Chapter 22 - Wheres The Main Protagonist?

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

The next day, Shishio opened his eyes and felt that the world was so clear in his eyes. He knew that the reward from the system was amazing, especially after he received "Enhanced Vision". He stood up then opened the curtain of his room.

When he opened the window, he didn't feel that the sunshine was uncomfortable to his eyes which made him glad. He then looked around and could see a bolt that was about 300 meters away which made him a bit speechless.??

Shishio knew that his vision was good, but he didn't expect to be this good. He rubbed his face for a while and felt glad that the "Enhanced Vision" didn't give a problem to his life. He looked at the clock and the time showed 6:20.

Shishio didn't intend to sleep and thought about making breakfast since he wanted to try both "Bajiquan Mastery" and "Thunder Breathing". Even though he had eaten a lot, he felt that he needed more energy since he was afraid to become famished after he had done his exercise.

Shishio then washed up his face and brushed his teeth before he went back to his room to clean up. He was living alone and he didn't have a maid or girlfriend that could help him, so all he could do was to clean up the room by himself.

After he had finished, he changed his clothes to sport pants and a sleeveless sports t-shirt.

In truth, he wanted to try both "Thunder Breathing" and "Bajiquan Mastery" right away, however, both martial arts were very dangerous to be done indoors since it might cause damage to his room, especially when both martial arts needed to be done with a very hard stomp and both of the martial arts were focussed on speed.

In his small room, there was no way that he could perform both of them here.

'Still, "Thunder Breathing" is amazing.'

Unlike "Bajiquan Mastery" that gave him a mastery knowledge of Bajiquan, "Thunder Breathing" was something that was coming from a fantasy story, but even if he received "Thunder Breathing", he didn't think that he would be able to create a special effect where thunder was emitted from his body when he used "Thunder Breathing".

But even so, this "Thunder Breathing" was a powerful martial art.

Shishio was also wondering if he could get a katana since "Thunder Breathing" was swordsmanship and of course, he needed a katana to use it and based on his understanding, this martial art was...

'It's a bit similar to Iaijutsu (quick-draw sword technique).'

Shishio remembered that there was a wooden sword in the dorm before and wondered whether he could borrow it. He then walked down to the first floor to prepare breakfast, but then he saw a figure appeared from the left corridor.

Listening to the sound of footsteps, a girl that wore a yellow casual t-shirt and black shorts came over.

The girl had a fair complexion, short brown hair, and bright violet eyes.

Shishio had to admit that this girl was quite beautiful and somehow her appearance reminded him of Rui, however, he knew this girl seemed to have the same origin such as Shiro-san and Sayaka.

The girl didn't notice him since she had been reading the book on her hands intently.

Shishio was wondering whether the book that she read was very interesting because even though she was walking she kept reading the book on her head. This scene somehow reminded him of the scene of his previous life, however, most of them were holding a smartphone not a book however...

Shishio somehow had an idea of who this girl was and at the same time, he raised his eyebrow since this world had become a mix between a lot of stories, but at the same time, he was glad that he didn't become a mangaka or novelist since he was afraid that the characters that he made of his works might appear on reality.

Shishio felt that if he wanted to copy the works from his previous life, he needed to check whether the characters inside his stories existed in this world or not.


In truth, Shishio was stunned since he didn't expect that he would receive a huge publishing house so suddenly. He also knew the worth of Kondasha was very huge and it was also a privately owned company. Even though it might have been a loss in operation last year, having 67% shares of the company had made him a billionaire.

On the first day, he received a system, he received 500 million yen, on the second day, he received 20 billion yen, and on the third day, his net worth should reach a hundred of billion, right?

Shishio felt a bit dumbfounded at how fast he gathered his assets, however, he was already numb with the system and he knew the speed at which he gathered his assets should be slower later on since if wanted to get more rewards in the future, he needed to do that kind of things with the target that had been chosen by the system since the loophole of the system was already useless.

Shishio didn't want to become a scumbag so if he wanted to become richer then he needed to think about how to increase his assets without the help of the system.

"Hello, you're?"

Just when Shishio was surprised by his reward and thought about his future, the girl, who walked out of the corridor, stopped since she noticed him standing alone at the entrance of the hall seemed to be in deep thought.

Shishio quickly woke up and greeted the girl.

"Hello, I am Chihiro-sensei's nephew. My name is Shishio Oga. I have just arrived at Sakurasou two days ago, nice to meet you, and please take care of me."

In truth, Shishio wanted to greet the girl first, but the reward that he received was so rich that it made him stop for a moment.

"Oh, Chihiro-nee has mentioned you before. My name is Ritsu Kawai. Nice to meet you too and please take care of me, and lastly, please don't stand in the middle of the hallway since it will disturb someone's path."

After Ritsu finished speaking, she didn't wait for his response, turned around, and left directly.


For a moment, Shishio thought to push her down to the ground and slapped her butts in place of her parents after she said those words, but his heart was as vast as the Pacific Ocean so he should forgive her, especially after he had received a huge reward because of this girl.

Shishio then shook his head and wondered why the main character of the story fell in love with such a girl. He knew that this girl was quite cute and beautiful, but that was it.

There were a lot of beautiful girls after all, and there was no need to chase after a girl with a strange personality.


Shishio then wondered where the main characters of the stories that he had seen in his previous life since he hadn't seen them since he came to Tokyo. He knew that there were two main characters based on the people that he had seen in the past few days, he didn't mind the one that fell with Ritsu Kawai, however, the other one that had the same origin as his aunt, he felt that boy was very troublesome, especially when his relationship with the heroine was very toxic.

Shishio then decided to go to the kitchen, someone called out his name.

"Oga-kun? What are you doing here?"