Chapter 35 - Poor Kenji

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters


Chihiro: "We're going to eat sukiyaki tonight, remember to buy some eggs, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, and some green vegetables. The new tenant has arrived and we're going to hold a welcoming party so remember not to be late!"??


Shishio, who had just walked out of Wagnaria, looked at the message that was sent by Chihiro on his mobile phone. He shook his head, put his mobile phone in his pocket, then walked toward the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

Shishio looked around and recalled the place where Chihiro had taken him before. He then walked towards the direction of the supermarket and at the same time, he was wondering who the new tenant was.


Shishio looked at the cabbage in his hand and knew that it was picked before it matured. He put the cabbage back and chose another cabbage.

"This is not bad, the color is beautiful, and the condition is relatively fresh. Although it will lose its freshness in two days, it will be eaten tonight, so it doesn't really matter."

Shishio picked the cabbage from his basket then looked for other ingredients.

"The harvest time is quite long, but it should be alright since it is a mushroom, and the maturity level is good enough, so let's pick this."

"This one is good."

Shishio picked the scallions and put them into his basket.

"The egg information doesn't show the degree of maturity, but there are still 8 days before it loses its maturity, so there shouldn't be any problems. Well, that's enough. Let's just pay the bill and leave."

Shishio looked at his basket and knew that he had bought all the ingredients that were told by Chihiro to buy. He knew that nothing was missing since he had an enhanced memory so he didn't need to check the message on his mobile phone twice.

Shishio was about to go to the cashier to pay for his goods, but he heard someone cry and realized that someone was right in front of him.

"Hibiki, watch out!"

Shishio saw a tan-skinned teenage girl directly bump into him when she didn't see him right in front of her. He was about to catch her but...


Shishio felt his chest being slammed by a sledgehammer when this girl bumped into him, but he quickly gritted his teeth and calmed himself by using the "Breathing Technique" before catching this girl with his arms so she didn't fall down on the ground.

Shishio let out a sigh of relief when he had caught the girl before she fell, but he had to admit that his chest was hurt since he didn't expect the girl that crushed him would have so much strength.

"Are you alright?"

The teenage girl looked up and then stunned when she saw Shishio's appearance.

Shishio also looked at the girl and observed her appearance.

Like what the author mentioned before, this girl had tanned skin, average height, and long blonde hair styled in two high ponytails


Shishio realized that his actions were rude and quickly let go of his hands that were hugging the girl.

"No... No... I am alright, thank you very much..." The girl blushed and lowered her head since she was very shy at that moment.

"Hibiki, you stupid! You need to watch where you walk!"

The friend of the tanned-skin girl quickly reprimanded her since this girl slammed into someone. She then grabbed the head of her friend and bowed while apologizing.

"I am sorry for her."

"No, it's alright. It is also my fault for not seeing my surroundings."

The girl then looked up and became stunned when she saw Shishio.

Shishio also looked at the friend of the tanned-skin girl. Unlike the one that crashed into him, this girl had also had a tanned-skin and average-height, but she had brown hair styled in a bun. Her body was also very toned, slim, and athletic, showing that she took care of her body very well.

'Are they gyaru?'

Shishio thought, but then...

Shishio was stunned, but then, he quickly calmed himself and said, "If you're alright, then I will leave you two. You should be careful, next time, alright?"

"Ah... yes..." 2x

The two girls nodded with dumbfounded expressions while watching Shishio, but when he had left the two of them had realized a big mistake.

"Ah! Why didn't I ask for his number?!" 2x

The two girls became very frustrated at this moment. They had to admit the young man that they met before was their type and he was also very handsome, but it was because of that they couldn't maintain their calm and had been staring at him all along.

"AAHHHHH!!!!" 2x

The two of them were very frustrated since they knew that it was their chance to get a boyfriend, but they missed it. Even if they couldn't date each other immediately, it wouldn't be bad to get each other contacts, but they had lost that chance!

