Chapter 29 - I Am Not Pervert

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

"In my mind, even if you can complete half of the paper, and more than half of those answers are correct, it should be enough for you to pass the exam, but..."

Chihiro looked at Shishio with complicated eyes since her nephew could get a perfect score for the exam.??

"That low?"

Shishio raised his eyebrow and felt a bit surprised since he didn't expect that he would be able to pass with only an answered quarter of the questions on the exam. He thought that this country really had a happy education since the standard deviation was too low, right?

"Yes, it is just that your final grades surpassed everyone's expectations. Not only did you complete all the questions on the paper, but the most outrageous thing was that all of your answers were right! It means that you have gotten 600 points, and second place is only around 350 points, which means, your score is almost twice as high as the second place."


Chihiro let out a sigh and wondered whether this kind of score was something that humans could do. If she was given permission, she really wanted to see whether there was a computer inside Shishio's brain or not.

"Shishio-kun, is there a computer inside your head?"

Misaki's reaction was even more ridiculous since she stood up and tried to check Shishio's head.

"Senpai, are you so free that you have been bothering me for a while?"

Shishio really wanted to throw this girl out, but still, he had to admit that he was satisfied with the score that he received and he knew that with, showing his ability in the school, he could use most of his free time to learn about this world more, after all, he didn't want to be one of the gears in society.

Shishio wanted to control his own fate, became someone that was capable of ruling a country from behind the scenes, and became the richest man on earth!

Shishio didn't have that chance in his previous life before, but in this world, it was possible.


Shishio knew that he could become the richest man on earth if he used his system well, but he was quite reluctant to become a scumbag.

"You might not have any idea how amazing your grade is, even in the entire history of the Suimei University of the Arts affiliated high school, you're the only one who has received this score, and probably, no one in Tokyo is able to do the same feat as you. You're really a pervert. Even if the group of teachers in the school is also impossible to do this kind of thing, especially with only two hours of time," Chihiro said with a serious expression.

"Shishio-kun, you're really a pervert!" Misaki nodded in agreement.


Shishio twitched his lips and didn't feel happy that he was being called a pervert.

Chihiro felt that she really underestimated Shishio, but then again, for someone who could get 15 million yen in his bank account during his youth, it was very amazing, and it was normal for him to be such a genius since there were a lot of people in this country who couldn't even save that much money in their lives, but this boy could do it easily.

"Cough! In short, although you haven't enrolled yet, there is no teacher in the school who doesn't know about you anymore, and at night, it is estimated that all the students in the school will know that you're such a pervert. Even today there are a lot of teachers who are trying to grab you and almost made a big fight. You should know that although the student's grades will affect the teacher's bonus, it isn't that much, however, once a pervert like you appears, then it isn't impossible to buy a car with the year-end bonus so everyone is excited."


"...I feel conflicted about this."

Shishio massaged his temple and wasn't sure whether he should feel happy about it since in the eyes of those teachers, he was money.


Shishio rubbed his chin and remembered two teachers that could trigger his system.

'If I have a good relationship with them...'

Shishio felt that he needed to research his system more and was wondering whether he could get a reward by doing something else other than perverted things.

"As of now, there is still good news for you. Because your grades are beyond imagination, the management of the school know that they can't let you go so they decided to exempt you from all tuition and fees, but of course, you must ensure that you will have good grades and be the first in your grade, alright? By the way, they will also provide you with a scholarship of 300,000 yen per semester, isn't that good news?"

"This is really good news, thank you, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio didn't lack money, but then again, 300,000 yen was quite huge since most of the people in this country had a salary of around 200,000 yen each month and he would receive 300,000 yen for each semester which meant, he would receive 50,000 yen each month without doing anything, it might not sound much, but it was good enough for his pocket money.

If it was someone else, then they might use all their time to study to maintain their grade, but he didn't need to do so.

Shishio loved money after all so he was happy about it since he could get 50,000 yen by doing nothing.

"Okay, that's it, I have to go back to the school to check what is going on, after all, all the teachers know that I am your aunt."

Chihiro thought for a bit and asked, "What are you going to do after this?"

"After this?"

Shishio thought for a while and said, "I am going to take a bath and go to the bookstore."

"Bookstore?" 2x

Misaki and Chihiro looked at Shishio with weird expressions, wondering whether this boy was another Kawai Ritsu.

"What are you doing to the bookstore, Shishio-kun?" Misaki asked.

"Well, I want to buy some books and I have promised Shiro-san to buy his book last night," Shishio said.

"Shiro-san?!" 2x

Misaki and Chihiro's expressions became weirder.

"How can you be so close with that pervert?" Chihiro asked with a confused expression.

"Even if he's a pervert, he's a famous author, after all, I want to know what kind of book that is written by him," Shishio said.

Misaki and Chihiro nodded and they didn't feel surprised by Shishio's reaction since they also had that kind of time before where they were curious about that pervert's book.

"Then I will go back to making my anime!"

Misaki then stood up and ran back to her room.

Chihiro looked at Misaki's back and looked at Shishio. "Is your relationship with Kamigusa good?" She only realized it now, but she realized that Shishio and Misaki called out each other by their first name which made her dumbfounded. She was sure that both of them had only met each other yesterday, but how could they be so close?

"You don't need to think too much about that stupid girl, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio felt tired when he thought about Misaki.

Chihiro smiled and said, "She might be like that, but she isn't bad and she is very talented at making anime."

"Anime?" Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked, "She's an animator?"

"Well, you can ask her later, I have to go to school now."

Chihiro then picked up her coat and stood up directly from the kotatsu table. She then picked up her handbag and looked at him.

Shishio then stood up and said, "Do you want me to send you, Chihiro-nee?"

"You don't need to, but don't come back too late since there's going to be another tenant who is moving to this place," Chihiro said.

Shishio nodded and didn't think too much, the only thing that he hoped was that the people who came to this dorm wouldn't be as weird as Misaki or Shiro-san.

Chihiro looked at Shishio, who walked back to his room and raised her eyebrow. She didn't think that Misaki would fall for her nephew since she knew how Misaki was in love with Mitaka Jin, but...

"Forget it."

Chihiro shook her head and didn't think too much. She felt strange she thought that her nephew might date Misaki, however, she felt that Misaki was better to be with her nephew rather than such a playboy, but then again, she was wondering why she felt uncomfortable at this moment.


After taking a bath, Shishio changed into a white t-shirt, jeans, and a backpack since he was sure that he might buy a lot of books, especially those that were related to law and taxes. When he was about to go out, he saw someone at the entrance.

"Huh? Oga-kun, are you going out?"

"Oh, Sayaka-san." Shishio nodded and said, "Yes, I am about to go out, are you just coming back?" He remembered that Sayaka was wearing the same clothes as she wore yesterday. He was wondering if this girl was out for a party all night, however, he didn't feel surprised. He also was young once and he also had gone wild too during his university time.

"Yes, I just came back. Yesterday, I was dragged by my friend to play for a long time and I was so exhausted."

"I see, then you should rest now."

Shishio could see a faint bloodshot in her eyes and knew that she was very tired.

"Yes, then I will go back to my room to rest, see you later."

Sayaka yawned and felt very tired that she couldn't open her eyes properly.

"Okay, Sayaka-san, see you later."

Shishio watched Sayaka's back, before he put on his shoes, and left Sakurasou. On this trip, he hoped to meet someone that was able to trigger his system.