Chapter 2 - I Refuse!

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

Shishio was dumbfounded, and he was confused when he saw the panel on his head. However, he knew that he wasn't dreaming. It was so sudden that he was in a daze, but...

"Shishio, what's wrong? Why are you in a daze?" Chihiro asked and looked at Shishio in worry, wondering whether he was tired or homesick at this moment.??

Shaking his head, Shishio said, "I am sorry, Chihiro-nee. You're so beautiful that I understand why I asked you to marry when I was a child." Even though he was curious about what had happened to himself and what was the panel that appeared on his head, it wasn't the time to check it since his aunt was right in front of him.


In truth, Shishio wanted to check right away if he really received those rewards. However, if he really did that, his aunt would think that he was crazy, and that would be bad for him since he didn't want his aunt to think of him as a weirdo.

Hearing Shishio's words, Chihiro smiled brightly and patted his shoulder several times.

"Haha, you're still young. If I am still single when you have graduated, then I might think about your proposal."

No woman would be unhappy when they were praised as beautiful, and of course, Chihiro was the same.


However, Shishio was speechless since he didn't expect that his aunt would be this happy when he was simply praising her, and he only hoped that his aunt didn't take his words seriously.

"Alright, enough with a joke, follow me to the car," Chihiro said with a smile.

"Yes, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio nodded and pulled his suitcase, following Chihiro to the car.

Chihiro, who was walking beside Shishio, couldn't help but ask when she saw Shishio only brought a suitcase with him.

"You have only brought a suitcase?"

Shishio nodded and said, "Yes, I feel that I don't need much, and if I need something, then I can buy it here." His mother had prepared a lot of things for him. However, he felt that it was too much, considering that he would live in a dorm and he was sure that his room would be quite small. If he brought too much, he was sure that it would be troublesome, and he wasn't sure whether all of his luggage would fit in his dorm.

Chihiro nodded and said, "If you need my help, then tell me, I will bring you to the department store to buy what you need." She also understood that Shishio was a boy, and it was normal that he didn't have that much luggage.

"Thank you, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio smiled and felt glad that his aunt was very kind, and at the same time, he was wondering why his aunt was still single at this moment. Looking at her smiling face, he hoped for someone to marry her as soon as possible or else he would be the one who was going to take her.

"Okay, come with me. My car is parked near the parking lot," Chihiro said.


Shishio pulled his suitcase, and when he put it in Chihiro's car, he quickly said, "Chihiro-nee, I am sorry, but can I go to the toilet first?"

"Yes, I will wait for you here."

"Thank you."

Shishio then walked toward the toilet, and while walking, he quickly looked at the panel within his mind.


Shishio chose without hesitation, and he could feel a lot of information about "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery." He stopped for a moment since the amount of information that entered his head was quite a lot from the ingredients, cooking methods, recipes, experience, tips, etc.

Shishio stood for five seconds before he continued to walk.

His expression didn't show anything. However, inwardly, he was very happy since he knew that he had received a cheat that usually appeared on someone who was reincarnated in the story. It was also the reason why he could accept the thing which happened to him so quickly.

In truth, Shishio wanted to check this "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery" directly, but there wasn't any kitchen around him, so he decided to hold back.

While walking, Shishio opened the zipper on his shoulder bag and saw two unfamiliar passbooks. He looked at it for a bit. Then he walked toward the nearby ATM to check the amount of money inside the passbooks.

When Shishio was right in front of the ATM, he quickly put the card and inserted the password, which appeared on his head when he accepted the rewards.


Shishio was dumbfounded since there were 200 million yen inside the account. He checked the other account, and there was also another 200 million yen.

'Where's the last 100 million yen?'

Shishio thought for a bit and took out the previous Shishio Oga's bankbook, then checked the amount of money inside.

'115 million yen?'


Shishio then took the card back and walked out from the ATM, thinking that the previous Shishio Oga was quite rich. However, he was quite speechless when he thought about the source of 15 million yen on his account.

'515 million yen...'

Even if Shishio decided to drop out of his school with that amount of money, it was very easy for him to start his business. However, if he did that, he was sure that his parents were going to k kill him, and more than that, he didn't want to drop out since he knew education was important in this country.

Shishio thought about the cheat or system that he had just received and wondered why it had only appeared when he met his aunt.

'Even though I have met a lot of women and girls before...'

Walking back to his aunt's car, Shishio could see a lot of women that kept glancing at him. However, he didn't receive the same notification that he received before.

'Is there something special about my aunt?'

Shishio wasn't sure. However, he somehow recalled that he might have seen his aunt in his previous life.

'Where have I seen her?'

Shishio remembered that it might be from an anime, but he wasn't sure since it had been few years since he watched that anime.

'Still, the name of the system is Scumbag System?'

Shishio showed disgust at this moment. He felt that this system was too much. He had to admit that the reward that he received from the system was very tempting, however...

'I refuse to become a scumbag!'

Shishio couldn't accept the fact that he would harm a number of women so he could get a reward from the system.

But then...

Shishio was wondering if there was a loophole in the system that he could take advantage of. He thought for a while and decided to do an experiment. He walked toward a girl nearby and asked, "Excuse me."

"Ye - Yes!"

The girl was startled when Shishio talked to her, and she was a bit afraid, wondering whether he was angry since she had been watching him for a while, but no one could blame him since Shishio was her type and he was very handsome.

"Sorry to bother you, do you know where the toilet is? This is my first time here, so I don't know where to go," Shishio said with a troubled expression.

When the girl heard Shishio's words, her eyes brightened, and she said, "Oh, the toilet? How about I guide you there?"

"Can you? Thank you very much!" Shishio said with a grateful smile.

While walking, they talked to each other.

"Where did you come from?"

"I am from Kyoto. What about you?"



When Shishio returned, he looked at the paper that wrote the phone number and email that he received from the girl. He looked at it for a bit before he threw it into the trash since he knew that his experiment had failed. He was wondering if there was a special method to trigger the system since there wasn't much of an explanation on the system besides telling him to get as much as girls or women in this life.

Shishio shook his head and entered his aunt's car.

"Sorry to make you wait, Chihiro-nee. I was lost before," Shishio said with an apologetic face.

"No problem." Chihiro shook her head and said, "If you're ready, then let's go to your new home from now on."


Shishio nodded with a smile.

"Oh, right, I forgot to say this."

"What's wrong, Chihiro-nee?"

Chihiro looked at Shishio and smiled.

"Welcome to Tokyo, Shishio."