Chapter 25 - Who Is Stronger Playboy?

Chapter 25 of 50 chapters


The sound of the window was slammed and someone came out from the window, shouting something incredible.??

"Shishio-kun, you were so amazing last night!!!"


At that moment, the people who were moving around Sakuraou stopped and opened their mouths wide.

On the other hand, Shishio stared at Misaki and his eyes squinted for a moment.

"Ah! My body can't live without you anymore!"


The males looked at Shishio and they looked at him with envious expression, especially when they saw his body.

On the other hand, the reaction of the females around were unexpected since they had a blush on their faces and they seemed to be thinking about something.


Shishio knew that everyone in this place was weird, but he didn't expect that Misaki who begged him last night would do this kind of thing to him. He frowned and really couldn't think what was inside the head of this girl.

"Come on, Shishio-kun! Let's fly together into the world of carnal desire!"


Shishio took a deep breath then turned his head toward a group of people.

"I am sorry!"


When everyone was stunned by Misaki's words and thinking that Shishio was a super pervert, they suddenly gathered their attention toward Shishio, who suddenly apologized toward them.

"I am sorry for the trouble that has been caused by the tenants of Sakurasou, but not all the people who are living in this place are weirdos." Shishio then showed a sad expression and pointed his finger at Misaki, who was on the second floor. "When she was a baby, her head hit the floor and caused her to be a bit wrong on her head, so I hope that there's no misunderstanding between us."

The advantage of a handsome face was great since it was easy to gather everyone's attention and at the same time, it was very easy to make people believe him, especially those women in front of him.

"I see..."

"What a sad girl..."

"If you need help, then come to my house, I will help you."

Then a group of housewives and girls seemed to feel sad for Shishio since he had to live with a group of weirdos.

"Thank you very much, then I might trouble you if I really need help," Shishio said with a gentle smile. He talked with the group of housewives and girls to fix the misunderstanding between them, but he ignored the guys since he didn't care since he knew that group of guys didn't have a hobby of gossiping that much and it was more pleasing to talk with a group of females after all.


On the other hand, Misaki was dumbfounded since she was mistaken as a girl with something wrong on her head and when she was about to say something again, she saw Shishio glanced at her with a gentle smile, however, when she saw that smile, she shuddered and hid slowly in her room.

Shishio was able to successfully save his reputation and at the same time, he had decided not to help Misaki.

When Shishio was talking, he was also wondering where the main character of the story was.

'If I'm not wrong, his name should be Kanda Sorata, right?'

If the main character had gone, then what would happen to the main heroine of the story?

Shishio had been in this place for at least three days, but he hadn't seen the main character of the story. He was wondering whether his appearance made the main character disappear, if so, then he didn't care much since both of them were strangers and he didn't like this main character that much.

However, at the same time, he realized that he needed to erase the thought that they were a character from a story, but rather they were a human and he was living with them at this moment.

After Shishio had talked with a group of housewives and girls to save his reputation, he said goodbye to them and when he was about to enter the dorm, he stopped when he saw a car that stopped right in front of Sakurasou and the youth wearing a high school uniform of the Suimei University of the Arts affiliated high school came out of the car.

The youth had short light brown hair, wore rimless glasses, a handsome appearance, and a temperament that could attract women, though, it was worse than Shishio.

Shishio looked at this youth and knew instantly who this youth was, he then glanced at Misaki and she also happened to glance at him and gave him a hurried nod, telling him that this youth was her crush.

Shishio looked at the youth in front of him and nodded. He understood that a bad boy's charm was bigger than a good boy's charm. Even though a good boy might be loyal and kind, a bad boy was sought after by most women since they could give a woman a good time which was why this youth was quite popular.

The youth then looked at Shishio and felt a bit surprised, before his expression returned to a gentle smile.

"Hello, my name is Mitaka Jin, you're Shishio Oga, right?"

"Yes, hello, my name is Shishio Oga." Shishio nodded and said, "By the way, Mitaka-senpai, how did you know my name?" Even though he had some ideas, he still decided to ask away.

"Last night, Misaki sent me an e-mail, telling me that a new tenant that is very good at cooking has come to Sakurasou." Jin smiled and said, "Please take care of me in the future, Oga-kun."

"Yes, please take care of me too, Mitaka-senpai."

Shishio smiled then glanced at the woman that was inside the car.

"Oh, wait a minute."

Mitaka then turned around and kissed the woman in the car before saying goodbye, however...

"Mitaka-kun, who is that?" The woman that brought Mitaka before asked, looking at Shishio with a dangerous light.


Mitaka showed a forced smile then talked with the woman for a while.

"I'll call you again later."

Shishio looked at the interaction between Mitaka and the woman, but he didn't say much since he knew how big the pressure of working in Tokyo was and he knew that a lot of women, especially those working women, often felt stressed with their work and they were too lazy to make a relationship with someone since sometimes being in a relationship was also stressful so they often chose to have a friend with benefits relationship or one night stand, especially with those handsome men.

If Shishio wanted to do the same thing, he could do so, and if he wanted, he could steal the woman that was kissing Mitaka easily, however, he didn't have an interest in this girl and all the women that he had seen before from the group of housewives and girls. He was wondering whether there were no people that triggered his system here which made him sigh.

Mitaka noticed his woman stared at Shishio for a minute which made him sigh and feel uncomfortable. Even though he didn't love this woman, it felt uncomfortable when your woman stared at another man right in front of you.

It was also the reason why Mitaka was a bit surprised since he didn't expect Shishio would be so handsome and seemed more powerful than him since his body was quite scrawny. He then glanced at Shishio and seemed he didn't care much about him and his woman.

Mitaka then said goodbye to the woman then turned around, picking up his phone then made his memo.

"Let's see, I've got the racing queen Suzunne-san tomorrow. Rumi-san this weekend after she gets back from work, and she comes back from her honeymoon next week."

Mitaka then secretly glanced at Shishio, however, he saw Shishio had gone inside, thinking that he could see Shishio's reaction when he heard all of his appointment with beautiful girls, but it seemed that Shishio didn't have an interest in it. He shook his head and didn't think too much, waiting for another woman to pick him up, however...


"Yes, Oga-kun?"

Mitaka turned and saw Shishio gave him an apple.


"Eat this, even though you're young, your little brother might not be working in the future if you keep using it all the time during your youth, and be careful not being caught by STD," Shishio said such vicious words with a gentle smile.


Mitaka's corner of mouth twitched.

"Then I will go back first, don't thank me." Waving his hand, Shishio returned to Sakurasou since he wanted to test his "Bajiquan Mastery" and "Thunder Breathing".

Mitaka looked at the apple in his hand and ate it since he was hungry, and at the same time, he really thought that he really needed to be careful of STD and when he looked at Shishio's back, he thought that it was better to not stop right in front of Sakurasou in the future or else his women might be stolen by Shishio in the future.