Chapter 21 - The Way Of Household Husband

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

Name: Shishio Oga.

Body: 16 (normal adult has 10 points).??

Skills: "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery", "Enhanced Memory", "Education Knowledge Mastery (nursery, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school)", "Patting Mastery".

Assets: 20 billion 515 million yen, investment company, Wagnaria chain restaurant, Royal Okura Hotel.


Looking at his status panel, Shishio had to admit that he was amazed and at the same time, he knew that all of those assets were real since he had a certificate as an owner of all of those assets. He took his phone and saw the phone number of his financial advisor.

"Claudia Hodgins."

Shishio closed his eyes and a memory of a tall middle-aged man appeared in his mind. He knew that this person was being employed by the system and his loyalty was without a doubt, but then, he didn't think that it was necessary to call him now since he was still very busy at that moment.

It wouldn't be too late to call him until he had settled down everything, especially since there were still a lot of rewards that he hadn't accepted until now.

<"Cooking Mastery", "Enhanced Vision", "Thunder Breathing", "Language Mastery", "Bajiquan Mastery", "Makeup Mastery", "Cinematography Mastery">

Looking at the number of rewards, he thought for a while and decided to accept the reward that didn't have a relation with martial arts.

'The first one is...'


Shishio then felt a lot of information entered his head again and strangely enough, it felt very comfortable. He laid on his bed and closed his eyes until the process was over and as expected, he was capable of talking in various languages on earth from English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, etc.

Shishio was sure if this skill would be a great help if he decided to become a bureaucrat, though, with all of his assets, it was impossible for him to work under someone.

Shishio tapped his temple and thought if he received a "Programming Mastery", then he might as well build those famous websites directly.


Shishio closed his eyes and felt that he really needed to talk with Hodgins as soon as possible so he would be able to invest in the most popular online video-sharing platform, Y*utube, and famous media social, F*cebook. He remembered that Y*utube had just started in February, and felt that he should be able to eat 90% of the shares of this company with 10 million dollars. For F*cebook, it might be more expensive, since it had been a year since it was built and it might need more money to get some shares from it and he also knew very well that he couldn't get as much as shares like in Y*uTube in F*cebook's case, but it didn't really matter.

Then next year, he should be able to sell Y*uTube to G*ogle for one billion dollars, and for F*cebook, he didn't need to do anything, waiting for it to go on IPO in 2012. He thought it was a big bargain, thinking for a bit that he couldn't wait any longer, and took his phone to call Hodgins directly.

It was only answered for a few seconds.

"Boss, have you finally come to Tokyo?!"

His voice was full of excitement since he had been waiting for his boss to come to Tokyo. The only one who knew about Shishio's identity was him and the executives of the investment company. Even though he was only a young man in his 15, his net worth was something that the majority of people find impossible to reach in their lives.

In Hodgins's mind, Shishio was a combination of Warren Buffet and George Soros since most of his net worth was coming from both stock and forex.


However, before he was about to say something...

"Then do you want to come to the company? I will pick you up myself, where are you, boss?" However, when Hodgins was about to continue his boss's voice stopped him.


"Ye... yes?"

"Calm down, there's something that I want to tell you so be quiet for a bit."

"Yes, please tell me, boss."

"I want you to go to California to invest in Y*utube and F*cebook. If possible, you should buy as many shares as possible and leave the operation to the founders," Shishio said.

"Y*utube? F*cebook? Alright, I will send someone to investigate and invest in that company," Hodgins answered.


"So is that all, boss? Don't you want to come to the company?"

"No, I'm still quite busy with school," Shishio said.

"....I almost forgot that you're in high school now, boss." Hodgins let out a sigh and always forgot that his boss was at high school. "Then enjoy your youth boss, I will help you to take care of the company until you have graduated. If possible, you should get a lot of lovers so you can have a lot of children in the future."


Shishio wasn't sure how to answer Hodgins's words. "I'm going to close the phone and take care of the rest, alright?'

"Leave it to me, boss," Hodgins said.

"By the way, Hodgins."

"What's wrong, boss?"

"Are you married?"

"Of course! I have a lovely wife and daughter, Boss! Ah, she's very cute, she's my angel!"


Shishio quickly stopped Hodgins and both of them talked for a while until he promised to visit the company in the future. He put his phone to the side and thought that his aunt's luck was very bad that she hadn't married until now.



Chihiro wiped her nose and wasn't sure why she felt very annoyed at that moment. She clenched her fist and felt that she wanted to punch someone now.


Shishio then accepted the rest of the rewards from "Cooking Mastery", "Makeup Mastery", and "Cinematography Mastery".

The "Cooking Mastery" was obvious and he knew that he could cook all the dishes in this world easily.

The "Makeup Mastery" was even more amazing since, with his makeup, he could change his appearance to anyone, whether it was another person, elderly, woman, etc.

Shishio thought that he really had the possibility to become the best household husband in the world. The only thing that he lacked at this moment was a rich wife so he didn't need to work in the future or rather should he find a wife that was good at the business so she would take care of his business in his place?

Shishio thought that the possibility of being a household husband wasn't bad at all.

However, Shishio rejected that idea after he accepted the "Cinematography Mastery" since with this skill, there was a lot of information about how to make a movie, using a camera, giving an effect, making an interesting interaction, acting, etc on his head.

It was so amazing that Shishio felt that it was a pity that he didn't have a movie company.

'The lastly...'

<"Enhanced Vision", "Thunder Breathing", "Bajiquan Mastery">

Shishio looked at three rewards that he hadn't accepted and decided to accept both "Bajiquan Mastery" and "Thunder Breathing". For "Enhanced Vision", he really felt glad about the reward since it was better than "Enhanced Hearing", "Enhanced Smelling", "Enhanced Taste", or "Enhanced Touches".

Unlike those four that he mentioned above, the "Enhanced Vision" wouldn't cause trouble in his life.

If he received an "Enhanced Hearing" then he might have trouble sleeping.

If he received an "Enhanced Smelling" then he might smell a disgusting smell from a distance and the smell of girl perfume might be a bit too much for him.

If he received an "Enhanced Taste" then he might create the best dish, however, he might not be able to eat something peacefully.

If he received an "Enhanced Touch" then he might have become very sensitive and this thing was the most troublesome out of five senses since he was worried that he might have premature ejaculation because of this ability.

However, the "Enhanced Vision" wouldn't give him trouble since it only made his eyes better, well, his eyes might be more sensitive to the sunshine, but such a thing was a small matter since, with this ability, he could see something from a distance.

Then without hesitation, he received those three rewards and closed his eyes, accepting all the information that entered his head.