"Hibiki, let's chase after him!"

"Eh? Are you sure? I don't want to be seen as a pushy girl!"

"Well... that's true, but..."

The two of them were, after all, coming from an all-girls school, so their experience with an opposite-gender was zero, so when they saw someone who happened to be their type, they lost that chance.

"I hope to be able to see him again in the future..." 2x

The two girls said at the same time while signing in with regret.


Shishio, who had walked out from the supermarket, didn't check his reward immediately but caressed his chest which was in pain.

"Are those two bodybuilders or martial artists?"

Shishio had to admit that the one with the twin-tail hairstyle was very strong, and the one with the bun hairstyle had a very athletic body so it was normal for him to think that both of them were either bodybuilders or a martial artist.

However, the one with the twin-tail hairstyle had very incredible strength.

Shishio's physical ability matched a top-class athlete, but that girl's strength almost blasted him.

'If I didn't use "Breathing Technique" at that time...'

Shishio couldn't imagine the consequence, but still...

'I've received a lot of rewards.'

Shishio thought to check his rewards after he returned to Sakurasou and he was glad about his decision to go out earlier, but then, he fastened his steps since he was sure that his aunt had been waiting for him at Sakurasou.

Shishio held two large plastic bags and looked at the sun that had turned orange, showing that a night would come soon.

Shishio walked to the river bank that he and Chihiro had passed by yesterday. The sun was slowly sinking into the distant horizon. The buildings on the other side of the river were illuminated by the light, only showing a black outline from his position, but he had to admit that this scene was very beautiful, especially when the afterglow of the sun painted the surface of the river.

Shishio thought this scene was perfect, but there was a back figure that was sitting on the bank of the river and from her back, he could tell that this figure was a woman since her chest size was so huge.

When there was a woman that was sitting on the bank of the river, it should be a beautiful scene, but there were countless beer cans and bottles scattered around which caused this scene to be surreal.

Shishio looked at this woman and thought that her alcohol capacity wasn't lost against Chihiro.

"It's getting dark, but why is there a woman that is sitting here alone with a suitcase next to her?"

Shishio wondered whether this woman was running away from home. He looked at the back of the woman in confusion, slightly hesitant since he wanted to remind her that it was dangerous to stay there since it was almost dark soon.

Shishio looked at the woman and saw her taking another can of beer.

The woman, who had been emotionally stable before, stood up excitedly and pulled the ring on her hand forcefully.

Observing the woman, Shishio nodded and understood what had happened.

In the current situation, the woman was sitting on the bank of the river during sunset, alone, with a suitcase, and a can of beers around her. Then the woman took off her ring forcefully and now, she wanted to throw it into the river, before showing a reluctant action.

In conclusion, Shishio could tell that this scene was similar to a cliche romance tv drama where a woman was abandoned by a scumbag.

Shishio looked at this woman and could see that she was very heartbroken. He thought to stop her since he was afraid that this woman would do something stupid but...


Shishio was stunned and didn't expect to receive another reward, but he decided to ignore it since he was about to stop the woman, however...

"You're a friggen' idiot, Kenji! You're the worst!"

"So the name of the scumbag is Kenji."

Shishio nodded while watching the woman screaming frantically toward the river silently. There were a lot of people around this time, and he was amazed that this woman could do this kind of thing without caring about the world.

"Asshole scum, go to death!"


Shishio only watched in silence.

"When you get married, I'll pretend to be your friend and send you a message that says: Remember the good old days when we bought shares of a sex doll? I bet the girl you chose will prove to be a very thoughtful waifu since she can accept your special hobby of sharing sex dolls with me!"


"As the saying goes, boys turn into men when they get married but he got circumcised just a couple of years ago so you better be careful!"


"Kenji, you scum bastard! You will see that I will send that message to all of your acquaintances!"

"...Poor Kenji, I feel for you..."

Shishio couldn't bear to look straight at this moment.