Chapter 3 - Bad Habit

Chapter 3 of 50 chapters

After Shishio sat down and closed the door, Chihiro drove the car out of the station's parking lot. Looking at high-rise buildings and a number of people outside, he felt relief for some reason.

Unlike Kyoto, where most of the things there were mostly traditional, the scenery in Tokyo was quite similar to the city where he had lived in his previous life. This city had somehow diluted the strange feeling on his heart since it was still hard to accept his identity as someone who had been reincarnated.??

Luckily, the previous Shishio Oga had a "chuunibyou."

The word "chuunibyou" might be unfamiliar outside the country. However, it was quite common in this country.

In short, "chuunibyou" is a derogative colloquial term in the Japanese language used to describe a person who manifests delusional behavior, particularly thinking that one has special powers that no other person has. Originally a term used to pertain to children in the second year of middle school who act like adults, the term eventually evolved into a term generally used to describe delusional behavior in general.

It was also the reason why his parents didn't feel weird when he wanted to move to Tokyo since his life in middle school was so shameful that his parents often nag, lecture, and reprimand him, so when his personality became normal, his parents were so grateful that they brought him to the temple directly, giving a lot of offerings, showing how happy they were, however, that action made him afraid since the priest on that temple came out, giving him a sutra or some kind of mantras. Still, he was glad that he wasn't an evil spirit, and he was alright.

Shishio knew that he had been reincarnated, and he couldn't return, so all he could do was to accept his new identity.

Thinking about his parents, Shishio was glad that his parents were kind. He could accept them as his parents easily since the care that they had given to him in the past month made him moved, and since he had become Shishio Oga, then in the place of the previous Shishio Oga, he would make his parents in this world happy.

It was the only thing that he could do at this moment.

Being accepted into high school, studying hard, entered a good university, and worked hard in his career was the only thing that he could do at this moment.

"Shishio, tomorrow, I will accompany you to school. You will be enrolled in a high school affiliated with Suimei University, known as Suimei University of the Arts. I am also working in that school as an art teacher in the art department. The opening ceremony will be held the day after tomorrow. Don't forget, alright?"

"Yes, Chihiro-nee." Shishio nodded and asked, "So are we going to the school now?" He knew that he shouldn't be thinking about the system at this moment. Still, he needed to process the memory of the previous Shishio Oga, especially about the lesson and knowledge in the middle school since the entrance exam would start tomorrow.

"No, where we're going now is the place where you will live in the future, which is the dorm that is attached to the school, and I am also the manager in that place. As for the name of the dorm, you will know it later, and you should get along with the other tenants, alright?"

Chihiro glanced at Shishio and felt a bit worried since she knew that he didn't have friends in this city. She was afraid that he would be lonely, and she really wondered why her older sister let him come to Tokyo alone.

"Yes, don't worry, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio understood what his aunt meant. Chihiro was worried about whether he could handle the interpersonal relationship when he arrived in a new place. After all, this country was Japan, and it was important to get along with each other in school. Still, he wondered why the school's name was so familiar, even though he had never been to Tokyo before.

"Oh, right, your mother has told me that you have a very bad habit."

This time, Chihiro looked at Shishio with a stern expression.

"Bad habit?"

Shishio twitched his lips and knew what Chihiro meant by the bad habit.

"Your mother has reminded me to watch you not gamble anymore, so you shouldn't do that here, alright?"

Chihiro was a bit confused at first, wondering whether she had heard wrong since her older sister told her that Shishio had a habit of gambling.

"Yes, you don't need to worry, Chihiro-nee. I won't do that kind of thing again."

The habit of the previous Shishio Oga was gambling, and it was also the source of the previous 15 million yen on his bank account.

Shishio Oga knew that it wasn't because the previous Shishio Oga loved to gamble, but rather because it was part of the setting of the Shishio Oga's character when he was still in chuunibyou. He was a bit dumbfounded. However, he had to admit that the previous Shishio Oga was a great gambler since he could turn five hundred thousand yen of savings and new year money that had been collected several years into several times.

Chihiro felt weird by Shishio's answer and asked, "What's wrong? Have you lost a lot of money on gambling before that you're going to stop?" She didn't expect her nephew to say that he was going to stop gambling directly and wondered why he didn't try to negotiate or fight her back since she knew that her older sister was troubled by Shishio's gambling habit.


Shishio was speechless, wondering whether his aunt wanted him to continue his bad habit, but he still answered.

"I will become a high school student after all, so I have thought about graduating from those bad habits."

"Oh? It isn't because you have lost money?" Chihiro tried to tease Shishio since, in her mind, a gamble between middle school students was only 100 yen or at most 500 yen.

"No, I have won a lot," Shishio answered absentmindedly while watching the scenery of Tokyo since he was curious.

"Oh? Have you won? How much?"

Chihiro thought that her nephew would probably win around 10,000 yen or something.

"15 million yen."


Chihiro blinked her eyes and thought that she had heard something wrong.

"I am sorry, Shishio, can you tell me again how much money you have gotten from gambling?"

"It's 15 million yen."

Shishio didn't think of a reason to hide his 15 million yen since there were another 500 million yen in his bank account, though, even if he said that he believed his aunt wouldn't believe him. However, he regretted answering Chihiro's question since he was afraid that he might not be able to arrive at his new dorm.

"Chihiro-nee! Chihiro-nee! Watch the road! We're going to crash!"

Hearing Shishio's shout, Chihiro quickly stopped on the side and let out a sigh of relief since she almost moved into the other side of the street. She then looked at her nephew with red eyes and asked, "Are you serious?!"


Shishio was speechless.

They were about to crash into another car before, but this woman asked him whether the amount of money that he had won was real or not?

Shishio somehow understood why his aunt hadn't been married at this moment.



The moment Chihiro heard those words, she felt that she was blown away. Her salary was around 500,000 yen a month, and she had been working for the past six to seven years, which meant she could get around 6 million yen per year. The total amount of money that she had collected for the past seven years was 42 million yen.

However, all of that money needed to be deducted from her expenses for food, make-up, outing, gasoline, clothing, insurance, tax, etc.

Even though Chihiro didn't need to pay her rent since she was the manager of the dorm, the expense of her life was quite big, and because of that, her savings weren't much.

Chihiro felt a bit embarrassed since her saving was only 1/3 of her nephew's net worth. She then continued to drive, then patted his nephew's shoulder.

"Save your money, don't gamble again."


In Chihiro's opinion, gambling was risky, and it was better to save it since no one could know whether his nephew would be lucky in the future.

Hearing Chihiro's words, Shishio's impression of his aunt was quite good, thinking that she cared about him.


Chihiro then glanced at Shishio, who was looking at the window and couldn't help but let out a sigh.

'If you're older, then we can get married right away.'

Though, Shishio didn't know what his aunt was thinking at that moment.