Chapter 40 - Ryunosuke Akasaka And Kanda Sorata

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

Chihiro took her phone and raised her eyebrow.

"Shishio, here is a message from Ryunosuke."??

After Chihiro said that, she handed her phone to Shishio.


Shishio felt weird and looked at the display of Chihiro's phone. On it, there was a message that was displayed automatically.

Ryunosuke: "Hello, Oga-kun, I'm Akasaka Ryunosuke, please take care of me."

Maid-chan: "Hello, I am a Maid-chan, an automatic message reply program that is developed by Ryunosuke Akasaka. Please take care of me in the future."


Shishio felt that this guy was so lazy that he asked an artificial intelligence to reply to a message for him, but then, he realized something...

"Chihiro-nee, this message..."

Shishio, of course, remembered who Akasaka Ryunosuke was, but he needed to confirm his identity.

"Oh, that's maid-chan." Chihiro gulped a beer and said, "Ryunosuke is a genius programmer and Maid-chan is a program that is developed by him. Usually, the text messages we receive on our phones are forwarded by Maid-chan."

Chihiro took another gulp of beer and didn't think too much afterward.

"I see..."

Shishio nodded and had simply given up thinking too much, but he also wanted to meet Ryunosuke, wondering whether this guy was really genius or not since if this guy was really genius then it would be great if he got this talent when he was still in high school.

"Yes, Shishio-kun! Ryunosuke Akasaka is super awesome! He never leaves his room and besides Chihiro-nee, no one has seen the appearance of Ryonosuke! No one is even sure what the gender of Ryunosuke is... Uh... Um!"

Misaka kept stuffing meat in her mouth and explained to Shishio while eating. In fact, she was very curious about Ryunosuke, but... she felt that it was better to eat first.

Shishio nodded and had gotten used to Misaki's antics so he didn't think too much, but he hoped for her to swallow her food or else, this girl might be choked.

"I have also heard that Ryunosuke has also signed a contract with a super multinational corporation as their programmer."

Misaka said then handed a glass of water to Misaki, who was choking and couldn't breathe. He thought that Shishio might not believe Misaki's words so he explained Ryunosuke's information to him.


Shishio looked at Mitaka and Misaki and wondered why both of them didn't date each other since he could tell that their relationship was really good, but he knew that he couldn't be blunt about this problem and it was also the matter between the two. He was a third party and he didn't have a right to do something about their relationship, but more importantly, he was too lazy to take care of them.

Even if Shishio had promised Misaki to help her, he didn't think too much and decided to follow the flow since he was more cornered about the system, his study, career, and his future.

"Meow... Meow..."

Shishio suddenly felt something rubbing his feet. He looked down and saw a white cat that was circling around his feet. He felt a bit dumbfounded when he saw several cats, walking around under the table as if marking their territory.

'Are they...'

"Ah, Hikari! How can you be here! Didn't I prepare cat food for you?"

Sorata looked at the several cats on his feet in surprise and thought that they might be attracted by the fragrance of the sukiyaki on the table so they decided to come.

"Are these cats yours, Kanda-kun?"

Shishio knew that these cats should be the reason why Sorata moved to Sakurasou, and at the same time, he noticed some stray cats that he had seen on the outside before appeared here, wondering whether this guy brought all of them inside which made him a bit speechless.

"I am sorry, Oga-kun!"

Sorata bowed his head to apologize to Shishio since he knew that Shishio had just learned that he had brought all these cats to Sakurasou.

"Well, it is okay since I like cats, but can I ask you a question, Kanda-kun?" Shishio looked at Sorata.


"Why did you decide to move to Sakurasou?"

Although Shishio knew the reason why Sorata moved to Sakuraous, his time of moving was several days later than in the story and he wanted to know the reason why it happened.

"Oh, this... I used to live in the school's standard dorm before, but..." Sorata was a bit hesitant and felt quite embarrassed.


"Someone... Someone has snitched on me..."

