfectly.

It means no one was worthy of being his owner…

Up until now.

Code-C silently observed Ainsley, who appeared to be troubled. But even when the baby looked like she had a lot to complain about, she's still adorable.

Code-C felt closer to kids than adults since adults were usually more cunning and evil. Kids, in general, were like angels except for the naughty one.

Code-C tugged the corner of his lips as he slapped his tail to the bed, trying to alarm Ainsley. He urged her to do something because he knew that the baby was sleepy. She had to sleep now.

Taking advantage of this, Code-C pushed Ainsley to the corner, making the baby have to make her decision now.

Ainsley once again glanced at the shameless cat.

'Should I leave the crib to him or bring him out of my crib and place him inside the cardboard? That sounds good, but if this cat got angry…

Ainsley didn't want to risk anything. Thus, the only way out was to sleep with the cat and tried not to disturb it.

Ainsley was a shameless girl from the start. So when she thought of sharing a crib with the cat, she felt proud of herself to come out with such a good tactic.

Anyway, the cat couldn't blame her later when she accidentally hit him or something. She could just say she didn't see him because it's dark, and she's still a baby.

What a good plan!

Not waiting any longer, Ainsley climbed the crib with bright eyes. The girl only needed several seconds to land on the bed inside the crib. Once her naked feet touched the soft bed, she plopped down and laid on her back.

The baby bravely pushed the cat to the corner, albeit with gentle movement, before rolling inside her blanket. With this, she could sleep well while the shameless cat slept next to her.

Satisfied with the idea, Ainsley soon fell into a deep sleep. She even snored and sometimes kicked the air around her, inevitably kicking the cat with her small legs.

Code-C' lips twitched as he dodged Ainsley's flying kick. He suddenly regretted his action of trying to tease the baby.

This baby is not an angel. She's a devil!

Ainsley's bad sleeping posture threatened Code-C. At first, he wanted to slap Ainsley's face with his paw, but when he saw her peaceful sleeping face, he hesitated.

The chandelier was still shining brightly. Ainsley didn't turn off the lamp, and Code-C volunteered to turn off the lamp. He jumped out of the crib in a swift, graceful motion. He landed on the floor and tip-toed to the light switch.

With a light kick to the floor, Code-C's agile body flew in the air, forming a beautiful arc as he shook his paw. His toe bean instantly touched the light switch, and with a gentle push, the light switch went to the 'off' button.

The room was instantly plunged into the darkness.

Code-C pair of black eyes shone in blue light, looking like a pair of blue flashlights in the darkness. If one saw this, they might run away in panic, thinking that there's a devil inside the room.

Code-C casually landed on the floor and trotted back to his cardboard. The cat elegantly entered the cardboard, snuggled, and curled up inside.

He didn't have any intention to invade Ainsley's bed anymore.

That devil was even more dangerous than his previous owners. She's literally a disaster to all pets who liked to sneak into their owner's bed.

Code-C couldn't help but recall his leader, Code-L, who also liked to steal others' beds. He heard that only the first generation of the Sloan Family managed to bring Code-L out of the prairie.

Still, no one managed to tame and triggered her bloodline. She even almost massacred the whole Sloan Family back then!

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