Chapter 15 - Test 2

Chapter 15 of 50 chapters

Shishio picked up the exam paper and looked at it roughly.

After reading it for a while, he could tell that it should be a comprehensive test paper with several subjects and there was so much content there. He was also told to write articles and out of his understanding, it was almost impossible for most of the students to complete this exam within two hours of time.??


In his mind, the answer to the questions roughly appeared on his mind and he knew that he should be able to complete the exam.

Shishio didn't waste his time anymore and took all of his focus to the exam.

Seeing the questions flashed one by one on the paper, a complete and clear answer appeared in his mind, and he could answer all of those questions easily. He felt that he was cheating since all he did was copying all the answers on his mind to the paper in front of him.

Then his hand started to move, and countless answers were written on the paper along the tip of his pen swiftly.

Only the sound of a pen rubbing against the test paper was heard in the classroom.

Koharu glanced at Shishio with satisfaction and she didn't look away from him. She had to admit that this candidate really amazed her, considering how calm he was and how stable his psychological quality was. She felt that he should have had a good result, though she wasn't sure how good it was which made her want the time to move forward quickly so she could check his paper quickly.

Time had passed bit by bit, and the speed of the candidates to answer the questions was getting slower and slower. Several of them were already sitting on their seats with pale faces, looking at the test papers in front of them with a dumbfounded expression. Some of them were even flushed with anxiety, as they were trying to check the answer on their paper several times, however, no matter how many times they did it, they couldn't feel satisfied and felt that their answers were somewhat wrong.

Koharu gently shook her head, although this high school was more inclined toward art development, it didn't mean the standard deviation of this high school was low. The standard deviation of this school had exceeded most of the high schools in Tokyo.

If someone didn't have a good basic and low score, then, without a doubt, they would fail in this entrance exam.

Shishio was still writing and the "double physical ability" reward that he had received before was really a great help for him since it made his speed to answer the questions became several times faster, though, he had to admit that his hand felt a bit numb since the questions on the exam were too much.

Shishio answered most of the questions and there were 15 minutes left in the exam, he believed that he should be able to answer all the questions on the exam.

Time passed quietly, and no one noticed it until the alarm on the podium sounded.

"Stop writing."

When Koharu heard the alarm, she stood up, and interrupted everyone directly since the exam for the morning session was over.

Shishio had already put down his pen 10 minutes before the alarm. Even though he wanted to hate the system, he couldn't since the ability that was given by the system was very powerful.

'Should I become a scumbag?'

However, when Shishio remembered about last night, he rejected the idea since he really didn't want to become a scumbag, even if he knew all of the rewards that he received from the system were very amazing.

After Koharu collected the paper, Shishio stood up and moved his legs since he felt a bit stiff after sitting for two hours.

Shishio walked out of the classroom since he wanted to go to the toilet.

Some people were still in the classroom immersed in the questions on the exam before and some of them even showed a regretful expression.

However, all of that had nothing to do with him since no one could be done in this situation unless someone had the ability to rewind, fixing all the mistakes they had done before.

After walking out from the toilet and receiving amazement gazes from the people inside, Shishio went to have lunch in the cafeteria. It might be his first time in this school, but there were a lot of signs along the corridor, showing most of the locations in this school so he didn't get lost.

Eating a simple lunch, Shishio returned to the examination room again, waiting for the second test.

The exam started at two o'clock as stipulated before, the exam questions in the afternoon were the combinations of the other half of the subjects and various other things.

However, there were fewer candidates left in the second exam, and there were some people who had left, leaving one dozen people in this classroom.

Listening to Koharu's explanation, those few people gave up their qualifications after the first exam ended.

In this exam, Shishio wrote the answers of the exam as fast as he was in the morning, letting go of all of the distractions on his mind, no one could stop him any longer.

His mind was full of concentration, and time flew quickly until Shishio heard the alarm, telling everyone that the exam had ended.

Shishio put down his pen and stretched his body since he felt his body stiff once again. He wanted to go back, but he decided to wait for Koharu's since it seemed that she hadn't told everyone to go back. He looked around and gave his exam to Koharu while noticing some candidates that refused to let go of their exam paper until they were severely warned, giving up any resistance in the end and laying on their desk like a zombie.

Shishio also felt secretly glad since without the reward that he received this morning, he might be in the same position as them.

After Koharu collected the test papers, the entrance exams were all over.

Shishio then took his own things and walked out from the classroom indifferently, however, he stopped since he saw Chihiro standing at the door, seemingly waiting for him. He felt a bit surprised since his aunt was so punctual. He had just finished his exam, but she was already waiting at the door.

"I have finished the exam. Sorry to make you wait so long, Chihiro-nee."

"No, it just so happens that my business has just been processed, so how is it? Are you confident about this exam?" Chihiro stared at her nephew, who had a normal face, she didn't see him nervous nor helpless expression on his face, so there shouldn't be any problem, right?

