Chapter 36 - Fortunately

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

Shishio looked at the woman who was swaying by the river and he could tell that she had finished her venting. He was a bit helpless and pondered for a while before he decided to go home since he felt this woman was very troublesome.

Shishio had seen a lot of troublesome women, but he could tell that this woman was on whole another level and he might also understand why this woman was dumped by Kenji but when he was about to leave...??

"Hey, be careful!!!"

Shishio saw the woman's feet seemed to be unstable and almost fell into the river. Even if this woman was troublesome she had triggered the system to give him a reward so at least, he was going to save her. He quickly ran toward her and caught her arm so she wouldn't fall into the river.

"This place is very dangerous and it is almost dark soon. You're very drunk now and you might fall into the river so you should go back."


The woman turned her head and stared at Shishio.

Shishio saw the woman staring at him, and he quickly let go of her hand. "Sorry." He thought that his actions were quite rude since he held her hand so suddenly which was why she stared at him.


Shishio felt weird when this woman kept staring at him. "Is there something wrong?"

"How old are you?" The woman asked.

Shishio felt weird about this question, but he didn't see any harm in answering her question. "15."

"Huh! I haven't fallen so low that I'll let myself get hit on by a kid!"

The woman turned away from Shishio with disappointment and disdain and stopped looking at him.


Shishio frowned, but quickly calmed himself since he knew how unreasonable a woman was.

"I am not hitting you. I am just trying to remind you of the danger and seeing you alright, I will go back."

Shishio directly walked back but...

"Woo... Woo... Woo... To think that I have fallen so far that virgin kid doesn't find me attractive..." The woman was crying loudly, squatting on the ground, and covering her mouth with her hands.


Shishio thought to throw the woman to the river so she could be sober in an instant, but he held himself. He rubbed his temple and had never seen such a troublesome woman in his life, even in his previous life.

Looking at the woman, even though the reward of the system was very delicious, Shishio couldn't bring himself to stay around this woman again and decided to leave, however, he had to admit that this woman was quite beautiful and her boobs were huge.

"Hey, what are you doing?!"

Shishio couldn't move and saw the woman had grabbed his feet.

"Let me go! You're so heartless to abandon a beautiful woman like me here! I will let you feel guilty by drowning myself in the river!"

The woman screamed and struggled crazily.

Looking at this woman, Shishio regretted his decision to help this woman. If he didn't meet her, then he wouldn't have to face this kind of troublesome problem.

"Even a kid can ignore my perfect figure and beautiful appearance... what is the point of living now?"

'Then go and drown yourself!'

Shishio wanted to complain at this moment since this woman didn't let go of his leg. It was her problem if she wanted to get drunk and jumped into the river, but she didn't need to bring him into this problem and pulled him to the river too, right?

Shishio held his pants and looked at this woman who was pulling him to the river, trying to invite him to jump into the river together with an expressionless expression.

"Let me go! Let me drown!" The woman shouted while pulling Shishio's pants.

'Then you do it yourself!!!'

Shishio twitched his lips and felt a bit tired for some reason. If his physical ability hadn't doubled before, he was sure that he would be in the river together with this woman at this moment.


Shishio wanted to end this problem as soon as possible so...

"Okay, okay, when I was walking near the river before I found you really attractive and I was about to hit on you," Shishio said with a monotone voice since he had already given up. He didn't think that he would have any interaction with this woman again in the future and in his mind, he wanted to get away from this woman as soon as possible.


The woman gave up the struggle, stopped her hand that pulled his leg, then looked at Shishio suspiciously.

"But you're so attractive that I think you'd be a bit too heavy for me to handle..."

Shishio tried to handle this situation in a calm manner, but he had to admit that even if this woman had a sexy body and a beautiful face, it was too troublesome to have her as a girlfriend.

"Don't call me heavy!! Uwaaaa!!!"

The woman cried harder.


Shishio twitched his lips and was about to lend her his handkerchief so she could wipe her tears and snot but...

