Chapter 94 - "Awoooo"

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

The Sloan Family's first-generation only took Code-L out, and the cat ruled over them like a tyrant. No one could control her.

The cat would demand high-quality food, but she never helped the humans when they're in trouble. She was lazy and liked to sleep a lot.

She loved to steal people's beds and slept on their beds, not caring if the owner couldn't sleep there or not. She was the most arrogant, dangerous, and fiercest sacred guardian among the other three.

But her first owner still indulged her greatly, so when this cat opened up to others, she could be quite spoiled...albeit still demanding.

Code-C chuckled as he rubbed his cheek to the cardboard's bottom. He could see how chaotic it would be if his other two companions came out of the prairie.

Well, whether they could come out or not, whether he would stay here or get returned to the prairie…

It would depend on this baby.

Code-C's sapphire eyes glowed as he snuck a peek at Ainsley. He didn't know why, but his intuition told him that he could trust this girl.

She's about to bring miracles to this family.

The next morning.

"Hwaaa…." Ainsley woke up with a yawn. Sunlight shone upon her purple hair through the window, greeting her.

Ainsley squinted her eyes in response. She yawned once more and rubbed her eyes. It was still early in the morning, the sun just rose, and the maids weren't here yet.

Might as well take a look at the cat first.

Thinking like this, the baby stretched her body like a lazy kitten before she crawled to the edge of the bed, wanting to see Code-C.

Alas, when she got there, she found nothing but a few strands of cat hair! Code-C left her crib unknowingly.

Ainsley's face rapidly changed. She couldn't help but panic.

"Code-C? Code-C?" Ainsley didn't even use her baby language anymore. She frantically searched her crib, thinking that Code-C hid there, but to no avail.

The baby didn't consider looking at the cardboard since she was too panicked to think. All sorts of scenarios ran rampant inside her mind.

"Code-C! Where are you?" Ainsley raised her voice as she flipped her blanket, her pillow, and even the bedsheet. She knew that she acted like a crazy madman, but she couldn't afford to lose Code-C.

Code-C, who was enjoying sun-basking early in the morning, slowly opened his eyes. He opened his mouth, yawning, and his canine teeth popped out.

The cat then lazily stuck out his head out of the cardboard and saw the baby was literally almost crying. She shouted his formal name a few times as if she already lost him.

Che. What an idiot.

Code-C wanted to disdain the baby, but when she heard her normal language, not the baby language, he was quite stunned.

This baby speak normally? I thought she's an idiot because her speaking style is so childish. Kids her age should already be able to speak without making mistakes like she did.

But...she suddenly speaks like adults?

Code-C couldn't help but admire the baby since her pronunciation was actually so clear, and the vocabulary she chose was too complicated for a toddler.

As expected, this baby is not your average baby.

It was the first time Code-C saw such a toddler and was also the first time that he had a baby as his owner.

As a curious cat, Code-C was amused. He didn't answer Ainsley's calling until the baby was about to cry. Only then, he lifted his head and meowed.


Of course, the meow that he produced was nowhere near a cat's meow. He howled like a wolf instead.

The weird meowing sound pulled Ainsley back into reality. She instantly calmed down and hurriedly looked down at the cardboard at the corner of her room.

She found a cat's head popping out of the cardboard. The cat was looking at her with slight amusement in his eyes. But other than that, there's nothing.

The cat just glanced at her with a lazy gaze before burying his head into the cardboard.

What a lazy cat.

Still, Ainsley heaved a sigh of relief. The baby then jumped out of the crib before squatting in front of the cardboard.

"Mowning…" Ainsley greeted the cat while stroking its fluffy body. At first, she was somewhat hesitant to stroke the cat, but when the cat did nothing but accept it, the baby became even more brazen.

"Hehehe…" Ainsley had a perverted smile on her face as she took pleasure in burying her fingers among the cat's thick fur. Such fluffy fur, so soft, so cute!

Ainsley gleefully played with Code-C until the maids came inside and changed her clothes. Today, she wore a crop top army-like shirt. The army green top coupled with a tiny mocha tie looked cute on her.

Since today's theme was the army and was suitable for summer, Ainsley wore short pants with similar colour and pattern to the crop top.

The baby then arranged her hair into a small bun on top of her head, and the maids gave her a small green beret. With maroon knee-length boots, Ainsley was ready for a fashion show– peh! Ready for a battle!

Of course, the so-called battle would be having breakfast…

"Done! Young miss, you're so cute in this outfit!" One of the maids praised Ainsley while the others squealed. It's always been a pleasure for them to dress up Ainsley according to different themes.

Ainsley, the dolled-up mannequin, only smiled bitterly before using Elliana as her free transportation.

Speaking of maids, it's been a while since she last met the kind maid she encountered when she just transmigrated.

Where is she now?

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