Chapter 37 - I Might Be Too Happy So I Receive A Karma?

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

"Ricchan, why did you hit me? What's your problem?"

The woman rubbed her head and looked at Ritsu with a grievance.??

"You really dare to ask me that kind of question." Ritsu stared at the woman with a cold expression and asked, "The one who should be asking that question is me, what are you doing here?"

Shishio, who observed Ritsu's expression, could tell that this girl was very angry and if she couldn't get a good answer, she might be even angrier. He then glanced at the woman and wondered what this woman was going to say.

The woman glanced at Shishio for a moment, before she quickly looked at Ritsu with a sloppy expression.

"I was gonna be all like, "Just kidding! Straight out of your fantasies, right?!" and get him punk'd!" The woman said full of regret.


Shishio stared at this woman and thought that she was really a good actor since he knew that this woman wasn't joking before, but he needed to pretend to be angry since her words were really cruel.


Shishio let out a sigh and had a feeling that this woman was going to be single for a long time.

"You reek of booze. Are you drunk again, Mayumi-san? Why have you drunk so much?" Ritsu held her nose and avoided the woman that tried to hug her with an expression full of disgust.

"It was all your fault! It's all because you interrupted me so suddenly that you made it look like I was trying to seduce him."

In truth, the woman who was called Mayumi by Ritsu almost forgot that she was planning to trick Shishio since his gaze was the gaze of a man and it made her body weak for some reason. If Ritsu didn't stop her before, then both of them might really come to the hotel together which made her sigh in relief inwardly since it was really sad when she thought that she was going to seduce a boy that was almost half her age.

"Looks like? You were making a move on him, right?" Ritsu held her nose since she couldn't stand Mayumi's alcohol smell. She let out a sigh then looked at Shishio. "I am sorry Oga-kun, once this person is drunk, she will start all kinds of madness, so it is safer not to approach her." She really had a feeling that Mayumi was going to attack Shishio before, but she didn't say much and didn't want him to have a bad impression of Mayumi.

"Thank you very much for your late reminder."

Shishio somehow felt that all of his hard work paid off when he had taken the drunk lady before and he thought that it would be great if Ritsu could show up sooner.

"Kawai-senpai, since both of you are acquaintances, then this person is..."

Shishio had a feeling about who the drunk woman was, but he wanted to make sure of that by asking Ritsu. While waiting for Ritsu's answer, he was wondering how both of them could be so close to each other since their personalities were too far apart, right?

"...Boy, I feel like you were thinking of something rude just now and I want to punch you now."

The woman wasn't sure, but she felt that Shishio was thinking something rude about her and it made her annoyed.


Shishio had heard that when a woman became older, they became very sensitive and it seemed that sentence was right.

"Yes, although I am very embarrassed, this person... Mayumi-san is... indeed..." Ritsu said with a face of shame.

"Hey, the two of you, look here!"

When Shishio and Ritsu were talking about Mayumi, the sudden shout startled them and they quickly turned their heads and saw that Mayumi, who was just standing by and talking to them, suddenly appeared on the top of the stairs in the riverbank, and sat on the metal handrail in the middle of the stairs.

"This is very fun!"

Mayumi rode on the armrest with a look of excitement, playing around.

Shishio and Ritsu were in shock since they didn't expect this woman would be so crazy when she was drunk.

"Mayumi-san, what are you doing?!"

Ritsu looked angrily at Mayumi who was swaying on the top of the stairs.

"Hello, everyone! First up, Nishikino Mayumi! I'll do my best to slide down, even if it might give too much stimulation for my crotch!"

Mayumi said loudly before she started to laugh uncontrollably.


Looking at Mayumi, Shishio had decided to give up and knew that when someone had reached a certain age, it was impossible for their personality to change, however, he had to admit that her action was very dangerous and if she really did what she was about to do, she might receive an injury.

"Yosh, here we go!" Mayumi screamed and started in her position.

Shishio was about to go up to stop Mayumi, but he found out that Ritsu dropped her bag, and stood directly at the bottom of the stairs, opened her arms wide to catch Mayumi that was going to fall.

Ritsu might look very cold and had no expression when she spoke, but she was a very kind girl.

This action caused Shishio to change his impression of Ritsu and thought that this girl was very sweet.

