Chapter 95 - "Seeking Trouble"

Chapter 95 of 100 chapters

Ainsley had asked others about this maid before, but no one knew where she went. Maybe she's dead. Perhaps she ran away…

Ainsley had no time to care about this small issue. She didn't know this maid that well, anyway.

Thus, discarding her thoughts, Ainsley went to the dining hall without taking Code-C with her. Code-C had no intention to move from the cardboard, so she could only tell Elliana to give him cat food.

While Code-C ate his food, she should also enjoy the delicious breakfast…

Can she, though?

Ainsley was daydreaming when she arrived at the dining hall.

Usually, Grandpa Yofan would immediately stand up and greet her. The atmosphere was usually lively and warm, but today…

Ainsley, with her back facing the dining hall, suddenly felt rather odd. Even Elliana halted her steps and didn't move forward.

'...what is it? Why is it so oddly quiet?'

The dining hall was indeed too quiet. The air was stuffing, and Ainsley felt tremendous pressure coming from the dining hall.

Her instinct told her that something is wrong.

Ainsley immediately wriggled and let go of Elliana's neck. She adjusted her body and turned around to see Grandpa Yofan…

Only to see several other men occupying the seats.

Each of them had a solemn expression as they looked at Grandpa Yofan. The old man had his back facing Ainsley, so he didn't see her coming.

However, the guests noticed Ainsley and Elliana, and all of them became even more guarded. Some of them straightened their back, and the others leashed out their frightening aura.

Ainsley felt a prickling cold aura stabbing her skin, and she couldn't help but shudder. Even Elliana had cold sweat running down her back, totally immobilised.

Such a powerful presence! These people...they aren't your ordinary mafia!

Ainsley finally couldn't take it anymore. Her face changed, and she quietly asked Elliana to bring her to the family head seat.

While the two passed by the serious men, Ainsley eavesdrop on them using her keen hearing.

"Supreme elder, I heard that the main family brought out one of the sacred guardians?" A middle-aged man that Ainsley knew well spoke with a gentle smile on his face.

This man was Uncle Dober. The highly ambitious man liked to play mysterious, but he's just a clown jumping around.

"Indeed. News travels fast, huh." Grandpa Yofan replied curtly. He didn't look at Uncle Dober's flattering smile and just sipped his wine quietly, still not noticing Ainsley's presence.

"Is it true that the one getting the guardian out is the current guardian of our family head?" Another person asked. This person, a middle-aged man with tanned skin and blonde hair, reminded Ainsley of a lion.

He should be the head of the Lionel family, perhaps Loren's dad?

The scar on his cheek was rather eye-catching.

Seeing two family heads of the branch family in a row, Ainsley instantly suspected that all the guests here must be the branch family's head.

All 6 of them!

Ainsley's face turned grave.

These two mentioned a sacred guardian, which meant...Code-C.

But why? And why the heck they ask whether Elliana is the one taking Code-C out of the prairie or not.

Ainsley squinted in disdain.

These people...are sus!

Ainsley and Elliana finally went to the family head's seat at the dining table, right across from Grandpa Yofan. Only then the old man noticed Ainsley. But instead of looking happy, he looked as if he just ate sh*t.

Ain? Why is she here?! Ah– wait, it's breakfast time, right?

Grandpa Yofan instantly blamed himself. The old man lowered his head and clenched his fists until they turned white. He forgot to tell the others not to bring Ainsley to the dining room since he was too preoccupied with these foxes!

Now, Ainsley would undoubtedly get involved in this matter.

The six middle-aged people couldn't ignore Ainsley's presence anymore. Once the baby took the seat belonging to the family head, it would be impolite to ignore her.

"Greetings, family head." One of the middle-aged people, a robust man in his thirty, stood up. His black ponytail hair swayed as he bowed elegantly. This person...should be the head of the Raos Family?

Ainsley remembered all the branch families' heads. She noticed this person with a slightly gloomy yet surprisingly gentleman aura was the head of the Raos Family, the one in charge of intel and information.

"Hwum. Mowning." Ainsley nodded casually, not forgetting to release a bright smile while secretly using her charm ability mixed with her luck.

Her adorable smile instantly caught these people's heart, and they eventually lowered their guard.

"Oh, little boss, you're as adorable as the rumours!" Another man stood up and made a quick bow. His spiky brown hair, brown skin, and thick brown eyebrows gave off a tribe-like aura for Ainsley.

Unlike others with western-ish features, this one looked like he's from Egypt or Arabia. Undoubtedly, he should be...the head of the Ale Family, in charge of the air force.

Even when the man didn't wear a head wrap or long gown, he still looked like an Arabian man, which amazed Ainsley even further.

The red tiny eagle tattoo on his forehead was unique. His voice is also pleasant to the ear, like an angel's voice.

Ainsley nodded at the middle-aged man, not showing contempt at all. After all, when these people gathered here, it didn't mean that all of them had a bad intention.

Alas, the moment another middle-aged man with dark green medium hair stood up, his mouth ruined the atmosphere.

"Family head, I heard that your guardian acquired the sacred guardian beast? Is it true? If so, I have to congratulate you!" The creepy, skinny person grinned, and his ambiguous tone disgusted Ainsley.

This person, the Chale Family's head, is seeking trouble!

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