Chapter 96 - "Try To Kill You"

Chapter 96 of 100 chapters

The Chale Family head resembled a chameleon. The skin of his arms had scales, and he did look like a monster, but that's actually his special ability.

This man didn't look like his son, Mellon, who appeared to be beautiful.

Alas, Ainsley never discriminated against people from their appearance, but this Chale family head's tone was quite sinister.

Facing the chameleon-like middle-aged man, Ainsley forced a stiff smile. The baby opened her mouth and was about to speak when Grandpa Yofan shook his head.

"Chal. Why are you asking the family head? She's still too young. She doesn't know anything." Grandpa Yofan reprimanded Chal, the family head of the Chale Family.

Even his name was made for the word 'Chale'. So uncreative.

"Leave the family head alone. She doesn't need to know about this matter." Grandpa Yofan raised his voice.

His words sounded like he despised Ainsley and didn't think she should be involved even when she's the family head, but the truth wasn't like that.

Unfortunately, the others didn't catch the hidden meaning.

"Ah, sorry, supreme elder, I forgot that our family head is still too young." Chal snorted, showing his contempt blatantly toward Ainsley but didn't pursue it further.

What does the elder mean by 'too young'? If she's too young then don't let her be the family head!

Chal grumbled inside but didn't express it outside. Even the other family heads had the same thought of him.

If the family head was a prodigy baby, maybe they wouldn't covet her throne so blatantly like this and could lay down for the sake of the Sloan Family.

But seeing such a vulnerable baby...the family branches looked down at Ainsley.

Alas, it was Grandpa Yofan's little mistake when he only wanted these sly foxes to exclude Ainsley from the power struggle.

What power struggle?

Ainsley's position as the family head would be firm as long as he's alive! What's incapable of leading the family since she's too young? Ainsley is more than a prodigy. She could even rival the Godfather!

No, even the Godfather supported her.

Grandpa Yofan clicked his tongue as he looked at the other family heads, warning them with his gaze.

Do not involve the family head. Let her eat peacefully!

Seeing the warning, the other family heads soon followed Chal's tactical retreat from asking Ainsley and focused on Grandpa Yofan instead.

One of the middle-aged men with tiger stripes tattooed on his left arm flashed a friendly smile at Grandpa Yofan and started to speak in a gentle tone.

"Supreme elder, since the family head's guardian indeed acquired the sacred guardian, don't you think we have to handle it well?" The middle-aged man named Liger gave a vague hint.

Liger was the family head of the Riger Family, the tiger-ish family branch. It was a pity uncle Roger wasn't here since he failed to become Ainsley's guardian and chose to hole up in his residence instead.

Bye-bye, Uncle Roger.

Responding to Liger's ambiguous speech, the Lionel family head, the guy with a scar on his cheek, nodded in delight.

"Liger is right. The sacred guardian can't be left to anybody. It's like a walking bomb and may injure the family head." Leon, Loren guy's father, clasped his hands together as he issued this suggestion.

Like son like father, the guy resembled Loren, the one who was charmed by Ainsley's baby charm. But this tough old man didn't seem to be under Ainsley's charm as much as his son.

Grandpa Yofan knitted his eyebrows at Leon's words. "What do you mean? Do you want to move the sacred guardian somewhere else?" The grandpa caught on the hit rather fast.

Indeed, these family heads gathered for a reason!

"No, not moving it, but I suggest the supreme elder leave the sacred guardian on one of our family branches– " Leon hadn't finished when Grandpa Yofan scoffed loudly.

"So you mean one of the family branches should take care of the sacred Guardian instead of the main family?"

Leon and the others instantly stiffened. They looked at each other and chuckled in a low tone.

"The Supreme elder is wise, indeed. It's not that we want to steal the sacred guardian, but that beast is dangerous…" Leon added.

"Yes, supreme elder. The sacred beast that gets out of control can massacre a lot of people, and we also don't know if it may bring unseen harm to the family head…" the nosy Uncle Dober joined the fry.

"The family head is still young, but her guardian that follows around her brings back a dangerous beast. That may threaten the family head."

"True, true. It's better to take care of the beast at another mansion and return it to the family head when she's stronger and older." Leon chipped in to support Uncle Dober.

"If we don't move the sacred beast now when there's an accident or maybe...a treason by the family head's guardian, it will be too late." Chal glanced at Elliana behind Ainsley's seat with a mocking gaze.

His tone wasn't friendly, and it made people want to beat him up, especially Ainsley. The baby already clenched her fists tightly and glared at the hideous monster.

What do you mean treason?! And you look at El when you say that! Did you mean she will use the sacred guardian to attack and betray me? That's nonsense! The one taking out the holy guardian is me, not El!

Ainsley wanted to correct these people' perception, but before she could speak, Grandpa Yofan already sent a gaze at her, warning her not to speak.

Don't, Ain. If these foxes know that you're the one taking out the sacred beast, they will shift their evil plan to you!

They will even try to kill you.

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