Chapter 17 - Tenants

Chapter 17 of 50 chapters

The two walked slowly back along the river and about half an hour later, Shishio saw Sakurasou again. The only difference from last night was that lights were on in several rooms, and he knew that the tenants returned back today.

Shishio, who was about to go home with Chihiro, suddenly noticed that there was a black figure in front of them that seemed to be squirming on the ground, blocking their path.??

"Wait, Chihiro-nee! There's something ahead!"

Because the street lights were too dim, Shishio couldn't see what was in front of him. His physical ability had doubled and he had some experience in fighting. If it went in the direction of his mind, then he would fight without hesitation, protecting his aunt.

Chihiro looked at Shishio who was in front of her and was moved in her heart. Although she had only known him for two days, she had already liked him, at a young age, once he knew that there was a danger, he would go in front of her without hesitation.

Chihiro was sure that if she was really drunk then she might have wronged her sister in the future.

"It's alright, you don't need to worry, Shishio."

Chihiro pushed Shishio away and walked straight to the creeping shadow, and kicked it directly.



The black shadow was kicked into the light, and a very sloppy man with long tousled hair appeared before them. The eyes of the man were covered by bangs and from his appearance alone, Shishio could tell that this man hadn't taken care of himself for a long time.

The man wore loose Japanese-style home clothes and he also wore a geta (a form of traditional Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops that are made from wood) on his feet.

"Shirosaki-san, I have told you before, right? Don't do something that can scare people in this place, if you keep doing this, then I will kick you."

"You have already kicked him," Shishio said.

"You have already kicked me," Shirosaki said.

Both Shishio and Shirosaki said at the same time in their hearts.

"Ah..! It's good to know that Chihiro-san is still violent as ever!"

'This guy... is this masochist?'

Shishio raised his eyebrow and felt a bit disgusted since it was his first time seeing a masochist. If this guy did his sexual act on his house or in a place where no one could see him, then Shishio didn't care, however, this guy did such a disgusting thing on the street, causing him unable to hide his disgust.

However, Shishio was still polite and tried to hide it.

Shirosaki, who was kicked by Chihiro, had a flush on his face and he seemed to be very excited.

Shishio realized the term "hentai" could be applied to someone for the first time.

Shishio suddenly remembered that Chihiro had told him yesterday that although Sakurasou was a school-affiliated dorm, it was privately run and not all the students were living in this place which meant...

"Shishio, although this guy is a bit disgusting, his name is Shirosaki Shizuru. He lives in Sakurasaou and he's also a well-known novelist. He will be your neighbor from now on."

Chihiro covered her forehead since she was too embarrassed to look at Shishio's eyes. The main reason was that because weird, she had heard that he had gone out to find material for his novel, but she didn't expect him to come back so soon.

"...I see."

Shishio didn't show excitement nor sadness, his expression was calm, but then he looked at Chihiro in pity to know such a person.

"You don't need to be afraid of him, although he's a pervert, he's still a good person."

Chihiro reluctantly explained to Shishio that there was nothing to be feared since even though Shirosaki was a pervert, this guy was harmless.

"Ah! Watching Chihiro-san say that kind of thing to me while looking at me in contempt, I... I.... I am really...!"


Shishio could only describe this person with one word and at the same time, he knew that this guy was also of the same origin as both Chihiro and Rui, but at the same time, he was wondering whether there were a lot of characters that he had seen in his previous life in this world.

"Shirosaki-kun, this guy is my nephew. He has just taken his entrance exam for the high school that is affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts. He will also live in Sakurasou in the next few years and he will be your new neighbor."

Chihiro watched Shirosaki stand up from the ground and walked toward Shishio to introduce himself, after all, both of them would be neighbors who lived in Sakurasou.

"Hello, my name is Shirosaki Shizuru, please get along with me in the future."

"...I hope you can stay away from me."

Shishio looked at Shirosaki who flushed in excitement and felt his body tremble. He didn't even hide his disgust and looked at him in disdain.

"Ah! This kind of gaze looks at someone as if it is garbage! As expected, you're great!"


Shishio held his head and felt a headache when he thought that this person would be someone who would accompany him for three years of his high school life. He suddenly thought that it was better to rent an apartment in Tokyo later since he wasn't sure whether he could stay in Sakurasou for a long time.


