Chapter 99 - "Vow Of Loyalty"

Chapter 99 of 100 chapters

"" Elliana gasped. Tears slid down her cheeks.

For an orphan like her, the word 'protect' was never directed to her at all. Having to rely on herself since early age, she learnt to protect herself and never got anyone to protect her.

Even after she entered the Sloan Family at the age of 12 thanks to someone in the family noticing her talent, she didn't have anyone protecting her. It was her who protected others.

As a mafia family member, her life was on the line for the higher-ups anytime and anywhere. Getting someone to protect her...was a luxury.

Even her teammates in territorial war never said they would protect her just because she's a woman.

But now, the new family head, a baby, suddenly said that she would protect her? With that small body, what could she protect? She couldn't even protect herself but said she could protect others?

Elliana was doubtful. But...she couldn't say no. She couldn't say, 'just protect yourself first, family head.' She couldn't even refuse the baby's so-called protection.

Because it's the first time, someone wanted to protect her, who was a nobody.

Elliana knew that she became the new family head's guardian, thanks to her luck. The new family head favoured her not because she's fit to be the guardian, the representative of the family head, but because…

Because she's easy to control, right?

Elliana didn't have a high IQ. She's even below standard. But her wild instinct told her so. Her current position was something the new family head gave to her precisely because she's easy to use.

Elliana knew that, but she didn't feel remorseful at the family head. If the 3-years-old baby chose her because of this reason, she had to applause for the baby instead.

The new family indeed a genius.

Elliana looked at Ainsley, who was panicking since she suddenly shed tears. The baby tugged her hands and consoled her.

"Dun cly! Elh! Ughh…" Ainsley circled Elliana with eyes full of worry. Her blue eyes reflected her pure heart, so innocent and kind.

Even when her initial plan of choosing Elliana as a guardian was impure, Elliana couldn't hate the family head at all.

After all, when her eyes met the baby's clear eyes, she knew that the family head cherished her.

Someone like her, who could be replaced anytime since she didn't belong to a special team in the family...was cherished by the weak family head.

Elliana felt something tugging her heartstring. She already vowed to protect and serve this new family head long ago, but today, the feeling became stronger.

She felt that...maybe...even if the family head wished her to die, she would die for her.

Elliana curled the edge of her lips as she wiped her silent tears using the back of her palm.

"Lil. Boss." Elliana suddenly went on one knee, startling Ainsley.

"Y-yesh?" The baby stammered. She looked at Elliana as if she hit the back of her head.

Why would El suddenly kneel like a prince?! Wait, no, that's like a knight about to give a vow of loyalty–

"Lil. Boss. Yours." Elliana struggled to make a complete sentence as she took Ainsley's right hand and slowly kissed the back of her hand.

Such a tiny hand, but Elliana was sure it could carry a lot of burdens and could ensure her life as well.

My boss. From now on, my life is yours.

Elliana left a small peck at the back of Ainsley's hand before lifting her face. The first sight she saw was Ainsley's dumbfounded face.

The baby's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped fast. Her bewildered face was so cute that Elliana couldn't help but giggle.

My boss is so cute. If only others can see this. They will also vow loyalty to her.

Elliana squinted her eyes, and a smile bloomed on her face. It was the first time she smiled like this, and Ainsley choked in silence.

Damn! What a pretty smile! El, you're not a poker face lady?! And wait, wait, what's that vow before? Your life is mine? Who wants that?!

Ainsley shook her head as she withdrew her tiny limbs. The baby looked at Elliana, who was still kneeling on one knee in front of her with her mouth hanging wide.

El...did she really leave her life in my hands? And she vowed loyalty?

Ainsley knew what vowing loyalty means in the mafia family. It means the servant or the vassal would die if their master died, and they would die if their master wished it to be.

Even if nothing happened now, Ainsley was sure that a mysterious force already connected her heart with Elliana's heart, bonding them with a death and life thread.

This vow power was the most famous legacy left by Godfather, which the mafia family still used from time to time. But since the vow was ruthless and brought disadvantage for the vassal, no one would easily do that.

Even the current mafia members wouldn't easily vow loyalty to their mafia boss. Their boss also couldn't force them to make a vow!

That's why Ainsley was dumbfounded.

Elliana really did make a vow of loyalty just because she said she would protect her? But that's her job as Elliana's boss!

"Elh…" Ainsley bit her lower lips as she looked at Elliana's smiling face. The baby didn't know what to do anymore.

If I die, El will die with me. And that means I have one more reason to survive!

"Twank ywou, Elh. Ain...wil nwot disapointh ywou. (Thank you, El. Ain...will not disappoint you.)" Ainsley stretched her hand, touched the woman's cheek and gripped it tightly.

Yes. I shall not disappoint her.

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