Chapter 34 - Cute Manager

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

Shishio had decided to walk out of the dorm after the entrance exam yesterday, but he didn't expect that he would receive three rewards right away.

<"Private Hospital", "Shooting Range", "Private Parking Building">??

Looking at the three rewards, Shishio decided to accept all the rewards directly since his rewards weren't a skill, but rather an asset.


Shishio chose without hesitation and a lot of information entered his head, he also received certificates and a driving license. He didn't take out the certificates, but rather he took out the driving license and looked at it curiously.

Shishio knew that someone needed to be in their 18 to have a driver's license for the car and 16 to have a driver's license for a motorcycle, but in an instant, he received two of them easily even though he was only in his 15.

Shishio knew that inside the "Private Parking Building" that he received before, there should be cars and motorcycles, though, he wasn't sure how many cars and motorcycles were there.

'What about the hospital?'

Shishio knew how profitable a hospital was, but he didn't expect that he would receive one, especially the one that he owned was a very popular hospital in Tokyo.

The price of land in Tokyo was very pricey, especially in the three central wards of Tokyo which were Chiyoda, Chuo, and Minato, and his hospital was located at Minato ward which made him speechless since it felt so surreal.

Shishio held his head and knew that even if he didn't work all of his life, it was alright since with his net worth, it couldn't be consumed by him alone until he died.

Shishio realized that the system had told him that even if he didn't work it was alright and it told him to be a scumbag, leading a happy life with his girls which made him speechless.

Shishio massaged his temple and felt a bit overwhelmed for a moment.

'Being a scumbag is a great thing...'

However, suddenly a voice came to his mind and he remembered the time he did that with Rui, his chest tightened and he quickly shook his head.

In the end, Shishio threw away all the useless thoughts on his mind then checked the "Shooting Range" that he received from the system.

'Shooting Range...'

When the information about "Shooting Range" entered his head, Shishio felt strange since he didn't expect that he would have a maid and inside this "Shooting Range" there were a lot of weapons that were illegally hidden.

There were a lot of firearms inside the "Shooting Range" from sniper rifles, bazookas, machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, etc.

In a country where a firearm was being banned, it was a crime to keep a firearm, however, with the identity of his grandfather, he didn't need to worry too much.

But then again, rather than thinking about his grandfather, it was better to think about his maid that was being placed on the "Shooting Range".


Shishio murmured that name and felt strange since he didn't expect that his maid would be the one that held the monicker of "a killer robot from the future". It seemed that the previous Shishio Oga and his grandfather met Roberta by chance in Osaka, and decided to work her as a maid, but because of her clumsiness, he decided to place her on the "Shooting Range" that he owned.

Shishio felt quite strange, but he didn't intend to meet his maid since he didn't have a house in Tokyo and he was also living in a dorm. Even though his maid could live in the dorm, he felt weird about it and it would also be quite inconvenient.

Shishio rubbed his chin and wondered whether he might be able to get a house or an apartment, but when he was in deep thought, suddenly he heard Taneshima's voice.

"Please stop it!"

"What's with this midget?"

"Do they let grade school kids work here?"

Shishio frowned when he saw a group of young men gathered around Taneshima and bullied her, but when he was about to help her, the rude manager scolded the middle-aged woman and said, "Sir!"


The manager directly kicked the stomach of the young man and said, "Sir, violence is very problematic."



Not only the group of young men that bullied Taneshima, everyone in this place was startled by her words.

However, Shishio looked at the manager with interest. He looked at the nametag of the woman and nodded.

'Her name is Shirafuji Kyouko, huh?'

"You can't kick the customers! Get the manager!" The friend of the young man that was kicked by Shirafuji shouted and wanted to complain to the manager of the restaurant.

"Do you need anything from me?" Shirafuji asked.


The group of young men were startled and looked at Shirafuji in shock.

"Is there a manager that dares to kick the customers?!"

"I am never coming back here, you stinky hag!"

Shirafuji glared at the group of young men and from her eyes alone, they could tell that she wanted to kill them.


The group of young men felt fear and quickly retreated while screaming like a defeated dog.

Shirafuji didn't chase after them, but she grumbled and felt annoyed being called a hag by them.

"Ah, you haven't paid..." Taneshima wasn't sure whether she should chase them or not.

"Don't worry about that, Taneshima," Shirafuji said calmly.


Shishio didn't do anything and observed them for a while, wondering what would happen. When he thought about what Shirafuji would do, Takanashi came while bringing a red cellphone in his hand to Shirafuji.

Shirafuji directly took the cellphone and used it to call someone.

Takanashi, who was on her side, was scared when he thought that Shirafuji wanted to call the police and wanted to stop her since it would be troublesome if this situation turned bigger, but...

"Hey, did you see those guys that just left? Get all their cash and bring it here," Shirafuji said.


Not only Takanashi, but Shishio was also dumbfounded.

Shirafuji closed the cellphone while patting Taneshima's head. "You don't need to worry, I've got some pretty convenient subordinates. They'll get it clean and fast without making a scene. Don't worry about it." In her mind, that group of young men had already died since they dared to mock her as a hag.


Shishio sat down and calmly listened to Shirafuji's words. He then decided to take back his prejudices against her since he felt that she was very useful as a guard in this restaurant, and it might not be related, but he felt that this manager was quite cute for some reason.


Shishio held his head and wondered how he could have such a thought. He shook his head and decided to order more since he felt hungry for some reason.

"Sorry, can I order more?"