Chapter 23 - Bicycle

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

"Good morning, Oga-kun. What are you doing here?"

Shiro-san appeared from the entrance of the courtyard, sweating profusely.??

Looking at this pervert, Shishio didn't expect this guy to get up so early. When he thought about Ritsu that he had seen previously, he was wondering how two stories could be mixed into one.

Shishio also had to admit compared to Ritsu, his impression of Shiro-san was bigger since this guy's character was unique or rather this guy was the most perverted guy that he had ever seen, however, he also had to admit even though this guy was a pervert, he was harmless.

"Good morning, Shiro-san, I am about to go to the kitchen to eat something. By the way, you sure wake up so early."

Shishio thought of Sayaka, Shiro-san, and Ritsu should be from the same origin, and there should be more people with the same origin in the future. Even though he had to admit that those people were quite weird, they were harmless and didn't cause harm or something so his life in Sakurasou should be alright, right?

"Oh, I couldn't sleep last night and I remember there was an abandoned bicycle in the courtyard before so I wanted to see whether it could be repaired or not. I have repaired now, so Oga-kun can go to the school by riding a bicycle later."

Shiro-san said with a gentle smile.


Shishio had to admit even though this guy was a pervert this guy was very kind. But still, he looked at Shiro-san in surprise and said, "Oh, Thank you very much, Shiro-san." He knew that their relationship had become quite close by talking to each other in the bathroom last night, but he didn't expect him to take care of him this way.

Shishio felt a bit guilty when he thought that he had treated this guy quite cruelly last night.

"Nothing. I love doing this kind of thing after all, and if you have something that is broken and needs a repair, then you can come to me, Oga-kun, I am quite good at repairing something."

Shiro-san waved his hand, indicating that he didn't need to say thank you and he did this kind of thing because he loved it.

"Is that so? Can I take a look at the bicycle?"

Shishio didn't expect the bicycle to be repaired and he was wondering whether this guy hadn't gone to sleep since last night. From the entrance of the hallway, he could see that the sun hadn't completely risen and the sky was quite dark.

Shishio then rubbed his shoulders since it was colder than he had thought and he regretted wearing a sleeveless t-shirt in this situation.

Following Shiro-san, the two came to the courtyard of the Sakurasou and they saw a clean bicycle standing in the middle of the courtyard. There were some repair tools and rags were scattered around it.

"What do you think of this bicycle, Shishio-kun? Don't you think it is great? I have completely repaired it."

Shiro-san patted the bicycle seat with quite an excited expression, waiting for his praise.


"Look! Look, Oga-kun! Can you see this streamlined shape, sporty handles, a comfortable seat that is made from pure foam, and this sturdy carrier rack, even if you let someone sit behind, there won't be any problem at all!"


"Come one, Oga-kun, hurry and try it! From now on, this bicycle will be your golden mount and you can use it to ride toward your youth!"


Shishio took a deep breath and smiled.

When Shiro-san saw Shishio's smile, he also smiled brighter.

"Thank you very much, Shiro-san, but allow me to refuse."

"What?! Why, Oga-kun? You don't like it?" Shiro-san was startled and confused.

"I don't want to be considered a pervert."

"Huh? You think too much, Oga-kun! There's no way that you'll be considered a pervert."


Shishio silently looked at the red rope on the bicycle's body, although it was normal there was a rope, it was abnormal to tie the rope in tortoise-shell rope binding. He then looked at Shiro-san and should have never expected something from this man.

In the end, a pervert was a pervert.

Shishio then looked at Shiro-san as if he was rubbish, even if someone was a pervert, there should be a limit, right? He also didn't want to be implicated since he didn't want to be called a pervert.

"Ah! Such a gaze...! I really am...!"

Shiro-san then hugged himself with a flush of excitement.


Shishio gave up since he knew that this guy could no longer be saved. He felt that it was completely safe to keep his distance from Shiro-san. He then entered the dorm and decided to ignore this pervert since he was sure that this guy was happier that way. He went to the kitchen, leaving Shiro-san and his bicycle alone in the courtyard. He felt quite hungry after his meeting with Shiro-san, and if he didn't meet him in the morning then he should have breakfast at this moment.

Shishio looked at the ingredients that he had bought yesterday and thought about making a traditional Japanese breakfast. Even though last night, he had accepted "Cooking Mastery", most of the ingredients that he had bought yesterday were mostly used to cook a Japanese dish after all.

Shishio then took some rice and washed it before he cooked it on the rice cooker. He took a salmon fillet and sprinkled it with salt, leaving it aside for a while so the sweat and the smell from the fish would disappear.

There were a lot of things that he needed to do from boiling the water, washing the vegetables, making miso soup, etc.

Shishio was wondering if he should make a pickle since he felt that it would be good to have one. His tongue suddenly let out saliva when he thought how delicious those pickles were.

While cooking, Shishio was wondering how his exam grade was in the afternoon and wondered how well he did on it. He was sure that he would be accepted, but he wasn't sure how his score on this exam was, especially after he had received "Education Knowledge Mastery".

Shishio then cracked the egg, put it on the bowl, then beat it with chopsticks rhythmically however, suddenly the door of the kitchen was pushed open from outside, causing him to turn around to see who had entered the kitchen.