Chapter 26 - Troublesome Senpai

Chapter 26 of 50 chapters

Shishio saw Jin enter a red sports car and left, but he didn't care much and entered the dorm, however...


Misaki quickly appeared before him, however...

Shishio only walked away without looking at Misaki, ignoring her directly.

"Don't ignore me!"

Misaki quickly hugged Shishio's leg and looked at him with tears since she was being ignored.

"Let go."


"Let go."


Misaki looked at Shishio, who was looking at her with an expressionless expression, and knew that she was wrong so she quickly said, "I am sorry! I.. I just want to play around! I.. I don't intend to cause you trouble!" She knew that he was angry since she tried to give him trouble.

"Really? But I feel that you're trying to give me trouble, right?"

In truth, Shishio felt that this girl was troublesome and he didn't want anything to do with this girl. In his mind, he also realized that all the women and girls that could trigger all his system were all troublesome people which made him helpless and wanted to get away from them, even though they were beautiful.


Misaki cried and kept hugging Shishio's leg tightly without letting him go. Her legs even moved around from right to left, up and down, like a child that begged their parents to buy them a toy, though, unlike a kid, this big kid had a huge chest which made Shishio's heart soft.


Shishio let out a long sigh and said, "This is the last time, don't do that kind of thing."

"Yes! Yes! This is the last time! I won't do this kind of thing again in the future!" Misaki looked at Shishio with a cheerful smile and nodded like a chicken.


Shishio patted Misaki's head which caused her to feel blissful for some reason.


Misaki laughed stupidly when she was patted.

"Now, let go of me, I can't walk like this," Shishio said.

However, Misaki didn't let him go and hugged his leg tighter, then stared at him with a serious expression.

"You have seen Jin before, so what do you think? How can he attack me? How can you make him fall in love with me?"

It was the reason why Misaki quickly walked down to the first floor since she wanted to ask Shishio how to make Jin fall in love with her.

"I just met him for a few minutes, how can I know how to make him fall in love with you?" Shishio looked at Misaki with confused expressions.

"But you have promised to tell me how to make him fall in love with me!" Misaki cried out once again and complained.

"I have never said that, I have only told you to grab your own love and gather the information of your crush, but I have never said that I will help you."

"What?! You lied to me!" Misaki cried out once again and tried to pull Shishio's pants since this guy was trying to lie.

"Let go of me! If you cause me more trouble then I will throw you out!"

Shishio held his pants and frowned since this girl was too much!

"What?! How can you throw such a cute girl like me?! Do you still have a human heart?!" Misaki looked at Shishio in disbelief.

"Huh? Where's the cute girl? Where is she?"

Shishio looked around in confusion.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Misaki quickly jumped and latched onto Shishio's back, then tried to strangle him, showing how furious she was.

"Misaki-senpai, as a girl, you should act like one!"

From the beginning to the end, in truth, Shishio's anger had dissipated, especially when Misaki's breasts had been pressed into his legs before, and at this moment, her breasts pressed into his back which made him a bit troubled to control his little skyscraper. He had to admit that being an adolescent boy was very troublesome since it was quite hard to control himself sometimes.

When Shishio thought about his situation, he was wondering whether the main characters of those harem stories had erectile dysfunction since they didn't even show a reaction when those beautiful heroines showed their bodies and done a lot of "ecchi" acts together.

"Senpai, don't you want to make Mitaka-senpai fall for you? I will tell you now so hurry up and let go of me!"

"No! I know that you're going to lie to me again!"

Misaki's legs were then wrapped around Shishio's waist and her hands tried to straggle his neck.

Shishio was very helpless and said, "Senpai, I am sorry. I realize that you're a very attractive girl."

"Eh? Really?" Misaki loosened her hands and looked at Shishio from the side curiously.

"Yes, so let go of me," Shishio said with a helpless expression. Even though he had said that he didn't have an interest in this girl, in the end, Misaki was a very cute girl and her body was also very plump which really troubled him since an adolescent boy in puberty. He was afraid that he might do something wrong even though he was quite good at holding himself back.

"No! I won't let you go! I will stay like this!"

"Then do what you want."

Shishio gave up since he knew that the one that was at a loss wasn't him, but Misaki since her breasts had been pressing at his back.


*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

"By the way, Shishio-kun, your smell is very good, what kind of soap and shampoo do you use?" Misaki smelled Shishio's body like a dog since his smell was very good and she liked this smell. This smell was very masculine and it gave her a sense of security.

"It's my natural smell."

Shishio said while grabbing his shoes at the entrance of the dorm since he decided to test both "Bajiquan Mastery" and "Thunder Breathing" after this, even though there was Misaki on his back, it didn't cause him too much trouble since she was quite light.

Looking at his actions, Misaki was curious and asked, "What are you doing?" In truth, she was quite surprised since she realized that her underclassman's body was really good after her hand had been touching his body.

Misaki wanted to open Shishio's t-shirt to see what was beneath, but she held her urge.

"I am going to practice martial arts, so can you please let go of me now?" Shishio asked.

"What? Martial art? What kind of martial art? Can I watch it?"

Misaki was like a curious baby, asking him a lot of questions. In truth, she was just thinking of making a fighting anime, but she didn't have any ideas on how to make it since she had never seen a martial artist besides on television. However, it was a long time ago and she had almost forgotten about it so when she heard that he was going to do martial art training, she became excited.

"If you let go of me then I will tell you," Shishio said.

"I see!" Misaki suddenly realized something and said, "This is just your trick, right? You just want to get away from me so you try to distract me with something! I know all of your plans! Your disguise has been uncovered by me, Detective Misaki!" She then showed a proud expression as if she had won something.

"Yes, great, you're right! I just want you to get away from me now," Shishio said without mercy.

Misaki then cried again and complained.

"Shishio-kun is cruel! You're a devil!"

Misaki then whined like a child again, holding Shishio's body while moving around, however, his body was like a mountain and it couldn't be moved at all.

Shishio let out a long sigh again and wondered why he met such a troublesome senpai. He then ignored Misaki and walked to the courtyard that was located in the middle of the dorm since he was about to try his martial art now.

When Misaki saw the change of expression on Shishio, she was stunned and looked at him curiously since it seemed that she was watching a samurai or a warrior that had fought thousands of battles for some reason. She wiped her eyes and looked at him again.

'Is it my illusion?'