"Although the time is a bit tight, I should be alright. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to check my answer since the bell rang when I finished, answering all the questions on my tests."

Shishio thought that there was no problem entering this school, though, he wasn't sure about his grade.

"What?! You said you finished?! All the questions on the front and even back of the paper?!"

Chihiro thought that she had heard something wrong, but it seemed that her nephew didn't make a joke. She knew that all the questions that were prepared for this exam were selected randomly and it was absolutely impossible to answer all of the questions on the exam.

"Yes, but the amount of questions is really a lot, although the time is indeed too tight, I have finished all of them."

Shishio also understood that the exam that he had done previously was somewhat inhumane since that exam wasn't something that could be answered by a human.

So what about him?

Well, he had a cheat, so he wasn't included.


Chihiro didn't know what to say, but looking at Shishio's expression, she knew that he didn't lie, but it was still hard to believe it. Based on her understanding of his grade, he was quite average in middle school and it should be impossible for him to finish all of those exams. If it was half of those questions then she might believe it, but if it was all of the questions then...

"Well, let's go back."

In the end, Chihiro didn't think too much.


Both of them left the school but didn't go back to the Sakurasou immediately, but she took him to a family restaurant near the school for dinner.

Looking at the school in front of him, Shishio was dumbfounded since...

'Isn't this my restaurant?'


Shishio remembered the chain restaurant that he received from the system, but he didn't expect that there would be one near his school. Even though he had received data and information about this restaurant from the system, he had never come inside. He was quite famished and thought to check whether the taste of the food in his restaurant was good or not.

Wagnaria had become his own restaurant after all and he needed to check the quality of his restaurant, right?

*Ding!* *Ding!*



Shishio ignored his reward and felt disgusted toward the system instantly. He stared at the elementary school in front of him and frowned since he didn't expect the system to be such a beast. If it was an older woman, then he didn't mind, but the one in front of him was a little girl and he didn't want to become a criminal!

When Chihiro and Shishio entered the restaurant, they were welcomed by an elementary student with quite a big chest and brown hair that was tied in a ponytail.

It was also the reason why Shishio felt disgusted toward the system, but then he realized something.

"Shishio, what's wrong?" Chihiro asked since she felt that Shishio's expression was quite wrong.

"Chihiro-nee, isn't it a crime to hire an elementary student?" Shishio asked and realized that his restaurant was hiring an elementary school. He just received his restaurant and did he really need to go to the court?

However, before Chihiro answered Shishio's question, the elementary school waitress quickly complained.

"I am not an elementary student!"

Chihiro nodded and said, "Your reaction is similar to mine before, but she's a high school student, not an elementary student." In the past, she was also surprised when she saw this little girl for the first time, thinking that this restaurant might hire a child as an employee, but she often came to this restaurant and knew that this little girl was in truth a high school student so she didn't feel that surprised anymore but she also understood that her nephew's reaction was quite normal.

Shishio was surprised, but then he apologized.

"I am sorry for mistaking you as one and if I look closely, it seems that you're really a high school student."

"Eh? Is that true?" The waitress seemed to be very happy when someone told her that she was like a high school student.

"Yes, you're a high school student."

Shishio looked at the chest of this girl and knew that it was impossible for an elementary student to have such a huge chest.

It was only a small episode, Shishio and Chihiro sat in their seats, and started their order.

Shishio ordered beef stew from the waitress and a parfait as a desert. He then observed the restaurant curiously since he wanted to know his restaurant better. He could see that there were a lot of people in the restaurant so he felt that he didn't need to worry about the quality of the food since if the food was bad then there wouldn't be any guests here.

Shishio had to admit that the business seemed to be very good.

However, the only thing that made him worried was the loli who took their order since he felt that he might go on court in the future because of her.

Then after writing up their order, the loli waitress walked toward the kitchen to prepare their order but...

*Ding!* *Ding!*

"Welcome! Ah, it's you Katanashi-kun! You're finally here! We're all very busy, let's go inside and change into your uniform!"

When the loli waitress saw the young man who came to the restaurant, she sighed in relief since the restaurant was very busy today.

"Okay, Senpai."

Shishio looked at two people and knew why he felt that he had seen them, but he didn't think too much since right now, they were only strangers.

Shishio looked at the young man and felt that he didn't need to worry about the restaurant anymore, but when he was about to feel that everything in this restaurant was alright...


Shishio turned his head when he heard a sound of metal hit something. It sounded very unique and when he saw the source of the noise, he opened his eyes wide.

When he thought that nothing was going to surprise him anymore...

"Sorry for making you wait, here's your order."

A pretty girl with mid-back length golden-brown hair and a gentle smile appeared before Shishio and Chihiro, however, on the waist of this girl, there was a katana.


'Is this restaurant going to be alright?'

But then...