Chapter 19 - Girl, Grab Your Love!

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters


Shishio looked at his reward and then looked at the girl in front of him.??

Looking at the girl in front of him, if it was someone else, then they would be happy being proposed to by such a cute girl. Unfortunately, he knew that she was joking.

"Kamiigusa-senpai, if you have time to sleep while talking, how about you wash your hands first? Don't you want to eat my food?"

"Shishio-kun, what about my proposal? Let's get married!" Misaki didn't seem to give up and wanted to marry the underclassman in front of her.

"Sorry, I refuse."

From his observation, he could tell that he shouldn't take any words that were said by this girl seriously. He also knew that even though this girl seemed to be bold, however, she was very pure.

How did he know about this?

It was on his instinct, and he also knew that this girl also had someone that she loved.

If he was a scumbag, then he might as well try to seduce this girl and make her fall for him, he was wondering how was the expression of the young man who loved this girl after he knew that this girl was being stolen by him.

Just kidding, Shishio felt that it was too troublesome, trying to make this girl fall in love with him, and she wasn't even his type.

Misaki let out a long sigh and said, "What a pity... what should I do if I can't eat your delicious food in the future, I will die, I will really die, I don't want to die, so Kouhai-kun, don't get married, alright? Stay with me and cook me a meal for a lifetime, alright?" She said while staring at the pot of nikujaga with a drool, she also looked up and had to admit that Chihiro's nephew was very handsome.


In front of Misaki, Shishio felt that he was talking to a big child.


"Misaki! Call me, Misaki!"

"Well, Misaki-senpai, wash your hands first and I will prepare the dinner. Let's have dinner together," Shishio said calmly since he had received a nursery and kindergarten education mastery. In his mind, Misaki wasn't that much different from those children in the nursery or kindergarten after all.


Misaki nodded without hesitation and washed her hands in a hurry since she wanted to eat the food as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Shishio prepared rice and nikujaga that he had prepared before. This time, he tried some of the nikujaga before he served it and he felt that he had a trip to the beautiful village for some reason, that gave him full of warmth, and at the same time, there were also a lot of beautiful girls in farmer clothing there which made him feel a bit speechless.

"Is it ready, Kouhai-kun?"

"Just call me, Shishio-kun, alright?"

Misaki didn't answer and immediately ate the nikujaga that had been prepared for her.

"Don't eat in a hurry or you'll have a stomachache."

Shishio felt that he was really taking care of a child at that moment. He also started to eat and in truth, his eating speed was faster than Misaki which made her dumbfounded for a moment before she hurriedly ate or else all the food would be eaten by Shishio!

Before long the two emptied all the food on the table, Misaki felt very satisfied since she had never tasted such delicious food before and at the same time, she missed her home for some reason. She patted her stomach and looked at Shishio, who stood up to the sink to clean up the dishes.

"Kouhai-kun, I will help you!"

"How many times have I told you that my name is Shishio Oga, Misaki-senpai."

"Hehehe, Kouhai-kun is cuter, right?" Misaki said with a smile.


Looking at Misaki, Shishio was wondering why he felt that he was watching his future daughter for some reason.

With the two, they quickly washed the dishes, however, before he returned, his pants were grabbed by Misaki.

"Kouhai-kun! Kouhai-kun! Promise me to cook my food! Be my private chef! Don't get married in the future!"

"If you can give me one billion yen income annually then I will think about it," Shishio said calmly.


Misaki was dumbfounded and said, "Then marry me! I don't have that much money! If you marry me then you can cook for me every day!"

Shishio could feel Misaki's breasts on his legs and as an adolescent boy in puberty, of course, it made his little skyscraper excited, especially when her smell was very good, however...

Misaki kept wailing until her chin was lifted by Shishio.


Misaki was dumbfounded and she could see Shishio's eyes straight. Somehow, she blushed and wanted to look away, but...

