Chapter 97 - "The Overbearing Grandpa Yofan"

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

Why would these people kill Ainsley once they knew she's the one bringing Code-C out of the prairie?

Because the ownership of the sacred guardian can't be transferred until the one summoning them out is dead or they give their consent to transfer the ownership.

Even if the sacred guardian is still in a cat form and doesn't transform yet, the ownership imprint is still there until the day the owner releases the imprint to return the beast to the prairie. It happens when the owner can't handle the beast anymore.

But if these sly old men knew that Ainsley was the one holding the ownership imprint, couldn't they just kill her in silence to grab the ownership?

Owning a sacred guardian was akin to establish one's foothold in the Sloan Family! Even other mafia families would have to be wary against this person who tamed the sacred guardian.

Thus, they tried to reason with Grandpa Yofan to move the ownership from Elliana to one of them. Little did they know that Elliana was innocent.

"Supreme elder, I think the family head's guardian can't handle the beast at all. She's not from a powerful branch family…" Chal didn't wait to push Elliana to the corner.

He simply glanced at Elliana with a mocking gaze.

"I heard that she couldn't even speak properly." He added.

"Indeed, supreme elder. It's not like we belittle the family head's guardian, but she's currently unfit to tame the sacred guardian." Leon nodded in agreement.

"It's better to leave the sacred guardian to someone else and get them to return the ownership to our family head."

Uncle Dober flashed a friendly smile as he looked at Ainsley. He looked genuinely worried for Ainsley, but is Grandpa Yofan, an idiot? No!

How could Uncle Dober ask them to move the ownership, and then they would return it to Ainsley when she's older?

Once someone else triggered the sacred guardian's bloodline perfectly and made a blood contract, no one could transfer the ownership anymore.

The ownership imprint only existed when the sacred guardian was still in its cat form!

Who would know if someone already tamed the beast before Ainsley grew older? And would these people even return the ownership as they promised?

They wouldn't. These people just wanted to steal the sacred guardian using political movement, not by force. At least for now.

Grandpa Yofan tightened his jaw and looked at the four branch family heads who pressured him to give the sacred beast ownership away.

"I think Lady Elliana can handle the sacred beast well. I never heard of a branch family managing the sacred guardian in the past if they're not the summoner."

Grandpa Yofan switched between beast and guardian every so often to remind these people that the so-called beast should be called a guardian, not a mere beast.

"Lady Elliana is the one summoning the guardian out of the magical prairie. She has the power to keep the guardian no matter who she is." Grandpa Yofan deepened his voice, highlighting the word 'power'.

"Also, she's the family head's guardian, our family head's representative. It's better for her to be the one managing the sacred guardian for the family head."

The look on the other old men instantly changed. Some of them put on a long face while the rest, such as the one from the Raos and Ale Family reacted with a smile.

"I agree with the supreme elder." The robust gentleman from the Raos Family looked at Ainsley and Elliana with admiration.

"This lady already proved her strength by summoning the sacred guardian. I think she should keep it." The middle-age man touched the black and white mask on his face.

Underneath the mask was a surprisingly delicate face, not matching its robust body.

"I also agree with Sir Ran. The family head's guardian should keep the sacred guardian with her." Uncle Alexander, the one with a red eagle tattoo on his forehead, sided with Ran, the family head of the Raos family branch.

These two never asked Grandpa Yofan to move the sacred guardian ownership from the start, and they never despised nor looked down at Ainsley.

Ainsley couldn't help but approve of these two gentlemen. She silently noted down the old men's faces in the dining hall.

I swear I'll replace all of you except those two kind uncles once I establish my authority as the family head!

"Thank you, Sir Ran, Sir Alexander." Grandpa Yofan immediately expressed his gratitude to the two men but the others looked as if they just ate cow dung.

How could this be? The supreme elder insists on letting this unknown woman keep the sacred guardian? This woman isn't even famous among the family members!

"But, supreme elder, Lady Elliana isn't fit for such an important task! She– " Leon was about to protest when Grandpa Yofan sent him a cold glare.

"Are you questioning my decision?" Grandpa Yofan suddenly released his aura, and a black hole power abruptly merged out of thin air. The pinky-sized black hole whirled behind him.

"Listen. In this family, only the family head and the family head's guardian shall manage the sacred guardian."

His hair rose and fluttered in the air. On the other hand, the black hole sucked the eating utensils of the four middle-aged men. Even the tablecloth almost flew to the fist-sized black hole.

"I never heard of a random family branch managing the sacred Guardian in the first place. I think only the family head candidates have the luxury to do that, but.." Grandpa Yofan looked at Ainsley.

His gravity power slowly pressed the other sly old men to the table.

"We already have the new family head."

The old man spoke with pride and arrogance in his eyes.

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