Chapter 14 - Test 1

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

Chihiro looked at Shishio, who had been silent, thinking that he might be nervous. She patted his shoulder gently and said, "Don't worry, just try your best."

Shishio looked at his aunt and smiled. "Well, I will do my best, Chihiro-nee."??

Chihiro didn't have any doubts about Shishio and continued to lead him, although she knew that his grade was quite average in his previous school, so he should be able to be accepted at the school easily.

Before Shishio came, Chihiro had talked with her big sister about Shishio's performance at school, and based on her deviation between the two schools, she didn't see that much of difference and she knew that he would be alright and being accepted on this high school, though, she was sure that his grade might not be that great.

Chihiro thought for a while and decided to give some advice to Shishio.

"Shishio, the exam at this high school might not be that much different from your previous school, but you need to be careful, alright? Don't get nervous about the exam and just do the exam as usual. If you do that then I am sure that you'll be alright."

"Yes, I will pay attention, thank you, Chihiro-nee." Shishio smiled lightly, showing a confident expression on his face. If he couldn't pass the exam smoothly after he received a system then it was better he went directly to Aokigahara.

Shishio had received all the information about the education of knowledge from nursery to high school. In his brain, there were various data and formulas that constantly emerged and he had to admit that the system was really awesome, even though he felt slightly disgusted toward this system.

Shishio narrowed his eyes slightly and wondered how his results on the exam later after he had received the previous reward.

Chihiro glanced at Shishio, who showed a confident expression and she really hoped that he would be able to do well on the exam.

"Right, you don't need to bring anything since, during the exam, you will be provided with pen and paper," Chihiro said.

"I see."

Shishio nodded and felt weird at why Chihiro suddenly said those words since he knew that he didn't need to bring anything during the exam later.

Then both of them continued to walk toward the room and Chihiro kept talking about how to do well on the entrance exam later.

Shishio only gave a perfunctory nod to Chihiro, wondering why his aunt was so worried about him, but then he remembered that the grade of the previous Shishio Oga was quite average since this guy wanted to make a setting of a powerful hidden boss or something during his middle school time which made him speechless.

Chihiro led Shishio to the door of the classroom, indicating that this was the examination room.

"Go, take the exam, and when you finish the exam, I will pick you up."

Shishio nodded, turned, opened the door of the classroom, and saw the standard Japanese-style classroom in front of him. He felt a bit weird since he had become a student once again, but then, he shook his head and didn't think too much.

Inside the classroom, Shishio saw a female teacher with long brown hair, standing at the podium, looking at him. She didn't look very old, and she should be younger than Chihiro, and her make-up was very delicate.

"Hello, my name is Shishio Oga. I came to take the entrance exam today. Please take care of me."

"Yeah.. let me see..." The female teacher looked at the attendant list and nodded. "Yes, Shishio Oga, I found it." She then looked at Shishio and said, "Please come in, my name is Koharu Shirayama. I am a mathematics teacher and the exam supervisor, please take care of me."


Shishio looked at Koharu Shirayama for a bit and smiled. He bowed his head slightly and said, "Thank you."

"Your seat is No. 23, um, please sit down first since the other candidates haven't arrived yet, and the exam will start after everyone is ready," Koharu said after she checked the location of Shishio's seat on her book.

Shishio found his place and sat down, though, he didn't expect the teacher in front of him would be a target too, however, with this, he really had found a loophole in the system.

In this system, the fastest way to get a reward was to have intercourse with the target, however, he could get a reward by meeting them so that what he did, though, he might try to befriend them, wondering whether he would be able to get a reward by becoming their friends.

Shishio sat in the protagonist's seat, two seats from behind and next to the window. He didn't do anything and rested his chin on his hand while staring at the window absentmindedly. In truth, he wanted to open his reward as soon as possible, especially the "Thunder Breathing" since he had an idea what kind of martial art that was.

Then before long, the classroom was full, Shishio then looked around and found that everyone had a serious expression on their faces, causing him to remember a similar scene in his previous life.

"Okay, now that everyone is here, I will explain to you the rules of the exam. The first exam starts at ten o'clock, and the second exam starts at two o'clock. On each exam, you have two hours to finish your exam so please use your time well."

Koharu glanced at the time on the clock and there was still 20 minutes before the exam.

Shishio discovered that after the teacher finished, all the candidates in the exam room quickly took their textbooks and review materials in their bags for a final review.

In the classroom where all the people were madly flipping through the books and notes, Shishio only sat quietly in his seat since he knew that he didn't have to do that and he didn't bring a book, though, he hoped to bring some book since waiting had always been a boring thing.

Koharu looked at Shishio with quite a strange expression, wondering whether this boy was very good at studying. She couldn't see a nervous expression on his face, or rather, she could see that he was very calm and at the same time, he was very handsome!

'No, no! You're a teacher, Koharu!'

Koharu knew that most of the students would re-review before the exam to consolidate their knowledge, but this boy didn't bother to do so.

Koharu had to admit that she admired this boy a bit since being confident was a good thing.

If someone loses their confidence, then their result will be a disaster.

The sunshine shone on Shishio's face, and for a moment, an illusion appeared on Koharu's mind.

In Koharu's mind, Shishio was like a King that could conquer a land, city, and even country, and those candidates besides him were like those helpless commoners.

Somehow, Koharu could see the gap between Shishio and the people around him at this moment. She kept looking at him and quickly retracted her gaze, realizing how rude her action was, and at the same time, she felt shy and glanced at Shishio before sighing in relief since it seemed that he didn't realize that she had been looking at him.

Koharu wasn't sure why, but she felt that there was this mysterious charm around this boy which made her attracted.

Koharu then looked at the time on the watch, and the exam would start in 10 minutes.

Shishio glanced at Koharu and wondered why she was also part of the target since he felt that there was nothing special about this woman. He also felt that she had been staring at him, and wondered whether there was something on his face.

Shishio looked outside again and he had a feeling that he might find a lot of targets in this school so he needed to pass the entrance exam no matter what.

Ten minutes passed quickly, listening to the sound of frantically flipping books in the classroom, Shishio felt bored.

Koharu glanced at the candidates who were pale due to excessive brain review before the exam, and then glanced at Shishio, who was calm and confident. She appreciated him more and more and felt that his psychological quality was really amazing.

Shishio also looked at Koharu and wondered whether what Chihiro had told him was true that there were a lot of carnivorous women in this city.

"Okay, stop! Put all your books and mobile phones to the front since the test is ready to start!"

Although Koharu didn't believe that anyone would cheat, she still needed to follow the procedures.

Books and mobile phones were handed over to the front desk, then Shishio received both pen and paper, before he returned to his seat, and watched the teacher distribute both pen and paper to other candidates while wondering why he needed to get those two by himself.

Koharu saw that the time had become 10 o'clock and nodded. She looked at everyone in the classroom and said, "Alright, be ready! You have a total of two hours to complete your exam and the exam will start now!"