Chapter 11 - Should I Hate Or....

Chapter 11 of 50 chapters

*Ring!* *Ring!*

Shishio moved his hand and stopped the alarm. He rubbed his eyes and saw that it was six in the morning. He had a habit of waking up in the morning, but he was quite late. He woke up quickly since he wanted to take a bath since he knew that his smell was unique at that moment.??

Strangely enough, Shishio didn't have a nightmare last night, or rather he had a good dream. He pressed his temple and wondered why he was dreaming that he was living a harem life and he also became the most powerful man on earth.

"Come on, Shishio, you have graduated from "chuunibyou"!"

Shishio let out a sigh, sitting on the edge of his bed for a minute, before he stood up, taking the necessities to take a bath, along with clothes to change. He knew that a harem was a dream for every man and in the country where he lived in his previous life, polygamy was legal, but in this country, it was illegal so what had happened in his dream was impossible to be done, unless, he didn't marry those girls in his dream and made them into his mistress.

After he was ready, he walked out of his room and remembered the bathroom was on the 1st floor and he remembered that the bathroom was quite huge.

In truth, most people in this country didn't have a hobby to take a bath in the early morning, and he was the same.

If Shishio didn't meet Rui last night then he might as well have slept more.

However, Shishio couldn't do so, he was about to have his entrance exam, and if he came directly to the school without taking a bath...


Shishio entered the bathroom and took off his clothes directly, then started to have a shower. His body was trembling since the water was very cold and it was also the reason why most people in this country didn't take a bath in the morning.

Luckily, there was heather and the water slowly turned warm. When the warm water hit his body, he felt very comfortable at that moment, but there was a trace of guilt in his heart.

Shishio then looked at the number of rewards that he had received and decided to accept some of the rewards since it might be helpful during his entrance exam.

Looking at the list of rewards, Shishio directly accepted the rewards that added directly to his assets from Wagnaria chain restaurant, Royal Okura Hotel, and a holding investment company with 20 billion yen of assets.

After Shishio received those rewards, he checked the information of those rewards in the system. He might have heard about Wagnaria chain restaurant, but he didn't know much about Royal Okura Hotel, and the holding investment company with 20 billion yen.

The first thing that he checked was Wagnaria since he remembered that he had seen this family restaurant in Kyoto before he moved.

Wagnaria is a chain family restaurant in Japan. It has over 200 locations spread throughout most of the prefectures.

Shishio would have never expected that he would receive such a huge chain restaurant all of sudden and he had suddenly become the owner of those 200 chain restaurants that spread throughout most of the prefectures.

Even though Shishio felt a bit disgusted by the system, he had to admit that the reward that he had received was very rich.

Shishio took a deep breath and calmed himself. He had gotten used to taking care of his family business in his previous life and even though it didn't have a relation with the restaurant business, the scale was bigger than the Wagnaria that he received from the quest.

Shishio let out a sigh again and felt somehow sad since he had left his family but then again, he needed to accept his life in this world.

Then after he calmed himself, he checked both Royal Okura Hotel and the holding investment company with 20 billion yen.

The Royal Okura Hotel is a big hotel with a 4-star rating. It has two locations in both Tokyo and Chiba.

Shishio checked the information and realized that this hotel was bigger, but he didn't intend to check it since it was better to leave everything to the professional.

Being meddlesome without having basic knowledge was the worst thing someone could do in business.

Shishio then looked at this holding investment company and it seemed that it was located in Tokyo. Not only did he own the company, but he also owned an office building which made him speechless since the office building was very huge and he also received a passive income from the people and company who rented his building as an office.

Not only that, the 20 billion yen on his investment company was all his, which meant, his assets had increased once again.


Shishio's feelings were very complicated and even though he knew that he was wrong for playing with a woman and a girl, the reward that he received was so amazing that he wasn't sure what to say for a moment.

According to the setting that had been made by the system, Shishio was a financial genius and his trusted man that took care of the investment company had been taking care of the various businesses that he owned until he came to Tokyo.


Shishio was silent and decided to accept everything. He knew that he shouldn't be thinking too much or else he might be overwhelmed, the best thing to do was to accept, check, and develop his assets so they could become bigger in the future.

The only thing that he was worried about was how to explain this matter to his parents.

'Well, it's better to keep it a secret.'

Unless they had found out, then it was better to keep everything a secret.

'What about the rest of the rewards?'

"Cooking Mastery", "Enhanced Vision", "Enhanced Memory", and "Thunder Breathing".

Shishio was sure that all of those rewards were used to make himself stronger, however, it was better to not accept it immediately since he was afraid that he might not get used to those abilities and caused trouble when he did his entrance exam later.


Shishio accepted the reward immediately and suddenly a lot of information entered his head. He closed his eyes and clearly remembered why he felt that he had seen his face before, why he felt that it wasn't his first time to see Chihiro Sengoku and Tachibana Rui, and at the same time, why the name of "Sakurasou" was so familiar.

'I see...'

Shishio accepted everything calmly, but it wasn't because he was really calm, it was because he was already numb and if he became surprised every time, he wasn't going to last long and he knew that the system didn't try to harm him or rather, it made his life easier.

Even if Shishio felt disgusted at how he was going to get those rewards, he had to admit that the system tried to support him.

Shishio didn't have a right to hate the system since even though he didn't say it out loud he felt happy by the rewards.

'Should I become a scumbag?'


When such a thought suddenly came to his mind, strangely enough, he didn't feel guilty nor his chest was heavy as if there was a heavy boulder on it, but...

Shishio quickly shook his head since he refused to be a scumbag!

Shishio He had made up his decision and with the number of assets that he had received before, he was sure that he was going to be the richest man on earth, especially since he was still in his 2005.

Shishio then ended his bath and was about to leave the shower to take his towel, however...

"Shishio, are you in the bathroom?"

Shishio didn't have a chance to answer and the door of the bathroom was opened so suddenly.

"Here you are."

Chihiro looked at Shishio then stunned. She looked at his wet hair, face, strong body, then...


Chihiro kept staring and couldn't look away.



Shishio was also stunned since he didn't expect that Chihiro would enter the bathroom so suddenly. He showed a wry smile and took a towel calmly, covering his private place.

"...Chihiro-nee, I will be ready soon, but can you close the door first?"

Chihiro nodded with a blank expression then closed the door slowly.

Shishio let out a long sigh and wondered why he met the legendary cliche bathroom scene just a day after he came to Tokyo.