"Damn it, don't get too ahead of yourself you a damn virgin!" The woman screamed, but she noticed Shishio's expression was quite unnatural and suddenly she fell in shock, then asked slowly, "...You're not a virgin?"

Shishio frowned at this question since this woman was so rude, right?

Shishio thought for a bit and shook his head. "I am a virgin." He felt that it was very troublesome to admit that he wasn't a virgin, so he decided to lie.

"You really scared me..."

The woman let out a sigh of relief while caressing her chest. She almost thought that this boy wasn't a virgin and if so, then the damage that she received would be bigger.

"You should go home, miss..."

Even though Shishio said that he wanted to get away from this woman as soon as possible, he was still worried if this woman suddenly jumped into the river after all.


The woman stared at Shishio in a daze, before she said, "...I am hungry."


Shishio raised his eyebrow and asked, "So what do you want to eat?" After all, the reward that he had gotten from this woman was very rich so he didn't mind treating her.

"I really want to eat BBQ, curry rice, gyuudon, fried hamburger seat, oyakodon..."

The woman listed the foods one by one, but then she realized that she had fallen so low that she needed a kid to take care of her. She then decided to leave lifeless while listing the foods that she wanted to eat.

Shishio didn't know the reason why this woman decided to leave, but it was good for him, however, he realized that this woman forgot her suitcase.

"Wait a minute! You forgot your suitcase!"

Shishio dragged the suitcase and chased after the woman.


The woman turned toward Shishio and looked at him in confusion, wondering if this kid really fell for her since she knew herself that her charm was very high.

"Your suitcase, you forgot to bring it."

Shishio put the suitcase into the woman's hand and told her to be careful. He was ready to leave this place since it was almost dark soon and he was sure that Chihiro had been waiting for him, so he didn't want to stay in this place any longer.

As Shishio was about to turn around and leave, the woman suddenly wrapped her hand around his neck and pressed her big boobs on his chest.


"You're... a very gentle guy..."

Shishio stared at the woman who suddenly hugged him and smelled a burst of mixed smell between alcohol and perfume. He had to admit that this smell was very unique, and even though this woman was troublesome, this woman was very beautiful so he stuck in place. Even though he had an experience, he was still an adolescent boy and this damn hormone was too hard to control!

The woman clung to Shishio's neck and smiled when she saw him in a daze.

"You're a really handsome, little brother..." The woman caressed Shishio's cheek and said, "How about it? Do you want this big sister to teach you a lot of things?"

Hearing the woman's words, Shishio was wondering whether this woman was serious. They had only met each other for the first time and their meeting was very short, but this woman...

Under normal circumstances, Shishio should resist and go back, but when he thought about the rewards that he could get and at how this woman was so sloppy at relationships, he was in dilemma.

'If I do it with this woman... I shouldn't feel that guilty, right?'

However, Shishio quickly threw away such a thought instantly after a voice suddenly struck his mind.

Looking at this woman, Shishio had to admit once again that she was beautiful, but when she thought of her troublesome actions, he also understood why Kenji decided to dump her and marry someone else since he was sure, having such a woman was more difficult than taking care of the most troublesome pet, right?


A thump noise interrupted the woman's movement, and Shishio was also freed quickly back away from the woman. He let out a sigh of relief and looked at the person behind the woman since he wanted to see the hero who rescued him.

"What the hell are you two doing here?"

The hero looked at Shishio and the woman next to him angrily.

Shishio looked at his hero and realized that the one that had saved him was Kawai Ritsu that he had met in the morning before.

"It hurts!"

The woman rubbed her beaten head and looked back. "Oh, it is you Ricchan." She wanted to get angry before, but when she found out the one that had hit her was an acquaintance, she could only helplessly nod and greet.

Shishio looked at Ritsu, and then quickly turned his gaze toward the woman before he turned into a shock. He didn't show it on his face, but this woman who clung to him before... he knew who her identity was and at the same time, he sighed in relief since he hadn't touched her since if he really did so... then...


Shishio shuddered when he thought about the reaction of his aunt and mother when they knew what had happened...