Chapter 10 - Scumbag

Chapter 10 of 50 chapters

Rui laid weakly and tiredly on the bed while looking at the back of the man that had taken her virginity. She wondered whether this activity was very good or if Shishio was just too talented at giving pleasure to a woman?

Rui thought for a while and felt that it might be his talent since she knew that his little brother was bigger than normal and his stamina was also very strong, which made her very excited at that time doing a little bit too much, so she was too weak to move now. It was also the reason why there was a fishy smell in her room since Rui only had one condom, so in the end, they did it raw for the next round.??

Rui knew that it might be bad to do it without a condom, but the pleasure that she felt was too amazing, and she knew that she would be alright as long as he came in the outside.

In truth, after she had done all of this, she thought to cut down all of her communication with him, but at this moment, she was hesitating since the pleasure that she felt was very amazing, and he was very gentle toward her.

When Shishio had put his clothes on, he said, "I am sorry for dirtying your bed. Do you need me to help you to clean it?" Even though it was almost midnight, he wasn't scumbag enough to leave this girl to go home since he was afraid that he might trouble her with her family.

Rui smiled lightly and said, "No, you don't need to worry. There won't be any people until tomorrow, so I will try to get up early tomorrow to clean my bed."

"I see..."

Shishio didn't try to pester Rui and nodded when he heard her decision.

"What do you think?"

Shishio knew that Rui wanted to lose her first time because she didn't want to be looked down upon, became an adult as soon as possible, and probably wanted to change herself.

Rui then turned and looked at the ceiling.

"Hmm... it's good."

Rui looked at Shishio and said, "I understand why some girls in my school often become slut."


Shishio was speechless and said, "Don't be a slut. You'll make yourself cheaper if you do that."

If Rui really became a slut and became a male hunter, then he wouldn't hesitate to cut down his relationship with her.

Well, even if Rui didn't become a slut, Shishio also didn't think that he would do this kind of thing again with Rui after this, even though it was good.

Unless they become lovers or married in the future.

"Don't worry. I won't do that, however..."

Rui didn't think that she would become a slut since she didn't want to do this kind of thing with a random man again in the future. It was enough for her time to be taken by someone that she had met by chance, and she wouldn't do this kind of thing again.


"I realize that doing this won't change me," Rui said sadly.


"If we meet again in the future, let's be friends," Shishio said.

Rui smiled and looked at Shishio, who had put on his clothes, then said, "Yes, if we meet again, let's be friends."

"Then I will go back now."

"I will send you off."

Rui wanted to stand up, but she flinched.

Shishio quickly stopped Rui gently and said, "Your body is tired. I will go back by myself."


Rui nodded and agreed with Shishio since she was very tired and sleepy.

"Good night."

"Good night."

Rui then closed her eyes and slept.

Looking at Rui, who was sleeping so soundly, Shishio was speechless and wondered why this girl trusted him so much. He was wondering whether this girl didn't think that he might steal something in her house.

Shishio then shook his head and put a blanket on Rui so she wouldn't catch a cold before went back since it was so late.


After Shishio returned to Sakurasou, he went to his room and laid on his bed, he went back peacefully, and he still couldn't believe the experience that had happened to him today.

During his trip to go home, even though the street was quite deserted, he could go back without trouble and arrived at Sakurasou.

Shishio felt that his body was a bit sticky, and the smell of Rui was mixed on his body. However, he felt tired for some reason.

His move to Tokyo, system, changing into a new house, getting stronger, and losing his virginity, even though it was only a day that he stayed in Tokyo, a lot of things had happened that he couldn't believe, wondering whether all the thing that happened today was a dream.

However, he knew that it wasn't a dream.

Shishio let out a long sigh and wanted to take a bath, but he felt too lazy to do it.

In the end, Shishio decided to sleep right away, but before that...


Shishio blinked his eyes since he didn't expect that his rewards were so rich, however...


Shishio took a deep breath and felt that he was like shit right now. No, he might be worse than shit.

While Rui might have some reason she decided to lose her virginity, Shishio used her to get the rewards from the system. Even though the rewards were so rich, he felt like shit to receive all of them since he really felt that became a scumbag.

Shishio thought that he had prepared himself, but he felt that his chest was so heavy, and he felt that there was a huge boulder on his chest that made it hard for him to breathe.

If Shishio was a heartless person and a very greedy guy, then he might become a scumbag and do all of those things to all those girls that triggered his system. However, he wasn't, and he couldn't do that.

Shishio felt very guilty at that moment for using Rui for his own gain.

In the future, he had decided not to harm the innocence of girls that had triggered his system and only took the first reward after he met them.

Shishio didn't immediately accept his reward, nor did he check his reward since he was very tired at that moment.

Setting his alarm, he hoped that he wouldn't be late for his entrance exam tomorrow. He then closed his eyes and entered the land of dreams. Hopefully, he won't have a nightmare during his sleep. However, he wondered what would happen to him if he happened to fall in love with one of the girls that could trigger his quest, he was wondering what he would do, but he felt that it wouldn't happen since he knew that those girls would be very troublesome.

Hopefully, by sleeping, Shishio could dilute the guilty feeling that he felt at this moment.