Sorata lowered his head and his expression showed frustration. Although it was impossible to tell who had snitched him, he knew that it should be his acquaintances, maybe even his friends, and it was very sad when thought of it since he felt that he had been betrayed.


Misaki, Mayumi, and Sayaka were all surprised since it was their first time to hear it so they exclaimed at the same time.

Chihiro knew the reason why Sorata decided to move to Sakurasou and she also knew who had snitched on him, after all, she was the one who was responsible for transferring Sorata to Sakurasou.

As for Mitaka and Ritsu, even though they were surprised, they were relatively calm, after all, for them, the people who were moving to Sakurasou had one or two problems.

"Yes, someone has snitched me about raising a cat inside the dorm, but I can't abandon them so I have decided to move out from the dorm."

Sorata became depressed when he thought about it. He knew that he couldn't keep a cat inside the dorm, but he wasn't sad because he was kicked out of the dorm, but he felt sad because someone who had snitched him was his acquaintance so he couldn't accept it.


Misaki, Mitaka, and others looked at each other and couldn't say much, after all, they weren't stupid and also understood why Sorata was frustrated and depressed, but they also knew that there was also a rule from the school that prohibited the tenants from keeping a pet.

Shishio patted Sorata on the shoulder to express comfort and said nothing. In truth, he didn't think that the one that snitched Sorata had done something wrong since there was a rule from the school, but the action of this person was a bit nasty since they were all friends and it was normal for Sorata felt quite hurt by it.

"Later, I received a notice from the principal. He had told me to either throw the cat away or move from the standard dorm of the school to Sakurasou."

Sorata recalled what had happened when he was inside the principal's room before, although, Nanami had helped him before, the result was...

Shishio didn't care much about Sorata's feelings and felt that this guy was a bit exaggerated. In truth, he felt that Sorata should be grateful to the principal since he had been given two choices whether to throw away the cats or move to Sakurasou since it was possible for the school to expel him directly since Sorata had violated the regulation of the school and even if his friends didn't snitch him, other people would do it since it was impossible to hide the cats forever.

Shishio also thought that Sorata was a bit selfish since this guy didn't think about the tenants in the dorm who had a cat allergy, if something happened to that tenant and the incident became serious, then what would Sorata do?

Shishio had a feeling that Sorata would shrink his responsibility without hesitation, throwing away all of his cats.

"I really can't throw Hikari and the others away, so I chose to move out, but at that time, when I planned to find the manager of Sakurasou, Chihiro-sensei, but someone had told me that Chihiro-sensei wasn't at school before and took few days off so... I just moved in today... Uh."

Sorata finally finished talking about his experience and when he was about to continue to eat, he found out that all the food was empty.


"Oh! It was because I received news from my big sister so I returned back to my hometown, and helped Shishio to handle school affairs. When I was about to return, I happened to encounter something important so I stayed a few days before returning to Tokyo."

Chihiro drank the last sip of beer after telling the reason why she took a few days off.

At that time, Chihiro suddenly received news from her big sister that Shishio was planning to leave his hometown to go to Tokyo to study in high school, so she was quite shocked, and at the same time, she took few days off and returned to her hometown to find out the situation, but she only talked to her big sister for a while to confirm the matter before she went to Shishio's middle school to retrieve some his information and report.

Then Chihiro ran into an old friend that she hadn't seen for many years until she remembered returning to Tokyo, at that time, she forgot to meet Shishio that she hadn't met for few years, but she couldn't tell that since she felt that her dignity as his elder would disappear if she did that.

Shishio didn't think much about Chihiro's reason, but now, he understood the reason why Sorata, who should have been moving in, didn't show up until now.

"Okay, let's stop here for today. Shishio, can you help wash the dishes? And you all should rest early since tomorrow is the entrance ceremony, don't be late! I have some tasks that I need to finish, so I won't accompany you."

Chihiro stood up, took her bowl and chopsticks to the kitchen, turned around, and left.

"Okay, Chihiro-nee."

Shishio also stood up and touched his stomach, somehow he felt that his dinner wasn't enough.