Chapter 13 - I Am Jealous

Chapter 13 of 50 chapters

Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital and most populous prefecture of Japan.

Originally a fishing village named Edo, the city became a prominent political center in 1603, when it became the seat of the Tokugawa shogunate. By the mid-18th century, Edo was one of the most populous cities in the world, with a population numbering more than one million. Following the end of the shogunate in 1868, the imperial capital in Kyoto was moved to the city, which was renamed Tokyo.??

In truth, as someone from Kyoto, Shishio felt conflicted about Tokyo since there was a lot of conflict between the two regions.

Kyoto was the capital of Japan in the past and Tokyo was the capital of Japan during Meiji Restoration.

As someone who was reincarnated, Shishio didn't think too much, however, the previous Shishio Oga's pride as someone from Kyoto was very big and it affected him too, even though, he didn't want to.

Shishio shook his head and continued to walk with Chihiro.

Today, Chihiro didn't drive her car, but she took Shishio slowly walking along the road, enjoying the scenery along the way. In such a big city, there were millions of people, however, she was wondering where her future husband would be at this moment.

"Your high school isn't that far from here. It is about a few streets away from the dorm and you can usually choose to walk there since it will only take you 20 minutes. If you don't want to walk, there seems to be a bicycle in Sakurasou. If you choose to ride a bicycle to the school, it will be faster, but for now, let's walk together and I will show you the way."

Hearing Chihiro's explanation, Shishio thought that it was better to walk since the distance between his dorm and school wasn't that far and it could become a form of exercise too.

Shishio also enjoyed the scenery of Tokyo since, in his previous life, he wasn't Japanese. When he thought about his previous identity, he thought about buying a book about law and taxes in this country since he knew that he needed to have a general idea of how both law and taxes work in this country so he would be able to avoid a tax for his business.

Even though it was good to leave most things to professionals, it wouldn't hurt to know some general knowledge of it so he wouldn't be deceived.

While thinking about that matter, Shishio talked with Chihiro in a relaxed mood. they crossed the tree-lined path and passed the main road with heavy traffic. They also entered a shopping district and tasted the famous Japanese snack, Taiyaki.

Eating a taiyaki, Shishio felt that the taste was too sweet, but he didn't think that it was strange since most Tokyo people loved a heavy taste for their food, unlike Kansai people who loved food with a light taste.

The two also passed by a famous shrine and even from a distance, they could see a tall shrine that stood on the top of the hill. They could also a bright red torii gate that was right on the entrance of the shrine.

The path under their feet was very clean and tidy. It seemed that someone just cleaned this place, otherwise if someone didn't clean it for few days, it would be covered with fallen leaves.

Shishio could also see the shrine's building should be a building from the Edo period, and it had stood for a hundred years. The same as wine, the older it was the more expensive it was, he believed this shrine was very expensive if someone wanted to buy it, that is.

"This is Fushimi Inari Shrine, what's wrong, Shishio? Are you interested? Usually, a lot of people come to worship here, asking for a good harvest, business prosperity, and traffic safety. If you want to go then go, you can ask for success in both school and love, but this kind of shrine should be a lot of Kyoto, right?"

Chihiro saw Shishio standing under the torii gate for a long time and started to tease him.

"Well, there are a lot of big shrines in Kyoto, but I never expected there to be such a big shrine in Tokyo."

In his mind, Shishio thought that most of the people in Tokyo didn't care much about religion or something related like the people in Kyoto, but it seemed that he was wrong.

Then they continued their journey and walked for almost half an hour since they sometimes stopped from place to place, and finally, at 8.30, they reached their destination.

The two sides of the school were shaded with cherry blossoms, and the surrounding trees were like a cover, giving a strange nostalgia to him for some reason, and at the same time, he had to admit that this place was very huge.

However, the school was still on holiday and there were no students that came to the school. There were only a few people wearing middle school uniforms around the school gate and he could tell that they were in the same situation as him, taking an entrance exam to enter this high school.

Shishio might remember why he felt that he had seen Chihiro Sengoku and Tachibana Rui before, but he didn't think too much since he only watched them in anime, but at this moment, he lived in this world and everything was a reality. Whether it was Chihiro or Rui, both of them were living beings and he couldn't mistake them as a character in anime.

Shishio didn't think that knowing the plot of the story would help and rather than thinking about something like that, it was better to think about his future.

Shishio had a system and he would be useless if he couldn't use the system to the fullest. Even though he didn't have an idea to become the richest man on earth, he wanted to have a comfortable life, however, before reaching that goal, he needed to pass the entrance exam first.