Although Shishio was moved by Ritsu's actions, he wouldn't let Ritsu catch Mayumi since he didn't want both of them to get hurt and his strength was bigger and his reaction speed was faster. If he really let Ritsu catch Mayumi, then he was sure that both of them might be knocked down to the river.

"Kawai-senpai, I know that you're worried about this drunk woman, but you'll definitely be injured if you really catch her."

Shishio then stood directly right in front of Ritsu then smiled gently before saying, "Let me handle this, don't worry."


Ritsu looked at Shishio's smiling face in a daze since he was very handsome under this sunset, but then she realized something and her face suddenly turned red. She directly turned her head and didn't dare to look at Shishio again.


Shishio looked at Ritsu with some confusion, wondering why this girl suddenly looked away from him.

'Is my charm so high?'

Shishio didn't believe that this girl could fall for him so easily, considering how the protagonist of the original story needed to spend two years to make this girl fall for him.

"Ah, this is kind of scary. Never mind."

Mayumi who was sitting on the armrest suddenly moved away and didn't want to play anymore since she felt that it was too dangerous.

"....." Shishio.

"..." Ritsu.

"I mean, why do I have to do something scary like this? Aren't I having a rough time as it is? This makes no sense!" Mayumi then started to sob again and fell into sadness once again.

"...." Shishio.

"...." Ritsu.

Ritsu felt embarrassed since the other party didn't follow the plot at all, and Mayumi directly ignored the two below and talked on her own like how a drunk person was.

Shishio didn't feel embarrassed that much and sighed with relief since Mayumi didn't do anything stupid. He lowered his hands, but then he found out Ritsu rushed to Mayumi angrily. He could see that she was very angry and he could only sigh at Mayumi who could make such a cold girl become so furious.

Shishio was wondering whether it was karma since his life had been too happy for the past few days. He received the system, the rewards, and also lost his virginity to a beautiful girl. He felt that this was his punishment to have such a happy life, but he didn't care much since it was over.

However, when Shishio was about to take his groceries on the ground...

"Wait, Ricchan, what are you doing... Ah!"

Mayumi, who was quite drunk, was chased by Ritsu who was very angry. She tried to move back, but the soles of her high-heeled shoes stepped on nothing and she directly sat on the armrest, directly sliding down!

Ritsu, who had lost her composure because she was so angry, didn't expect this situation would happen. She held Mayumi and also followed behind Mayumi, sliding on the armrest!


Shishio turned around and was surprised when he suddenly heard the exclamation of Mayumi and Ritsu, but he didn't expect for both of them to feel from the armrest directly toward him!

Shishio quickly used his "Breathing Technique" and raised his physical prowess to the limit, enhanced his reaction speed, then caught both Mayumi and Ritsu, but an accident always happened and the knee of Mayumi hit his crotch and the knee of Ritsu hit his nose, however, he had caught the two of them safely.

"Huh?" 2x

Mayumi and Ritsu opened their eyes and were surprised when they knew that they were alright.

"You two alright?"

"Ah, yes..." 2x

Mayumi and Ritsu looked at Shishio, who had a light smile and relief on his face. The faces of the two of them were quickly covered in blush, but fortunately, the light of the sunset covered the blushes on their faces at this moment.

"That's good, I will put you down."

Shishio put both Mayumi and Ritsu on the ground calmly.

Mayumi and Ritsu nodded and also stood upon the ground safely. They knew that they were alright because of Shishio and they were about to thank him, but Shishio directly fell on the ground with a pale face.


"Boy, are you alright??"

Shishio's face was very pale and he was full of cold sweat, and at the same time, he thought that no matter how strong he was when he was hit on the crotch, it was still very painful.

Shishio then started to feel the pain on his face since his nose was being hit by a knee before and he also noticed blood dripping from his nose. He frowned and didn't think too much about the pain on his nose or his nosebleed, but the pain on his crotch was too much.

(The power of the women might be weak, but the speed of falling, gravity, and weight of the two women increase the power of their knees on Shishio's vulnerable part so...)

Shishio heard the scream of Mayumi and Ritsu, but he didn't care about any of that since it was just too painful and he only hoped that there was nothing wrong with his crotch at this moment.

If there was a problem then he was going to ask for their responsibility to make his crotch work again.

Shishio let out a long sigh then thought that this time, he really received his karma.