"Well, Misaki-senpai is cute, but I am sorry, Misaki-senpai. I can't feel any attraction toward you."


Unlike the previous rejection, Misaki didn't think too much, but this time, her pride as a woman was damaged!


Misaki looked at Shishio with a dumbfounded expression and asked.

"Senpai, do you have someone that you like, right?"


Misaki nodded with a dumbfounded expression since she didn't expect that Shishio could tell that she was in love with someone.

"But that person has never looked toward you, right?"

"Yes!" Misaki was amazed and asked, "How did you know, Shishio-kun?" This time, she changed how she called him since she was amazed by his words.

"It's easy."

Shishio looked at Misaki and said, "If it those shallow boys who are only thinking about sex all the time and can never get a girl, then you can seduce them anytime and they will be happy but if the person that you like is such a person?" He blabbered nonsense since he knew who this girl was in love with.

"No! Jin is cool and handsome! But he also has a lot of women..." Misaki answered subconsciously, but then she looked very sad when she finished her words. She had fallen for her childhood friend, but he had never answered her.

"Oh, so your crush's name is Jin-senpai, right?"

"Uh! Uh!" Misaki nodded and said, "Do you have a way to make him fall in love with me, Shishio-kun?" She looked at Shishio as if he was a ray of light and hope.

Shishio smiled gently then squatted down to match his height with Misaki. He patted her head, but before that, he accepted the "Patting Mastery" that he had received before.

When Misaki was being patted, she showed a very comfortable expression and she felt that she might become addicted to this feeling.

Shishio saw that Misaki's expression was like a dog that was petted by its master which was quite funny in his mind. "Misaki-senpai, let me ask you something."


"Have you always been on the attacker's side?"

"Attacker side?"

"Yes, I can tell that you're the type that loves to show your love to your crush by attacking him restlessly without hesitation like giving him a flash of panties or entering his room naked, right? And sometimes because of your actions, he must be troubled by you, right?"


Misaki opened her mouth in surprise, feeling that she had met a love master.

"Teacher, please tell me how to seduce Jin!"

"...Don't call me, teacher, just call me Shishio-kun, alright? If you call me with a weird nickname again then I will leave you now," Shishio said and was about to stand up.


Misaki quickly hugged Shishio's legs and didn't let him go. "I won't call you by your weird nickname, Shishio-kun! Please let me know how to make Jin feel for me!"

Shishio let out a sigh and said, "Misaki-senpai, I think you should change your strategy."

"Change my strategy?" Misaki looked at Shishio curiously.

"Yes." Shishio nodded and said, "You have always tried to think of a method to attack Jin-senpai and make him fall for you, but have you ever thought to make Jin-senpai move and attack you?"


Misaki then stood up and looked at Shishio in expectation. "Is there a way to make Jin-kun attack me?" If there was such a method then she would be very happy!



Misaki was too stunned and then asked, "What?! Why?!"

"Because I have never seen Jin-senpai."


Misaki opened her mouth and felt that Shishio was right. "Th... Then what should I do now?"

Shishio showed a helpless expression and said, "You should know that in both love and war, you need to think of a strategy, know your enemy, and know your ally, you should grasp every information around you, then... make him fall for you!"


Misaki felt that there was a nuclear bomb that exploded on her head. She then nodded eagerly and saluted. "Then I will go to collect all the information about the target, commander!"

"I am not a commander! But this time, I won't correct you so go! Grab your love, girl!"


Misaki then dashed swiftly to her room, trying to search all the information about her crush and made a strategy to make him fall for her, then attack her on the bed, then marry!

Misaki then laughed, thinking about the future, and felt glad that there was Shishio who joined the Sakurasou.

Looking at Misaki's back, Shishio shook his head and decided to take a bath to refresh himself, at the same time, why he felt that his situation where he helped the love life of girl was similar to a romance story that he had watched in his previous life, but he didn't think too much since he really didn't have an idea about this silly girl.