Chapter 98 - "I'll Protect You"

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

"We already have the new family head."

Grandpa Yofan's tone was overbearing, and he truly looked like a tyrant at the moment. His power made the evil middle-aged men shiver.

Some of them broke in a cold sweat, while others already had their head pressed to the table due to the powerful gravity.

Only Sir Ran and Sir Alexander looked fine since Grandpa Yofan didn't direct his power at those two.

With a calm gaze as if nothing happened, Grandpa Yofan scanned the other four men with his tranquil blue eyes.

"So, any other objections?" The grandpa asked in a mild tone. No one would think that he's currently pressuring the other men when he spoke with such a harmless tone.

"N-no…" the cunning foxes lowered their head and groaned.

Damn it. The supreme elder is still strong even when he's already halfway to the grave! He will only live for a few years at most. Maybe until the family head turns 12, but how could he still be so imposing?

The branch family heads grumbled. They cursed Grandpa Yofan's eighteen ancestors while the old man himself sipped his tea calmly.

"If there are no objections, the discussion is over. These gentlemen can go back." Grandpa Yofan politely pointed at the door. Well, he blatantly chased these people out.

Not wanting to headbutt with the powerful elder, the branch family heads hurriedly stood up and bowed.

"I bid you goodbye, supreme elder."

"Goodbye, supreme elder, and the family head."

"I just remembered I have things to do! I shall excuse myself."

The rotten family heads ran away in a hurry with their face dishevelled while the other two honest and kind family heads strolled out leisurely.

Once the bunch of morons went out of the dining hall, the originally lively hall became silent. Only Elliana, Grandpa Yofan and Ainsley were left to have breakfast.

"Sorry, you have to witness such discussion early in the morning, Ain." Grandpa Yofan smiled bitterly as he moved over to the seat closer to Ainsley's special seat.

Looking from afar, Ainsley's seat was ridiculously big for her body, but no one bothered to adjust the size. Since it's the seat of the family head and Ainsley became one, she had to bear with it.

"Itsh owkay, Gwandpa. (It's okay, grandpa)." Ainsley smiled as she took Grandpa Yofan's wrinkly hand. Such warm harm...the baby rubbed her tiny palm to the old man's rough hand.

"Twank ywou, Gwandpa…" the baby spoke once more. She looked at the old man with gratitude in her eyes.

If not for Grandpa Yofan, those bastards would have forcefully taken Code-C away and blamed Elliana…

"Mmm. Nevermind. It's my duty." Grandpa Yofan laughed, showing his pearly teeth. The old man then gestured to Ainsley to continue eating.

The baby, the old man and the woman sat near each other while continuing their breakfast. Elliana didn't need to stand behind Ainsley anymore and could join the breakfast after the foxes were gone.

The atmosphere at the dining hall quickly warmed up, and the vibe was also cheerful...but it wasn't the case outside.

"Hmph! If only the family head's guardian can keep a sacred guardian, then should we replace the guardian of that baby?"

One of the branch family heads suggested this, and the other three evil men nodded in unison. Their eyes flashed with a cunning light.

"Let's try to pin the blame on that illiterate woman and remove her from that position."

The four family heads aimed at Elliana. They would remove her forever, but of course, they couldn't just assassinate her. It was too classic and risky.

So...let's play politics.

While the other family heads discussed in secret about how to deal with Elliana, Ainsley quietly ate her breakfast with a dark face.

Is she an idiot? Of course not. She knew that those people would sooner or later try to seek trouble, and maybe...their target would be Elliana since she's the centre of all this mess.

It's because Elliana had to protect her, a vulnerable baby that she took the blame.

Ainsley gritted her metal spoon as she glanced at the stoic-faced Elliana. The tan-skinned woman ate her food in silence but her tablemanner was quite all over the place.

No wonder those family heads disliked her.

Should I teach her how to speak properly and other things as well?

Ainsley squinted.

She didn't want others to look down on her people!

But despite Elliana's shortcomings, she was one of the strongest members in the family. That's why she could become Ainsley's guardian.

Nevertheless, the old foxes wouldn't let Elliana go like that, especially when she had the sacred guardian in her hand. They didn't know the truth, but if the sacred guardian kept its cat form...sooner or later, others would covet it.

Ainsley bit her lower lips at the thoughts. It means she had to quickly bond with the sacred guardian and triggered its bloodline. That way, those old men would give up on Elliana.

Ainsley made her mind that morning. The girl then finished her breakfast and went out of the hall while holding Elliana's hand.

Tap tap tap.

The corridor was silent with no maid servants to be seen. It's just the two of them, Elliana and Ainsley, when suddenly...Ainsley looked up at Elliana and spoke in a childish yet stern voice.

"El. I...wilh plotwek ywou. (I will protect you.)"

Elliana's hand stiffened. The woman halted her steps and looked down at the child who was not even as tall as her knees.

The family head will...protect me?

Tears welled up in the woman's eyes.

"I wilh plotwek ywou, Elh. (I will protect you, El)." Ainsley repeated. Her eyes shone like a diamond in the dark.

Yes. I'll protect my people!

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