The three people entered Sakurasou and after they changed their shoes at the entrance, the sound of footsteps came from the corridor on the left, and a girl with a pink dress came out.

Shishio looked up and saw a young woman with light orange slightly curly short hair, very delicate makeup, and slightly shorter than Chihiro. He didn't need to guess and could tell that this girl was about to go out.

Shishio also felt that he had seen this young woman somewhere, but after all, it was hard to tell when an anime character suddenly turned into a person in reality. He glanced at Shirosaki, and suddenly remembered that both of them should be coming from the same origin.

"Oh, Chihiro-san, did you just come back? Where did you go?" The young woman asked and secretly glanced at Shishio curiously.

"Today, I accompanied my nephew to take an exam and he was the one that I have told you about before. You should just go back, right, Watanabe? Are you going out again?" Chihiro looked at the young woman who was about to go out again and it seemed that she was accustomed to her behavior.

"Yes, there's a party tonight, and is he your nephew?"

The young woman looked at Shishio with a beautiful smile.

Shishio, who had changed his shoes, also looked at the young woman, although, she looked quite beautiful, he felt that there was something wrong with this woman. It felt like she was wearing a mask or something.

"Hello, my name is Shishio Oga. I will be staying in Sakurasou from now on. Please take care of me in the future."

"Hello, my name is Sayaka Watanabe. Please take care of me in the future, Oga-kun."

Looking at her sweet smile, Shishio was sure that a lot of guys would be attracted by her in an instant, however, he had seen a lot of beauties in his life so he didn't see anything special on Sayaka however...


Shishio didn't expect that this young woman was included in his target either, and at the same time, he felt that his luck was very good since from the early morning until now, he had met a lot of targets.

"Yes, Watanabe-san."

"Just call me Sayaka, Oga-kun, I have heard from Chihiro-san that her nephew would live in Sakurasou, but she never told me that she had such a handsome nephew." Sayaka looked at Chihiro and complained. "If he's this handsome, please tell me sooner, Chihiro-san!"

Although her words and voice made her seem to be very cute, and as long as someone saw her, they would have a good impression, Shishio knew that there was something wrong with this young woman.

"Shishio, don't be fooled by her and she might look beautiful, but in truth, this woman is..."


Sayaka quickly covered Chihiro's mouth as soon as possible. "What are you talking about, Chihiro-san?! Oh! Look at the time, I am going to be late! I will leave first, see you tomorrow, Oga-kun."

When Chihiro seemed about to say something, Sayaka quickly charged toward Chihiro and interrupted her immediately, carrying her handbag, and rushed out of the hallway.


Shishio looked at Sayaka's back and had to admit that even though this woman might be a bit weird, he was grateful that she had given him a reward from the system.

"She might seem cute, but I must remind you Shishio that you must stay away from her in the future. She isn't as simple as you see, do you remember?"

Looking at Sayaka, Chihiro once again warned Shishio, and even though she knew that there was a hidden secret on Sayaka, she couldn't tell Shishio about that matter and could only tell him to stay away from her since she was afraid that Shishio would be seduced by Sayaka.

In truth, Chihiro knew that Shishio was a very hot stock or a blue-chip candidate for a husband candidate, considering how well off his family was. She was sure that if Sayaka knew about Shishio's family condition then that woman might try to seduce him so she needed to warn Shishio to not get close to Sayaka.

Shishio smiled and said, "You're afraid of me being seduced, Chihiro-nee? If so, you don't need to worry since I have told you before that my aunt is the most beautiful, right?"

Chihiro snorted but showed a smile.

"Hmph! You and your mouth, be sure not to say such a thing in front of other girls, alright? And don't be a playboy!"


Shishio only nodded obediently, though, he wasn't sure what his aunt would do after she knew that he had lost his virginity last night.

"Well, let's go to the kitchen and put your ingredients in the fridge. Don't forget to put your things in your compartment. I am so tired today, so I will go back and rest first. See you tomorrow."

Chihiro then yawned and motioned him to do his own thing since she wouldn't accompany him.

"Take a good rest, Chihiro-nee."

Waving her hand, Chihiro left before entering her room.

Shishio then walked toward the kitchen to put his things in the fridge.

However, there was one person that was left on the scene and being disregarded by everyone.

"Ah! This kind of PLAY is great!!!"

Shirosaki's face was flushed and his body twisted in excitement.