Shishio felt that he should be okay since he received an enhanced memory and it should be easy for him to pass, however, he wasn't sure about his scores.

When Shishio and Chihiro were about to enter the school, they saw a young woman with waist-length dark brown hair that had trimmed bangs that were parted above her right eye, emerald eyes.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and felt that he had seen this woman somewhere.

'But her boobs are so big.'

Shishio had to admit that he loved boobs, but as a gentleman, he couldn't show it, right?



"Tachibana-sensei, are you on duty today?" Chihiro felt a bit surprised when she saw this young woman suddenly come out of school.

"Ah, good morning, Sengoku-sensei! Yes, the vice principal has told me to do so and I can't refuse her." The young woman showed a sad expression then noticed Shishio, who was standing beside Chihiro. "Sengoku-sensei, is this boy your nephew?" She had heard that Chihiro would bring her nephew today and because of that, she was quite curious.

"Hello, Tachibana-sensei." Shishio bowed his head slightly and introduced himself. "My name is Shishio Oga and I'm coming to take an entrance exam today. Please take care of me." When he saw this woman, he instantly knew who she was, considering he had met Rui last night, but he had never expected that this woman would be a teacher at this high school.

'So there should be a lot of protagonists here?'

Shishio thought for only a moment, before throwing those thoughts away when he heard this sweet and cheerful voice.

"Yes, I hope that you have a good result for your exam!" Tachibana smiled brightly and patted Shishio's shoulder. She looked at Shishio up and down and she had to admit that he was very handsome, though, as Chihiro's nephew, he seemed to be very polite which gave her a good impression.

"Thank you very much, I hope that I can get a good result too."

Shishio bowed his head and entered the school together with Chihiro. He might have been a bit curious about that teacher before, but he could do that later since he decided to accept his reward directly at this moment.

Shishio directly accepted the "nursery, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school knowledge mastery", thinking that it might be a great help for his exam, and at the same time, after he accepted his reward, he could feel a lot of information started to enter his head.

"Bye, bye!"

Tachibana waved her hand and watched both Shishio and Chihiro who entered the school, thinking about Chihiro's teaching style in the school and then thinking about Shishio, who was in front of her before, she felt that it was a bit funny. She smiled, looking at their backs, then she turned to shout at the people who entered the school.

"All students who participated in the entrance exam for the Suimei University of the Arts affiliated high school today, please bring your own registration form and enter the school one by one!"


Chihiro took Shishio, following the sign where the entrance exam would be located. Secretly, she looked at Shishio since she knew that Tachibana Hina was a very beautiful teacher and there were a lot of students who fell in love with her, but she could see that Shishio didn't seem to show an interest toward that teacher which made her glad.

Shishio didn't know what Chihiro was thinking and he processed the knowledge he received, though, he was a bit speechless when he also received an educational knowledge of nursery, kindergarten, and elementary school.

Shishio was glad that he had received the middle school and high school education knowledge and he felt he could do well on this exam because of the reward that he had received, however, he was wondering whether his system told him to date his teacher?

But then, Shishio noticed Chihiro, who was staring at him. "Is there something Chihiro-nee?"

"You're not curious about that young teacher?" Chihiro asked.

"Well, I am curious, what's her name?" Shishio asked.

"Her name is Tachibana Hina and she's a new English teacher, but you can't think strange about her, alright?" Chihiro said sternly.

"...Why do you think I will do something weird to her?" Shishio asked with confusion.

"If you don't think about that kind of thing then it's all good, but don't you think that teacher is beautiful?" Chihiro asked. In truth, she was a bit jealous of Hina since she was old and Hina was very young. She also knew that most of the parents of the students, especially those rich daddies and rich widowers of those students would be attracted to Hina rather than her which made her aggrieved ever more since she hadn't found a husband at all, even though, she was in her 30.

"In my mind, you're more beautiful, Chihiro-nee," Shishio said without hesitation and showed a very sincere expression.

"Hmph! You and your mouth!"

Chihiro slapped Shishio's shoulder and said, "I wonder how many girls are going to be fooled by you in this school."


Shishio wanted to say something, but he decided to keep his mouth since he was too lazy to talk at this moment and he wanted to focus on processing the reward that he received before.

However, Shishio didn't realize at that moment that Chihiro showed a bright smile and her mood was very good because of his praise.

By then both of them were walking toward the exam location since it was about to start soon.