Chapter 41 - Problem Of Women In Their 30s

Chapter 41 of 50 chapters

"That, Oga-kun, let me help you."


"It's hot!"

Sorata stood up and was about to pick up the pot from the table in a hurry, but he didn't expect that the pot was still hot and because of that it almost made him throw the pot on the ground

"It's okay, Kanda-kun, you can just go back. I will do the clean-up. You just moved in today. There must be a lot of things that you need to clean up, right? There's also a school entrance ceremony tomorrow, so you should rest up early. I will be fine here."

Shishio looked at Sorata, who was still holding his red hands, and told him that he could go back first.

"Okay, Oga-kun, I am sorry for troubling you."

Sorata looked at his red hands that started to swell and didn't say anything, accepting Shishio's kindness. He still had a lot of luggage that hadn't been sorted out and if he didn't sort out his luggage, then he might not have a place to sleep.

"Kawai-senpai, I'll be alright here, so you should go back and prepare for the entrance ceremony tomorrow."

Shishio looked at Ritsu, who stood up without saying a word on the side, he didn't say much and told her to go back since he could clean this up very fast. He was about to clean up the dishes, but he felt uncomfortable when he was being stared at by Ritsu who hadn't moved from his side.


Ritsu stood up by Shishio's side without saying anything.


Shishio also turned toward Ritsu and didn't say anything, waiting for her to say something.


However, Ritsu kept looking at Shishio without speaking.

'This girl...'

"Is there something, Kawai-senpai?" Shishio asked directly.

Ritsu was about to say something, but she hesitated.


Shishio then coughed and said, "It would be great if someone could help me to clean up the dishes, I wonder whether someone can help me?" He had set up the bait and waited for Ritsu to take up the bait but...


Ritsu was still staring at him without saying anything.


"Kawai-senpai, can you help me?" Shishio felt too tired to beat around the bush.


Ritsu nodded and also started to help Shishio wash the dishes.

Shishio glanced at Ritsu and felt a bit weird since she suddenly had trouble with communication since he recalled before that she could talk with him very well, but he thought that she might still worry about what had happened before, so she decided to stay and helped him to wash the dishes.

Other people might notice it too, especially Chihiro, who left awkwardly directly.

The speed of two people washing the dishes was quite fast and before long, they had cleaned up the dining room and the kitchen, then put the unused ingredients in the fridge.

Shishio washed his hands, dried them with a towel, and was about to leave, but he saw Ritsu had been standing beside him in silence. He had to admit that this girl was a bit troublesome, but this girl was a bit cute and she also had triggered a quest that caused him to have a reward so his patience was quite good.


"...That.. what has happened before..." Ritsu looked at Shishio with a reddish face, not knowing how to speak.

"Senpai, if you're worried about what has happened before then you don't need to worry. Look, I am already fine, and my nose is alright, if you don't believe me then you can touch it."

Shishio didn't wait for Ritsu's response and took her hand to touch his nose.

"See? It's alright, right?"

Ritsu blushed and couldn't handle it anymore, running away and leaving, and soon disappeared from Shishios' sight.

If Shishio's EQ was low then he thought that this girl might get angry or might be disgusted by his actions before, but he knew that this girl was embarrassed and at the same time, even though it might sound narcissistic, he knew that she had a good feeling about him.

Unfortunately, Shishio didn't have that much of a good feeling toward Ritsu since this girl was troublesome and in his mind, Rui that had taken his first time, or Mui who he met in the bookstore was several times better than this girl.

Shishio yawned and decided to sleep early.



When Shishio entered his room, suddenly his stomach growled and knew that he hadn't had enough food before.

Even though Shishio was eating before, he used most of his time to talk and after his physical ability was doubled, he also needed more food to eat. He thought for a while and decided to go to the convenience store.

Shishio looked at the time and saw that it was almost 9 at night.

The convenience store was open 24 hours a day, so there wouldn't be a problem for him to go now.

Shishio looked at his dirty clothes and thought to wash them tomorrow.

When Shishio walked out of the room, went downstairs, except for the corridors, he could see that the entire Sakuraou was dark. It seemed that everyone had returned to their room. He changed his slippers to his shoes at the entrance and walked out of the Sakurasou directly.

"Huh? Shishio, why are you going out so late?" Chihiro asked while looking at Shishio suspiciously.

"Chihiro-nee, I feel a bit hungry so I want to go to a nearby convenience store to buy something. I will go back shortly, but Chihiro-nee, why are you here?"

Shishio didn't expect to meet Chihiro when he was about to go out. He might have not noticed it before, but this woman was standing alone in the yard alone. If Chihiro didn't talk to him then he thought that she might be sleepwalking.

"Oh, I have a headache, writing material for the textbook so I decided to come out to smoke a cigarette to relax. If you go to the convenience store, can you buy me a dozen beers?"


Shishishio was speechless and pointed at himself, then said, "Chihiro-nee, I am a minor."

"Oh... I forgot about it."

Chihiro slapped her forehead and only realized that Shishio was only a freshman in high school so it was impossible for him to buy a beer for her.

Shishio didn't think too much. He waved his hand and said, "Then I am leaving, Chihiro-nee."

"Okay, pay attention while you walk."

Chihiro looked at Shishio's back and when she saw him had gone, Sakurasou returned to its silence again. She let out a sigh and massaged her temple.

"When can I get married? Should I go to matchmaking again?"

Chihiro thought about the call from her mother just now and mainly talked about who was married and who was about to marry, or who was pregnant and who had just given birth, however, those conversations made her became anxious and uncomfortable since she had been single for a long time.

Even if her mother told her to marry, it was also impossible to do so shortly since most of the reason why she was unable to get married was a force majeure which she couldn't control.

Chihiro thought about the group dating that she usually did with her friends and she only caught the attention of the leftover men.

Chihiro knew that she wasn't ugly and she was fairly beautiful, but she couldn't get married so it was the fault of those men that didn't choose to marry her! She wasn't at fault and it could be said it was the world that was wrong!

Chihiro then thought Shishio who asked her to marry during his childhood had become such a fine young man...

'What am I thinking about? He's your nephew!'

Chihiro quickly shook her head and couldn't help but think about her friend, Shizuka Hiratsuka, who was also in the same situation as her, although Hiratsuka was a few years younger than her, Hiratsuka was still single. With Shizuka beside her, she felt quite relieved and there was nothing that she should be worried about.

Chihiro let out a long sigh and felt tired.

"Forget it, I don't want to think anymore. It's better to go back to bed to sleep."

Chihiro yawned and went back to her room to sleep, after all, she had everything in her dream, but she wondered why her husband in the dream was similar to someone that she knew.