Chapter 4 - Second Home

Chapter 4 of 50 chapters

It took around half an hour before they arrived at the parking lot that was located around the neighborhood.

Chihiro came out from her car and guided Shishio to the location of the dorm.??

"Let's go, Shishio."

"Yes, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio nodded and pulled his suitcase, following Chihiro.

Both of them walked together until they reached their destination.

"Here's the place." Chihiro looked at Shishio's expression with a smile and said, "From now on, this will be your second home, Shishio."

Shishio looked at the slightly old dorm in front of him. He had to admit that the design of this place wasn't that much different from the traditional house that he often saw in Kyoto.

The wall outside was quite old, and it should have been repaired several times.

In Shishio's thought, this place seemed a bit shabby, but there shouldn't be any problem for someone to live in this place, right?

Shishio then looked at the door plate with the name of the dorm seemed to fall off a bit and the words that were written weren't clear, but he could read it.

"Sakurasou (Sakura Dormitory)?"

"Yes, the name of this dorm is Sakurasou," Chihiro said with a smile.

Shishio nodded while observing the dorm.

The yard outside wasn't that big and the surrounding wall was made with a Japanese stone wall that could provide some degree of safety protection.

From his location, he could see a clothesline that was used for drying clothes on the balcony on the second floor, and on the right, there was also a very lush tree, but he wasn't sure what kind of tree it was.

Shishio then looked at the stone path under his feet, the iron gate with some rust in front of him, and the garden that was about a few square meters on the side. He knew that he would be here for the next three years, however, if he felt uncomfortable in the future then he should think about renting an apartment since he had money.

'However, why is this name very familiar?'

Shishio looked at the doorplate and tried to remember where he had heard this "Sakurasou" name before.

'Is it an anime?'

Shishio was wondering whether the anime character that he had seen in his previous life would be living beside him from now on. In truth, he was shocked, however, he was already numb, considering he had already been reincarnated and he also received a system so the shock that was brought by the thought of living together with the anime characters that he had watched in the past wasn't that much.

"Shishio, don't stand outside too long, come in quickly."

Chihiro pushed the wooden gate and waved to Shishio, telling him to enter the dorm.

"Yes, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio nodded and followed Chihiro, and the two passed through the courtyard and entered the entrance hall.

"What do you think?" Chihiro asked with a smile.

"...It's a bit similar to most houses in Kyoto," Shishio said truthfully since he felt that there was nothing special in this dorm.

Chihiro slapped her forehead and said, "I forgot that you have been living in Kyoto." She understood why her nephew didn't show much expression and was rather calm when he entered this dorm. "Well, before you enter, I will tell you some rules in this dorm."

"Please tell me, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio nodded since this place was a dorm and of course, there were some rules that he needed to follow.

"First, you can't be so rowdy and keep your voice down so you won't bother the rest of tenants, although this dorm is affiliated with the school, it is run privately. Not all the people that are living in this place are students."

Shishio nodded and felt a bit surprised inwardly since somehow the setting was a bit different from the anime that he had watched in the past.

"Come in first, I will give you a tour of this place."

Chihiro smiled, but inwardly, she was a bit worried that her nephew would disdain this place since most of the people that were living in this place...

After the two entered the entrance, Shishio found that the inside of the house was quite big, since he couldn't tell it from the outside just now. Although it looked old from the outside, the interior was still very neat, tidy, and clean. It could be seen from the entrance that everyone in this place had carefully cleaned up and everything was placed in an orderly manner.

On the side of the entrance, there was a large shoe cabinet, and on the side near the door, there were several shelves to place the umbrellas, and they were made in Japanese style.

"This No. 6 shoe cabinet is yours. You can use this in the future and remember to keep it clean. The occupants of this cabinet have graduated before and have moved out. In addition, you can borrow the umbrellas that are placed near the door, but you mustn't ruin it or lose it, and bring it intact every time you use them, otherwise, you will need to buy a new one to replace the one that you have damaged or lost," Chihiro said while pointing her finger to several places, introducing Shishio about this place.

Shishio nodded, indicating that he had remembered everything, and told her to rest assured.

This place was a school dorm and if he didn't follow the rules then he would cause trouble for the other people that were living in this place. Moreover, the one that brought him was his aunt, who was the manager of the dorm, if he caused trouble, then his aunt would be troubled and lose her face.

It might sound troublesome, but it wasn't much, after all, the rules were made so everyone could live comfortably, and he had seen a rule that was even more troublesome than this so he didn't think too much.

Then both of them changed their shoes into slippers and walked through the entrance.

Shishio saw there were two long corridors on both left and right sides. He could see that on each side of the corridor there were doors and he thought that it might be a room for the tenant. Then on the wall, he saw a few picture frames hanging, but because the light was quite dim, he wasn't sure what was drawn there.

Shishio could also see a quite wide courtyard in the middle of the dorm which made him a bit amazed at the size of this dorm, considering how limited and expensive the land in this country was, especially in such a big city such as Tokyo.

"Ahem, there's one more thing that you need to remember."

Suddenly Chihiro looked at Shishio with a serious expression.

"Please tell me, Chihiro-nee."

Although Shishio felt a bit strange since Chihiro suddenly showed a serious expression all of sudden.

"I know that you're a high school student and I can also understand that as an adolescent boy, you're full of curiosity of the opposite sex, but you must remember that you can't cross the line on the ground over there, alright? That place is the female dorm and if you try to break in then get caught, I can only go to the police station to pick you up."

Chihiro pointed at the line that was placed on the left corridor and when she told him all of that, she always kept her serious expression, wanted to tell him that she didn't tell a joke since he didn't want to pick her nephew in the police station.


Shishio was speechless, but he nodded and showed a serious expression too.

"Don't worry, Chihiro-nee. I have made a note on my brain and I won't break-in."

Shishio replied without hesitation and he had seen the red line that was drawn on the ground before. When he was wondering what it was, he suddenly remembered an anime that he had watched in his previous life.

Shishio couldn't remember it well since it had been a very long time since he had watched it, especially after he had entered society and spent most of his time working and socializing.

"That's good."

Chihiro was satisfied with Shishio's response and said, "Now, the other tenants are outside or they have already rested in their own rooms. I will introduce them to you tomorrow. Now, I will take you to the other room to familiarize yourself with this place." She was, after all, a manager of the dorm, and even if the opponent was her nephew, she couldn't give him some privilege to achieve the dream of every adolescent boy.

"Yes, Chihiro-nee, please lead the way."