Chapter 16 - World Strongest Chef

Chapter 16 of 50 chapters


Shishio glanced at the katana of this waitress and he didn't expect that this pretty girl would also be included in the target. His reward was also amazing, but the katana on her waist made him hesitate to start a conversation.

Shishio also didn't think that it was the right place to talk, especially when he could feel a gaze from Chihiro.

"Enjoy your food."

The waitress bowed her head slightly and walked away.

When the waitress left, Shishio turned his head and stared at the waitress with a confused expression.

"Is that waitress your type?"

Chihiro suddenly asked since she noticed that her nephew had been staring at that waitress from the beginning to the end. She didn't say much, but she felt a bit uncomfortable when the cute boy who asked her to marry at that time suddenly glanced at another woman secretly right in front of her.

The waitress might not have noticed that Shishio was looking at her, but Chihiro noticed his small action since she had been watching him from the moment that waitress came to give their order.


Shishio was speechless and said, "Chihiro-nee, why is your focus is on whether that girl is my type or not?"

"She isn't?"

"Well, she's beautiful, but you're more beautiful, however, my focus isn't on that point." Shishio somehow felt tired and said, "Don't you see that katana? Isn't it a bit weird to bring katana while working?"

Chihiro looked at Shishio and felt that this guy really had the talent to become a playboy. The more she looked at him, the more she felt restless that some weird woman might try to do something to him. If that happened, she wasn't sure how, to explain that matter to her big sister and she also didn't want him to date a strange woman too, however, she had to admit that his praise still made her happy even though she had heard it several times, after all, no women would be unhappy when they were praised that they were more beautiful than others.

"What's wrong with katana? The world is dangerous, isn't it normal for a girl to bring something to protect themselves? And I have always bought a stun gun and pepper spray with me."

Chihiro didn't think too much and said, "Hurry up and eat! The food isn't good if it's getting cold."


'Is it me who is weird? Is it the world?'

Shishio really thought that he should buy a book about law, wondering whether it was alright to bring katana to the street or even to the working place since he was really confused at this moment.

Shishio thought for a while and remembered that some people in Kyoto also often brought a katana with them.

'So I guess is it normal for people in this country to bring a katana with them?'

Shishio felt that his understanding of this world had been twisted to 180 degrees. In the end, he didn't intend to think too much and ate his food since he was really famished.

Even though the staff of the restaurant was quite weird, the food was very tasty and Shishio understood why this restaurant was popular.

Chihiro ordered quite a lot of food, and they had a meal for nearly an hour before both of them emptied the dishes on the table.

When Shishio ate, he also secretly observed the surrounding guests and could see that some guys were excited when they saw the pretty girl with katana, however, he didn't think too much and one thing that he knew, he should better visit this restaurant again in the future.

Shishio wiped his mouth with a paper towel, got up, and went to check out after a while.

"Chihiro-nee, let me pay for this meal."

Hearing Shishio's words, Chihiro was wondering why it felt that they had a date for some reason. "You don't need to think too much and think of it as my reward after you have done well for your exam. If you want to treat me then bring me to a bar or something."

"...I am a minor, you know."

Chihiro seemed to ignore Shishio's words then paid for the meals for the two.

The pretty girl with katana totaled their bill and said, "The total is 2,800 yen, are you using your card or cash?"

Chihiro wanted to pay the bill, but Shishio was faster and paid the bill by himself.

"Cash, please."

Shishio didn't lack money and he was also grateful that Chihiro cooked him breakfast earlier so he felt a bit wrong for her to pay him.

The pretty girl with katana took the money from Shishio then handed the money change to him.

"Here's your change, please visit again next time."

"Yes, thank you."

Shishio nodded and looked at Chihiro who seemed in a daze. "Is there something, Chihiro-nee?"

Chihiro shook her head and said, "No, let's go back." She felt that if this continued, she might wrong her big sister in the future since she was too tired, looking for a rich daddy and widower, and felt that it was better to marry her nephew.

"Don't we have to buy an ingredient first?" Shishio asked since he didn't want to go out to buy something tomorrow.

"Oh, right! I almost forgot, let's stop at the shopping district later."

The two left the restaurant one after another, walked slowly along the sidewalk to the Sakurasou, and passed the shopping district along the way.

Shishio didn't accept his "Cooking Mastery" reward since he wanted to check how powerful his "Japanese Cooking Mastery" skill was.

When they were at the vegetable shop, Chihiro was carefully selecting the vegetables and Shishio tried hard to not show emotion on his face since he found out that his system was more amazing than he had thought.


Shishio raised his eyebrow and held the potato in his hand, looking at the panel information that suddenly appeared on his mind. He then put down the potato and picked the carrot on the side.


Shishio then picked the best one and bought all of them before he went to the butcher.

Shishio realized that he was able to pick the best ingredients easily without any trouble. He also found out that there was a difference in data on both vegetables and meat, he then wondered whether the fruit was also the same.

Shishio knew that he could get the ability because of the "Japanese Cooking Mastery" and he was wondering what would happen after he accepted the "Cooking Mastery".

"Shishio, are you done?"

Chihiro wasn't sure and wondered whether this boy really could tell the difference between good and bad ingredients, after all, he was a boy and she didn't think that he was able to cook. Even if he could cook something, the taste might not be up to standard.

"I am done, Chihiro-nee. Let's go back after this."

Chihiro nodded and didn't say much.

The two bought some ingredients and left the supermarket.

During the shopping, Chihiro had tried to buy bad ingredients, but Shishio quickly stopped her since he saw that there was a minus on the ingredients that were chosen by her and the freshness of the ingredients had long gone.

Shishio looked at the rewards that he hadn't opened yet and he realized that he really had received a lot of rewards from the system. He thought after he had dinner and returned to his room, he should open all of them directly since he should be free tomorrow.

Shishio was also thinking of finding time to go to his investment company later after everything had been settled.

The two slowly walked on the way back to Sakurasou, and when they passed a river, Chihiro thought of something.

"At noon tomorrow, the results of the exam will be available, and they will send the result to my phone later."

Chihiro said, informing him about the result of the exam.

"Oh? So fast!"

Shishio was quite surprised since he would be able to know the result tomorrow.

"Don't worry, you should be able to enter with your grade."

"Yeah, I believe I will be able to enter."

Looking at her nephew's confidence, Chihiro said, "Those questions are from the school question bank. Before the start of the exam, no one knows what questions will be there, but it shouldn't be a big problem for you, according to my understanding of your grade in middle school."

Chihiro had seen Shishio's transcript before and even though the exam was difficult, she believed that he should be able to enter the high school easily, though, she felt a bit surprised when she heard that he was able to complete all the questions on the exam.

Shishio didn't think too much about Chihiro's words since he believed that he was able to succeed on his exam. It might sound arrogant, but he had the capital to be arrogant.