Chapter 20 - Writer And Publishing House

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

Shishio returned to his room and packed his clothes into the wardrobe since he still kept his clothes inside the suitcase. It had been a day, he had been in this dorm after all so he needed to tidy up his room.

After he had done all of that, he went to the bathroom to take a bath.??

Unlike in the early morning when he was quite busy and in a rush, Shishio knew that there was a quite huge bathtub inside the bathroom, he thought to dip in the bathtub and relax for a while. He also thought to open his reward at that time since he really received a lot of rewards today.

Shishio was familiar with the location of the bathroom and in front of the door with blue curtains, with "male" large kanji letters written on it, he directly opened and saw someone inside.

"Oh, is it Oga-kun? Are you going to take a bath so late? Do you want to take a bath together?" Shirosaki asked with a smile.


Shishio knew that it was quite common for the people in this country to take a bath together since Kyoto, he also tried to take a public bath, taking a bath with everyone along with his father in this world. He felt weird at first, however, he didn't have anything to hide and he had a big weapon so he didn't need to feel afraid or anything.

"Yes, Shiro-san, but let's not get too close to each other, alright?" Shishio said politely, but rudely at the same time.

"Wow! You even ridicule me in a polite way! You're amazing Oga-kun!" Shirosaki was very excited at that moment.

Shishio pretended that this guy didn't exist and covered his waist with a white towel before he washed his body, after all, he shouldn't enter the warm water pool with a dirty body, right?


On the other hand, Shirosaki was amazed when he saw Shishio's body and weapon. He had to admit that Shishio's body was very amazing and it might be comparable to the first-class athletes. Then Shishio's weapon... Shirosaki believed that if those nymphos saw it, then they would flock around him without hesitation.

"Oga-kun, have you done a sport or martial art?'

"Yes, I have learned Bajiquan, Shiro-san," Shishio answered subconsciously while washing his hair. He had received "Bajiquan Mastery" before so he didn't lie, though, he really wanted to open this reward right away since, with this skill, he could protect himself and those around him.

"Wow, Bajiquan? Really? That's amazing!"

As a writer, Shirosaki often did research on various things and of course, he researched martial arts, including Bajiquan.

He knew that most of the bodyguards for those people with authority in China learned Bajiquan, showing how strong and dangerous this martial art was, however...

"But why did you learn Bajiquan? It isn't common to learn such a martial art, right?"

Even though Bajiquan was powerful, it wasn't common to learn such martial arts since most of the people in this country either learn kendo, karate, judo, boxing, etc.

"Well, there's a dojo in Kyoto. I feel that it is a bit unique so I try to learn and surprisingly I have a knack for it," Shishio said and entered the pool, however, he still put a distance from Shirosaki since the impact that Shirosaki brought him earlier was too big for him.

"I see."

Shirosaki nodded and didn't feel surprised after all it wasn't uncommon for young people to learn something unique and wanted to be special, but if Shishio was able to build his body into this state with martial arts alone, then he knew that Shishio was very powerful.

"Shiro-san, I have heard that you're a popular writer, is that true?" Shishio looked at Shirosaki curiously.

"Hehehe..." Shirosaki was a bit embarrassed and said, "Well, I am not that famous, but I have published several books so I have a name in this industry."

"Then I will buy your book at the bookstore tomorrow." Shishio was quite curious what kind of book this pervert could write.

"Huh? If you want to read it then I can lend it to you."

Shirosaki didn't think that it was necessary for Shishio to buy his book since he could lend it to him, especially when both of them were tenants of Sakurasou. He also had a good impression of Shishio since this guy was a sadist.

"Shiro-san, I want to support you as the same tenant of the Sakurasou and if the book is really good can you give me a sign?" Shishio asked sincerely.


Shirosaki felt that his heart was very warm at that moment.

"But still, if I buy the bulk of your book then ask you to sign all of it, I wonder whether I can sell it double to your fans," Shishio said while rubbing his chin, thinking of a method to make money.


Shirosaki felt that Shishio was really a natural sadist and very cunning. He wasn't sure why, but he felt that this guy might become big in the future, but he became more excited at that time.

"I was joking, Shiro-san, but still, I will buy your book tomorrow," Shishio said with a gentle smile.

"Thank you very much!" Shirosaki said without hesitation with a happy smile.

"But if your book is really bad then I will comment right in front of you without leaving without any mercy," Shishio said.

"Thank you very much!" Shirosaki said with a flush of excitement and thought that this guy was the best!


Shishio was speechless and felt that he had enough of playing around. "Shiro-san, which publishing house publishes your book?"

"Oh, I published it in Kodansha," Shirosaki said since he didn't think that it was something to hide. "What's wrong? Do you want to become a writer? Or do you want to work as an editor in that place in the future?" He thought that Shishio was interested in working in a publishing house or became a writer in the future, after all, Kondansha was the biggest publishing house in this country so he didn't think it was wrong for Shishio to have the interest to work in that place.

"Kodansha, huh?" Shishio rubbed his chin and asked, "I have read in some articles that Kodansha has a loss in the previous year, right?"

"That's true, but even if that company is at a loss, there are going to be a lot of banks that will lend it money," Shirosaki said since he didn't think that someone could shake the throne one of the biggest publishing houses in this country.

In truth, Shishio very was interested in the publishing house in this country since this country had a unique culture for books, and, even though he had already become a rich man, there was still a gap between him and those people who controlled the lives of millions of people.

Then both of them talked to each other for a while, regarding books, publishing houses downturn, and a lot more, after all, unlike, in the past, the glory of the publishing house had long past gone, but even so, this industry was still powerful.

When Shirosaki talked with Shishio, he knew for sure that the boy in front of him might really become a big person in the future, and somehow, he wanted to write something at this moment.

After both of them had enough, they went out and went back to their rooms since they had something to do.

Shirosaki was thinking about a new idea for his book, on the other hand, Shishio was about to open the reward that he had received.

Looking at the number of rewards that he received, he felt a bit dumbfounded for some reason since it was too much, right?